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All recordings are in SP (2 hours for DVD and NTSC VHS, 3 hours for PAL VHS) mode. Maximum of six fights per tape/disc, within time limit. This usually equals about 25-30 rounds for 2 hours, 40-45 rounds for 3 hours.

When ordering, please specify whether you want VHS or DVD, NTSC or PAL. DVD recordings are made on DVD+R. Please refer to your DVD player's instruction manual to ensure that your player is compatible with this type of disc
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Marino, Salvador 'Dado'
Sondergaard, Soren
Kassi, Fred
Junior, Jackson
Sevcenko, Romans

Boxing DVDs and downloads available for sale or trade. Our DVDs are region free and are viewable worldwide. Please specify if you need PAL or NTSC. All fights are complete unless otherwise noted.


To order, choose which fights you want and list them in an email along with your shipping address. You will be contacted with a price quote as quickly as possible. For more information on pricing, please see the box to the right.

To preserve quality, all recordings are in SP mode with a maximum of two hours (120 minutes) per DVD. Maximum of 6 fights per DVD, please.

Trades for vintage, international and upgraded fights are welcome. Please contact sales@dynamiteboxing.com for details. Please feel free to ask about any fights that you may be looking for, but do not see listed here. The collection is growing constantly!

Dynamite's Worldwide Boxing Videos is also pleased to offer high quality PAL/NTSC format conversions and VHS/DVD transfers. Please contact for details.

Feel free to contact Dynamite's Worldwide Boxing Video at sales@dynamiteboxing.com for clarification on any of the above.


Downloads are $0.25 per minute. For example, a fight that's 10 minutes long would cost $2.50. Run times are always rounded up to the next minute, so a fight that's 9 minutes and 42 seconds long is listed as 10 minutes.

DVDs are $30 each, and up to 120 minutes of fights can be recorded per disc. This price includes first class mailing within the USA. For all other locations, there is a shipping charge of $5 for the first DVD, plus $2 per additional DVD.

Acceptable forms of payment:

  • PayPal
  • USPS Money Order
  • International Money Order
  • Personal Check
  • Personal checks must be held until they clear before the order is filled. This can take up to ten working days from the date of deposit.

    Sending cash through the mail is not recommended, and doing so is strictly at your own risk.

    What does this mean: Muhammad Ali KO8 George Foreman, D1167, 65minVG

    D1167 means this fight is on disc number 1167 in our filing system. Nothing you really need to worry about.

    65min means the recording is 65 minutes long.

    VG means the recording is in Very Good condition.

    Other quality notations are P for Poor, F for Fair, G for Good and EX for Excellent. Notations are constantly being updated in an effort to give you as much information as possible at a glance.

    Feel free to contact Dynamite's Worldwide Boxing Video at sales@dynamiteboxing.com for clarification on any of the above.

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