Dynamite's Worldwide Boxing Videos
All recordings are in SP (2 hours for DVD and NTSC VHS, 3 hours for PAL VHS) mode. Maximum of six fights per tape/disc, within time limit. This usually equals about 25-30 rounds for 2 hours, 40-45 rounds for 3 hours.

When ordering, please specify whether you want VHS or DVD, NTSC or PAL. DVD recordings are made on DVD+R. Please refer to your DVD player's instruction manual to ensure that your player is compatible with this type of disc
All recordings are in 2 hour SP mode. Maximum of 120 minutes and six fights per DVD, please.

To order, choose which fights you want and list them in an email along with your shipping address. Our email address is on the title page. You will be contacted with a price quote as quickly as possible.

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M'baye, Souleymane

Souleymane M’Baye W12 Antonin Decarie, D2480, 49minVG/EX
Souleymane M'baye KOby11 Khabib Allakhverdiev, D3607, 60minVG
Souleymane M'baye W12 Andriy Kotelnik I, D3807, 49minVG/EX
Souleymane M'baye D12 Andriy Kotelnik II, D3699, 52minG/VG

Maas, Ramon

Ramon Maas KO1 Flavio Hernandez, D2218, 12minVG
Ramon Maas W4 Carlos Penalosa, D2531, 17minVG

Mabao, Donny

Donny Mabao L12 Ryuji Hara, D3924, 45minG

Mabuza, Kaizer

Kaizer Mabuza KOby7 Zab Judah, D2761, 47minVG
Kaizer Mabuza KO6 Kendall Holt, D2832, 32minVG
Kaizer Mabuza KOby4 Khabib Allakhverdiev, D3223, 24minEX
Kaizer Mabuza W8 Isaac Hlatshwayo III, D3469, 37minG/VG

Mabuza, Silence

Silence Mabuza KOby4 Rafael Marquez I, D549, 36minEX
Silence Mabuza KOby9 Rafael Marquez II, D1022, 52minEX
Silence Mabuza W12 Ricardo Vargas, D744, 40minEX
Silence Mabuza KOby12 Yohnny Perez, D2206, 76minVG/EX
Silence Mabuza KO4 Zolile Mbityi, D3432, 20minF/G
Silence Mabuza KO5 Noel Wilders, D4033, 23minG
Silence Mabuza KO6 Jose Sanjuanelo, D4035, 31minG/VG

MacKillop, Ian

Ian MacKillop W8 Roberto Garcia, D157, D177, 40minVG
Ian MacKillop KOby3 Manuel Gomez, D208, 20minEX

Maca, Jess

Jess Maca L12 Hozumi Hasegawa, D3006, 54minG

Macalos, Tacy

Tacy Macalos L15 Jum-Hwan Choi I, D3204, 66minG/VG
Tacy Macalos KOby3 Takato Toguchi, D3735, 11minF/G
Tacy Macalos L12 Muangchai Kittikasem I, D3733, 39minVG
Tacy Macalos KOby7 Muangchai Kittikasem II, D1630, 21mVG, D3733, 23mG/VG

Macaubos, Rico

Rico Macaubos KOby5 Hideyuki Ohashi, D3379, 17minG

Maccarinelli, Enzo

Enzo Maccarinelli KO1 Earl Morais, D108, D3140, 13minVG
Enzo Maccarinelli KO9 Marcelo Dominguez, D1042, 56minEX
Enzo Maccarinelli KO4 Mohamed Azzaoui, D1467, 18minEX
Enzo Maccarinelli W12 Wayne Braithwaite, D1503, 66minEX
Enzo Maccarinelli KOby2 David Haye, D1600, 46minEX
Enzo Maccarinelli KOby2 Ovill McKenzie I, D3649, 9minG
Enzo Maccarinelli KO11 Ovill McKenzie II, D3650, minG
Enzo Maccarinelli KO7 Courtney Fry, D3837, 36minG
Enzo Maccarinelli KOby6 Juergen Braehmer, D3928, 47minVG

Macedo, Jose Alberto

Jose Alberto Macedo KOby3 Jesus Peralta, D628, 14minEX

Machado, Felix

Felix Machado L12 Luis Alberto Perez II, D113, D130, 45minEX, D3309, 41mVG
Felix Machado KOby4 Mahyar Monshipour, D2050, D2133, 31mVG
Felix Machado TW6 Martin Castillo, D3799, 36minG
Felix Machado KO3 William DeSousa, D3799, 12minG
Felix Machado L12 Daorung Chuwatana, D3971, 40minG

Machen, Eddie

Eddie Machen L12 Sonny Liston, D154, 46minVG
Eddie Machen KOby10 Joe Frazier, D3019, 12minVG/EX (HL)

Macias, Joaquin

Joaquin Macias KOby5 Marcos Geraldo, 17, D2778, 22minVG

Macias, Johnny

Johnny Macias W10 Edgar Omar Jara, D148, 32minEX

Macias, Juan

Juan Macias L10 Arnulfo Castillo, D1853, 42minVG

Macias, Mario

Mario Macias W4 Carlos Martinez, D661, 19minEX
Mario Macias L10 Jhonathan Romero, D2677, 41minVG
Mario Macias KOby4 Koki Kameda, D3064, 32minVG
Mario Macias L12 Andres Gutierrez, D4061, 51minG
Mario Macias KOby3 Miguel Marriaga, D4139, 15minEX

Macias, Raul

Raul Macias KO11 Chamroen Songkitrat, D2021, 20minG (HL)

Maciel, Javier Francisco

Javier Maciel L12 Dmitry Pirog, D2775, 55minVG
Javier Maciel L12 Brian Rose, D3730, 68minEX
Javier Maciel W10 Jorge Melendez, D4002, 51minVG

Maciel, Victor

Victor Maciel KOby1 Anthony Hanshaw, D206, 9minEX

Maciello, Jonathan

Jonathan Maciello KOby8 Rustam Nugaev, D3495, 36minVG

Maciunski, Darren

Darren Maciunski W10 Buddy McGirt, D2521, 47minEX
Darren Maciunski KOby6 Fernando Vargas, D3843, 38minG/VG

Mack, Marvin

Marvin Mack L12 James Kinchen, D4038, 52minVG

Mack, Yusaf

Yusaf Mack D8 Randy Griffin, D146, 42minEX
Yusaf Mack KO2 Donnell Wiggins, D187, 2minVG
Yusaf Mack KOby6 Alejandro Berrio, D807, 30minEX
Yusaf Mack W10 Daniel Judah, D1642, D1079, 43minEX
Yusaf Mack KOby8 Tavoris Cloud, D2857, 39minG/VG
Yusaf Mack KOby3 Carl Froch, D3329, 25minVG

Mackey, John

John Mackey KO2 Tim Leonard, D1286, 10minEX
John Mackey L4 Joshua Snyder, D1645, 18minEX

Mackie, Byron

Byron Mackie L10 Hector Camacho, Jr., D2773, 46minG/VG

Macklin, Matthew

Matthew Macklin KO1 Alexey Chirkov, D601, 7minVG
Matthew Macklin W10 Geard Ajetovic, D2712, 43minVG
Matthew Macklin KO6 Shalva Jomardashvili, D2712, 32minG
Matthew Macklin W10 Rafael Pintos, D2714, 48minG/VG
Matthew Macklin W10 Luis Ramon Campas, D2715, 49minG/VG
Matthew Macklin KOby10 Jamie Moore, D2821, 60minEX
Matthew Macklin L12 Felix Sturm, D2863, 62minVG/EX
Matthew Macklin KOby11 Sergio Martinez, D3134, 69minEX
Matthew Macklin KO1 Joachim Alcine, D3367, 11minEX
Matthew Macklin KOby3 Gennady Golovkin, D3599, 26minVG/EX
Matthew Macklin W10 Lamar Russ, D3823, 48minVG
Matthew Macklin W8 Jose Yebes, D4120, 34minVG

Maddalone, Vincent

Vincent Maddalone W10 Jermell Barnes, D1032, 49minEX
Vincent Maddalone KOby10 Brian Minto I, D1267, 33minEX
Vincent Maddalone KOby7 Brian Minto II, D946, 34minVG
Vincent Maddalone KOby3 Evander Holyfield, D1404, 21minEX
Vincent Maddalone KOby5 Tomasz Adamek, D2585, 43minVG/EX

Madera, Lupe

Lupe Madera L15 Katsuo Tokashiki I, D491, 49mF/G, D3512, 63mVG/EX (no dec)
Lupe Madera D15 Katsuo Tokashiki II, D491, 54minG
Lupe Madera W4 Katsuo Tokashiki III, D491, 18minF
Lupe Madera W15 Katsuo Tokashiki IV, D1424, 57minG
Lupe Madera KOby9 Francisco Quiroz, D1592, 34mF, D3486, 34mF/G

Maderna, Ezequiel

Ezequiel Maderna L10 Edwin Rodriguez, D3485, 49minVG
Ezequiel Maderna L12 Thomas Oosthuizen, D3761, 55minEX


Madis L6 Saenganan KKP, D4144, 22minG/VG

Madison, Billy

Billy Madison KOby2 Jimmy Paul, D1777, 6minF/G

Madrid, Carlos

Carlos Madrid D8 Carlos Vinan, D1447, 35minEX

Madrid, David

David Madrid KOby1 Roger Stafford, D3405, 14minG

Madrid, Ignacio

Ignacio Madrid KO4 Ruben Olivares, D275, 14minF/G

Madrid, Kili

Kili Madrid NC3 Bobby Joe Valdez, D405, 12minG/VG
Kili Madrid W6 Joseph Benjamin, D639, 31minEX

Madrigal, Carlos

Carlos Madrigal KOby2 Jose Navarro, D2730, 23minG

Maduma, Ghislain

Ghislain Maduma KOby11 Kevin Mitchell, D4008, 54minG
Ghislain Maduma KO1 Jeremy Abbott, D4016, 8minG
Ghislain Maduma KO3 John Carlo Aparicio, D4017, 21minF/G
Ghislain Maduma W10 Saul Carreon, D4017, 45minG/VG
Ghislain Maduma W12 Fermin DeLos Santos, D4018, 59minG/VG

Maeda, Hiroyuki

Hiroyuki Maeda W10 Shuichi Kobayashi, D834, 48minVG

Maeki, Olli

Olli Maeki KOby2 Davey Moore, D3738, 34minG/VG

Magahin, William

William Magahin KOby4 Miguel Angel Gonzalez, D1891, 23minF/G

Magallano, Rolando

Rolando Magallano L6 Kevin DeLaCruz, D2140, 31minVG

Magana, Jesse

Jesse Magana KO5 Rudy Zavala, D1848, 27minG
Jesse Magana TL8 Guty Espadas, Jr., D3280, 38minG/VG
Jesse Magana KOby10 Marco Antonio Barrera, D3775, 24minG

Magdaleno, Diego

Diego Magdaleno D12 Roman Martinez, D3495, 53minG/VG
Diego Magdaleno W10 Edgar Riovalle, D3712, 45minVG

Magdaleno, Jesse

Jesse Magdaleno KO1 Isaac Hidalgo, D2988, 13minEX
Jesse Magdaleno KO1 Carlos Valcarcel, D3192, 8minVG
Jesse Magdaleno KO2 Aldimar Silva Santos, D3272, 13minVG
Jesse Magdaleno KO3 Luis Maldonado, D3659, 13minG
Jesse Magdaleno KO7 Carlos Rodriguez, D4055, 33minG

Magdziarz, Jan

Jan Magdziarz KO6 Alan Minter II, D4053, 27minG/VG
Jan Magdziarz NC4 Alan Minter III, D1266, 7minG (no rd 2)

Magee, Brian

Brian Magee KO8 Hacine Cherifi, D85, 44minEX
Brian Magee KOby11 Carl Froch, D1970, 53minVG
Brian Magee W12 Jaime Barboza, D2888, 58minG/VG
Brian Magee KOby3 Mikkel Kessler, D3344, 27minVG/EX

Magee, Eamonn

Eamonn Magee W12 Jimmy Vincent, D108, D3140, 48minVG

Magellan, Jose

Jose Magellan W4 Hector Reynosa, D773, 22minEX

Magomedov, Arif

Arif Magomedov W12 Patrick Mendy, D4063, 62minVG

Magos, Romnick

Romnick Magos KOby2 Pungluang SorSingyu, D3930, 10minF/G
Romnick Magos KOby2 Chatpetch Sithmorseng, D4073, 7minVG

Magramo, Melvin

Melvin Magramo L12 Denkaosan Kaovichit, D3971, 43minG

Magramo, Ronnie

Ronnie Magramo L12 Chana Porpaoin, D3199, 38mF, D3797, 32mG
Ronnie Magramo TL8 Songkram Porpaoin, D3784, 28minF
Ronnie Magramo L12 Ratanapol SorVorapin, D3982, 42minG
Ronnie Magramo KO10 Fahsan Pongsawang II, D4039, 28minG (starts in 1st)
Ronnie Magramo W12 Nungdiaw Sakcharuporn, D4040, 43minG/VG

Magri, Andrea

Andrea Magri L12 Leonzer Barber, D2945, 64minG/VG

Magri, Charlie

Charlie Magri KOby5 Sot Chitilada, D12, 32minVG
Charlie Magri KO4 Dominique Cesari, D1064, 13minVG
Charlie Magri KOby5 Duke McKenzie, D1065, 20minVG
Charlie Magri KO7 Eleoncio Mercedes, D1066, 29minVG
Charlie Magri W10 Jose 'Pulga' Torres II, D1068, 20inG/VG (HL)
Charlie Magri KOby6 Frank Cedeno, D1068, 21minVG
Charlie Magri KO2 Neil McLaughlin, D1072, 5minG/VG (No Rd 1)
Charlie Magri W8 Manuel Carrasco, D1072, 15minVG (HL)
Charlie Magri KO3 Freddie Gonzalez, D1072, 10mVG, D1403, 10mF/G
Charlie Magri KO1 Filippo Belvedere, D1403, 4mF/G, D1065, 4mVG
Charlie Magri W10 Santos Laciar, D2394, 16minG (HL)
Charlie Magri KO3 Aniceto Vargas, D2458, 8minG/VG
Charlie Magri W12 Franco Udella, D3270, 26minVG (No 3, 7, 9)

Magsayo, Mark

Mark Magsayo KO1 Juanito Hondante, D4098, 4minG (HL)

Mahachai, Virachart

Virachart Mahachai KOby2 Tsuyoshi Hamada, D715, 11minEX

Mahanga, Kahu

Kahu Mahanga KO9 Tony Mundine, D509, D1363, 18minEX (HL)

Mahasapcondo, Thongcharoen

Thongcharoen Mahasapcondo L6 Rittidech Soonkilanoinai, D663, 23minVG

Mahfood, Valerie

Valerie Mahfood L10 Ann Wolfe II, D63, 34minEX
Valerie Mahfood KOby8 Laila Ali I, D405, 25minG/VG
Valerie Mahfood W4 Yolanda Swindell, D687, 18minVG
Valerie Mahfood L10 Leatitia Robinson, D224, 44minEX
Valerie Mahfood L10 Mary Jo Sanders, D1411, 34minEX

Mahipo, Jackmer

Jackmer Mahipo KO1 Alexander Armuelles, D3514, 6minG/VG

Mahoja, Rajabu

Rajabu Mahoja KOby5 Veeraphol Sahaprom, D169, D188, 22minVG

Mahone, Ed

Ed Mahone KOby4 Alexander Ustinov, D3168, 23minVG

Maidana, Marcos

Marcos Maidana L12 Andriy Kotelnik, D2016, 57minVG/EX
Marcos Maidana KO6 Victor Ortiz, D2137, 60minVG
Marcos Maidana KO6 Victor Cayo, D2399, 41minEX
Marcos Maidana L12 Amir Khan, D2582, 70minEX
Marcos Maidana KO1 Adan Mironchik, D2588, 3minG
Marcos Maidana KO2 Cristian Ruiz, D2588, 7minG/VG
Marcos Maidana KO3 Miguel Callist, D2589, 17minF
Marcos Maidana KO2 Ruben Oliva, D2590, 8minF
Marcos Maidana KO1 German Sanchez, D2592, 5minG/VG
Marcos Maidana KO1 Omar Leon II, D2593, 5minVG
Marcos Maidana KO2 Esmereldo DaSilva, D2593, 17minVG
Marcos Maidana KO8 Manuel Garnica, D2594, 35minVG
Marcos Maidana KO2 Silverio Ortiz, D2594, 18minG
Marcos Maidana KO1 Francisco Sanabria, D2595, 4minG
Marcos Maidana KO3 Arturo Morua, D2595, 24minG/VG
Marcos Maidana KO7 Juan Carlos Rodriguez, D2595, 26minF/G
Marcos Maidana KO3 Laszlo Komjathi, D2596, 11minG/VG
Marcos Maidana KO1 Ariel Aparicio, D2596, 7minVG
Marcos Maidana KO1 Ramon Marquez, D2597, 3minG
Marcos Maidana KO1 Luis Sosa, D2597, 8minG/VG
Marcos Maidana KO3 Sergio Benitez II, D2598, 13minG
Marcos Maidana KO1 Avelino Silveira, D2599, 4minG
Marcos Maidana KO3 Marcelo Miranda, D2599, 10minG/VG
Marcos Maidana KO1 Jose Montano, D2600, 8minG/VG
Marcos Maidana W12 Erik Morales, D2782, 83minG/VG
Marcos Maidana KO4 Petr Petrov, D2942, 30minG
Marcos Maidana L10 Devon Alexander, D3137, 58minEX
Marcos Maidana KO3 Angel Martinez, D3349, 24minEX
Marcos Maidana KO8 Jesus Soto Karass, D3372, 40minVG
Marcos Maidana KO6 Josesito Lopez, D3585, 40minVG/EX
Marcos Maidana W12 Adrian Broner, D3841, 78minG/VG
Marcos Maidana W12 Erik Chavez, D4019, 65minEX
Marcos Maidana L12 Floyd Mayweather, Jr. I, D4133, 51minEX
Marcos Maidana L12 Floyd Mayweather, Jr. II, D4099, 104minVG

Majewski, Patrick

Patrick Majewski KO2 Terry Peacock, D1161, 11minEX
Patrick Majewski KO2 Ken Dunham, D1330, 14minEX
Patrick Majewski KO7 Joseph Gomez, D2574, 37minVG/EX
Patrick Majewski KOby1 Curtis Stevens, D3886, 22minVG

Majiha, Fadhili

Fadhili Majiha L12 Pungluang SorSingyu, D4173, 40minVG

Major, Meacher

Meacher Major KOby3 Edgar Santana, D1165, 20minEX

Makabu, Ilunga

Ilunga Makabu KO5 Michael Gbenga, D3222, 25minEX
Ilunga Makabu KO3 Tamas Lodi, D3489, 14minEX
Ilunga Makabu W12 Dmytro Kucher, D3608, 55minVG
Ilunga Makabu KO5 Eric Fields, D3666, 22minG/VG

Makarov, Mikhail

Mikhail Makarov KOby2 Gennady Golovkin, D3058, 9minEX

Makathini, Siza

Siza Makathini KOby11 Glenn McCrory, D1887, 40mG/VG, D3436, 38mF/G
Siza Makathini KOby8 Jeff Lampkin, D3363, 35minVG

Makelim, Todd

Todd Makelim KOby3 Manny Pacquiao, D1708, 12mF/G, D3156, 16mG

Makepula, Masibulele 'Hawk'

Hawk Makepula KOby4 Jorge Arce, D1101, 38minEX
Hawk Makepula L12 Jake Matlala, D1964, 55minG

Makhmutov, Alexander

Alexander Makhmutov KOby10 Omar Narvaez, D1647, 46minVG, D2348, 33minG
Alexander Makhmutov KOby6 Samson Dutchboygym, D3977, 21minG/VG

Makiyama, Katsumi

Katsumi Makiyama KOby5 Chatchai Sasakul, D1133, 40minEX

Maklakov, Timofey

Timofey Maklakov KOby3 Tomasz Adamek, D1928, 12minF/G

Makubu, Ilunga

Ilunga Makubu KO2 Ruben Angel Mino, D3895, 16minVG
Ilunga Makubu KO9 Glen Johnson, D4053, 39minVG

Malave, Luis

Luis Malave KOby4 Javier Cintron, D110, 18minEX
Luis Malave KOby2 Abner Mares, D315, 24minEX

Maldonado, Daniel

Daniel Maldonado KO4 Chad Wright, D306, 20minEX
Daniel Maldonado W12 Jose Gonzalez, D1187, D1269, 52minEX

Maldonado, Felix

Felix Maldonado L10 Michael Perez, D3291, 52minEX

Maldonado, Fidel

Fidel Maldonado KO7 Luis Ramos, D3763, 29minVG
Fidel Maldonado KO8 Nelson Lara, D4022, 35minVG

Maldonado, Francisco

Francisco Maldonado L4 Justo Almazan, D2780, 19minVG
Francisco Maldonado L6 Julian Burford, D206, 26minEX
Francisco Maldonado W4 Bhakari Gates, D498, 16minEX

Maldonado, Henry

Henry Maldonado W10 Liborio Solis, D3457, 30minG/VG
Henry Maldonado L12 Arthur Villanueva, D4082, 46minF

Maldonado, Luis

Luis Maldonado KO2 Juan Centeno, D434, 13minEX
Luis Maldonado KOby8 Vic Darchinyan, D817, 58minEX
Luis Maldonado KOby8 Nonito Donaire, D1482, 49minEX
Luis Maldonado KOby3 Fernando Montiel, D1968, 23minEX
Luis Maldonado KOby3 Jesse Magdaleno, D3659, 13minG
Luis Maldonado L6 Joseph Diaz, D3954, 29minG/VG

Maldonado, Mario

Mario Maldonado KOby3 Tony Ayala, Jr., D870, 11mF, D3484, 17mVG

Maldonado, Mike

Mike Maldonado KOby1 Jose Ramirez, D3647, 8minG/VG

Maldonado, Orlando

Orlando Maldonado LDQ6 Miguel Canto, D1592, 22minF

Maldurottu, Simone

Simone Maldurottu L12 Hozumi Hasegawa, D1500, 53minEX

Malek, Ron

Ron Malek KOby5 Chris Eubank, D1523, 23minEX

Malignaggi, Paul

Paul Malignaggi W10 Rocky Martinez, D155, 50minEX
Paul Malignaggi W10 Ramiro Cano, D202, 54minEX
Paul Malignaggi W10 Donald Camarena, D734, 42minEX
Paul Malignaggi L12 Miguel Angel Cotto, D1012, 72minEX
Paul Malignaggi W10 Edner Cherry, D1352, 58minEX
Paul Malignaggi W12 Herman Ngoudjo, D1481, 90minEX
Paul Malignaggi W12 Lovemore Ndou II, D1661, 45minVG
Paul Malignaggi KOby11 Ricky Hatton, D1920, 67minEX
Paul Malignaggi L12 Juan Diaz I, D2157, 69minEX
Paul Malignaggi W12 Juan Diaz II, D2354, 64minEX
Paul Malignaggi KOby11 Amir Khan, D2463, 64mVG (US), D2467, 58mVG (UK)
Paul Malignaggi W10 Jose Miguel Cotto, D2781, 47minG/VG
Paul Malignaggi W10 Orlando Lora, D3000, 47minVG
Paul Malignaggi KO9 Vyacheslav Senchenko, D3138, 40minVG (Rus)
Paul Malignaggi KO9 Vyacheslav Senchenko, D3146, 64minVG (Eng)
Paul Malignaggi L12 Adrien Broner, D3590, 78minVG/EX
Paul Malignaggi W12 Zab Judah, D3828, 73minVG
Paul Malignaggi KOby4 Shawn Porter, D3951, 31minVG

Malinga, Patrick

Patrick Malinga KOby6 Alex Arthur, D2804, 33minVG
Patrick Malinga KOby7 Thompson Mokwana, D2813, 36minG

Malinga, Peter

Peter Malinga KOby3 Akhmed Kotiev, D3413, 13minG

Malinga, Thulani 'Sugar Boy'

Thulani Malinga L10 Nigel Benn I, D127, 35minG/VG
Thulani Malinga W12 Nigel Benn II, D556, 59minVG
Thulani Malinga KOby6 Roy Jones, Jr., D605, 42minVG
Thulani Malinga L12 Chris Eubank, D1547, 55minG/VG
Thulani Malinga W12 Robin Reid, D3064, 56minG/VG
Thulani Malinga L12 Vincenzo Nardiello, D1756, 72minVG

Malinga, Vusi

Vusi Malinga KO4 Veeraphol Sahaprom, D1877, 20minVG
Vusi Malinga KOby1 Hozumi Hasegawa, D2017, 4minVG/EX
Vusi Malinga L12 Leo Santa Cruz, D3179, 58minVG
Vusi Malinga L12 Stuart Hall, D3848, 68minG/VG

Malkin, Alexey

Alexey Malkin KOby3 Juan Carlos Gomez, D2401, 18minEX

Mallon, Miguel

Miguel Mallon KOby10 Esham Pickering, D4139, 51minG/VG

Malvarez, Juan

Juan Malvarez KOby2 Danny Lopez, D221, 10mG, D3159, 17mVG
Juan Malvarez KOby8 Eusebio Pedroza, D1489, 43minVG
Juan Malvarez KO6 Sergio Victor Palma (HL), D4066, 3minG

Malya, Raymond Richard

Raymond Richard Malya KOby5 Devid Lookmanahak, D287, 47minVG

Mamadaliyev, Nazim

Nazim Mamadaliyev KOby2 Raushan Hudoinazarov, D2641, 9minVG

Mamani, Javier

Javier Mamani L12 Joachim Alcine, D895, 51minEX

Mamby, Saoul

Saoul Mamby W15 Maurice Watkins, D848, 61minG/VG
Saoul Mamby KO13 Esteban DeJesus, D2065, 42minF/G
Saoul Mamby L10 Buddy McGirt, D2458, 47minVG
Saoul Mamby KO9 Gary Hinton, D2884, 37minG
Saoul Mamby L12 Billy Costello, D2947, 40minG
Saoul Mamby L15 Leroy Haley I, D2977, 49mG, D3504, 63mG/VG
Saoul Mamby L12 Leroy Haley II, D2084, 39mF/G, D2978, 41mF/G
Saoul Mamby L10 Glenwood Brown II, D3009, 53minVG
Saoul Mamby W10 Larry Barnes, D3009, 40minG/VG
Saoul Mamby L8 Pat Coleman, D3009, 29minVG
Saoul Mamby L10 John Meekins, D3010, 40minVG
Saoul Mamby W10 Monroe Brooks, D3011, 38minG
Saoul Mamby D10 Edwin Viruet, D3011, 20minF (HL)
Saoul Mamby KO14 Sang-Hyun Kim, D3011, 6minVG (HL)
Saoul Mamby W15 Jo Kimpuani, D3012, 28minG (HL)
Saoul Mamby L8 Genaro Leon, D3961, 35minG
Saoul Mamby L10 Rene Arredondo, D4042, 38minG

Manabe, Keita

Keita Manabe KOby2 Yusuki Kobori, D2338, 9minF

Manakane, Nouldy

Nouldy Manakane L12 Koki Kameda, D3120, 62minEX
Nouldy Manakane KOby6 Tomoki Kameda, D3629, 18minVG/EX (No 2-3)
Nouldy Manakane KOby6 Chonlatarn Piriyapinyo, D4016, 22minG

Manami, Javier Alberto

Javier Alberto Manami KOby1 Gennady Golovkin, D3475, 7minF

Manatad, Sherwin

Sherwin Manatad KOby3 Devid Lookmanahak, D169, D188, 13minVG

Manca, Valentine

Valentine Manca KOby6 Mamadou Thiam, D4117, 24minG

Manchego, Nelson

Nelson Manchego KOby1 Gilberto Reyes, D655, 5minEX
Nelson Manchego KOby1 David Diaz, D1650, 16minVG

Mancilla, Ruben

Ruben Mancilla KOby3 Guty Espadas, Sr., D1302, 9minG

Mancini, Ray

Ray Mancini KO3 Bobby Chacon, D165, 61minG
Ray Mancini KO14 Deuk-Koo Kim, D505, 49minVG
Ray Mancini KOby7 Greg Haugen, D789, 34minG
Ray Mancini KO1 Arturo Frias, D999, 11mVG/EX, D1791, 26mG/VG
Ray Mancini KO6 Ernesto Espana, D1137, 30minF/G
Ray Mancini KOby14 Alexis Arguello, D1370, 51mEX, D3825, 52mVG
Ray Mancini KOby14 Livingstone Bramble I, D1384, 56mF, D310, 46mG/VG
Ray Mancini L15 Livingstone Bramble II, D1370, 66mEX, D1384, 58mF
Ray Mancini KO9 Jorge Morales, D1790, 34minG
Ray Mancini W12 Jose Luis Ramirez, D1790, 42minG
Ray Mancini KO10 Julio Valdez, D1791, 32mG/VG, D3401, 38mG
Ray Mancini KO1 Johnny Torres, D1872, 4minG
Ray Mancini W10 Al Ford, D2434, 44minVG/EX
Ray Mancini KO2 Manuel Abedoy, D2455, 12minG
Ray Mancini L12 Hector Camacho, D2456, 62minVG
Ray Mancini W10 Al Ford, D2456, 38minF/G
Ray Mancini KO6 Bobby Plegge, D2456, 23minF
Ray Mancini KO9 Orlando Romero, D2457, 32mEX, D3401, 47mVG
Ray Mancini W10 George Feeney, D2457, 42minVG

Mancio, Jerson

Jerson Mancio KOby5 Naoye Inoue, D3833, 37minEX

Mandahinog, Rolly

Rolly Mandahinog KOby6 Devid Lookmanahak, D637, 34minVG

Mandengue, Jean-Louis

Jean-Louis Mandengue KOby9 Sofiane Sebihi, D2071, 38minVG

Manfredo, Jr., Peter

Peter Manfredo, Jr. L8 Sergio Mora II, D563, 44minEX
Peter Manfredo, Jr. KO3 Scott Pemberton, D775, 29minEX
Peter Manfredo, Jr. KO3 Joey Spina, D1157, 26minEX
Peter Manfredo, Jr. KOby3 Joe Calzaghe, D1454, 47minEX
Peter Manfredo, Jr. KOby5 Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr., D3038, 34minVG

Manfredy, Angel

Angel Manfredy KO9 Johnny West, D56, 44minEX
Angel Manfredy KOby2 Floyd Mayweather, D334, 31mVG, D3259, 36mG/VG
Angel Manfredy KOby8 Courtney Burton, D410, 48minEX
Angel Manfredy KO4 Juan Polo Perez, D851, 23minEX
Angel Manfredy KOby3 Diego Corrales, D1205, 34minVG
Angel Manfredy KO8 Arturo Gatti, D1339, 34minEX
Angel Manfredy W10 Lamar Murphy, D1662, 40minEX
Angel Manfredy W10 Antonio Ramirez, D2182, 45minEX
Angel Manfredy KO5 Wilfredo Ruiz, D2212, 15minVG
Angel Manfredy W12 John Brown, D3226, 59minVG
Angel Manfredy KO7 Calvin Grove, D3227, 35minVG
Angel Manfredy W12 Wilson Rodriguez, D3674, 54minG

Mangubat, Randy

Randy Mangubat TD4 Malcolm Tunacao, D3756, 18minF
Randy Mangubat L10 Pongsaklek Wonjongkam, D3756, 33minG

Manihay, Romualdo

Romualdo Manihay KOby3 Fahprakob Rakkiatgym, D638, 14minVG

Manjarrez, Jose

Jose Manjarrez L4 Julio Diaz, D1211, 16minG/VG

Manley, Alvin

Alvin Manley W4 Efrain McKnight, D1244, 17minVG/EX
Alvin Manley WDQ3 Wallace McDaniel, D2204, 14minVG

Manley, Joe

Joe Manley KOby10 Terry Marsh, D1876, 43minG/VG
Joe Manley KOby9 James McGirt, D2509, 36minVG
Joe Manley D12 Gary Hinton I, D3816, 45minG/VG
Joe Manley KO10 Gary Hinton II, D2045, 39minG
Joe Manley L12 Gene Hatcher, D3852, 45minG

Manners, Nick

Nick Manners KOby4 Joe Calzaghe, D1555, 20minF/G

Manning, James

James Manning KOby6 Jaime Garza, D444, 23minVG

Mannion, Sean

Sean Mannion L15 Mike McCallum, D2368, 67minG
Sean Mannion W10 In-Chul Baek, D3791, 40minG
Sean Mannion W10 Rocky Fratto, D4047, 43minG

Manon, Victor

Victor Manon KOby3 Mzonke Fana, D2136, 11minG

Manoprungroj, Petchkosin

Petchkosin Manoprungroj KOby3 Tirachok Kiatniwat, D4085, 8minEX

Manoprungroj, Veeradej

Veeradej Manoprungroj KOby3 Kongphutorn NorNophirun, D4011, 9minG/VG

Manrique, Mario

Mario Manrique KOby2 Romeo Anaya, D687, 6minF/G

Mansalayo, Geboi

Geboi Mansalayo KOby2 Norasing Kokietgym, D4061, 8minG/VG

Mansfield, Jeffrey

Jeffrey Mansfield W3 Eric Kirkland (AMA), D1007, 11minEX

Manson, Alvino

Alvino Manson KOby1 Marvin Johnson, D1080, 3mF/G, D4004, 7mF

Mansour, Amir

Amir Mansour L10 Steve Cunningham, D3933, 39minF/G
Amir Mansour KO7 Fred Kassi, D4188, 50minG/VG

Manswell, Kerston

Kerston Manswell KOby2 Bermane Stiverne, D2662, 12minVG

Manufoe, Ricky

Ricky Manufoe KOby4 Rusalee Samor, D4079, 14minVG

Manyuka, Oscar

Oscar Manyuka KOby2 Veeraphol Sahaprom, D287, 18minVG

Manzanarez, Robert

Robert Manzanarez KO1 Pedro Garcia, D3382, 7minEX
Robert Manzanarez KO3 Alejandro Barrera, D3768, 17minG

Maqolo, Wele

Wele Maqolo KOby4 Brahim Asloum, D3713, 20minG/VG

Maquilon, Brinatty

Brinatty Maquilon KOby3 Gerald McClellan, D453, 13minVG

Marabayev, Omar

Omar Marabayev KOby5 Teerachai Kratingdaenggym, D3792, 15minF

Maraldo, Ryan

Ryan Maraldo KOby2 Craig Weber, D783, 9minEX
Ryan Maraldo KOby3 Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr., D669, 20minG/VG

Marali, Mzukisi

Mzukisi Marali KOby4 Saman Sorjaturong, D2898, 12minP

Marbun, Marangin

Marangin Marbun KOby7 Rey Bautista, D2199, 36minF/G

Marcado, Bernardo

Bernardo Mercado KO7 Earnie Shavers, D828, 19minF/G
Bernardo Mercado KO1 Jose Luis Gonzalez, D4044, 3minG

Marcano, Alfredo

Alfredo Marcano KO10 Hiroshi Kobayashi, D955, 40minEX
Alfredo Marcano KO4 Kenji Iwata, D3033, 21minVG
Alfredo Marcano KOby9 Bobby Chacon, D3309, 33minG

Marcano, Rigoberto

Rigoberto Marcano L15 Yoko Gushiken I, D714, 70minEX
Rigoberto Marcano KOby7 Yoko Gushiken II, D2489, 24minF

Marcel, Ernesto

Ernesto Marcel W15 Antonio Gomez I, D285, 53minF/G
Ernesto Marcel W15 Alexis Arguello, D858, 48minF/G
Ernesto Marcel KOby10 Roberto Duran, D955, 31minG
Ernesto Marcel D15 Kuniaki Shibata, D4005, D4025, 53mVG/EX

Marchena, Ramon

Ramon Marchena KOby5 Miguel Angel Gonzalez I, D878, 24minVG

Marchiano, Damian

Damian Marchiano L12 Abner Mares, D1453, 61minEX
Damian Marchiano KOby2 Kiko Martinez, D3657, 15minG/VG

Marcial, Anthony

Anthony Marcial KO1 Vachanakrit Senahan, D2136, 13minVG

Marcial, Rocky

Rocky Marcial KOby3 Muangchai Kittikasem, D4033, 11minG/VG

Marciano, Rocky

Rocky Marciano KO13 Joe Walcott I, D193, 46minEX
Rocky Marciano KO1 Joe Walcott II, D1193, 9minEX
Rocky Marciano KO9 Archie Moore, D1174, 42minEX
Rocky Marciano KO6 Lee Savold (No rd 3), D1190, 22minEX
Rocky Marciano KO9 Don Cockell (HL), D1190, 26minVG
Rocky Marciano KO11 Roland LaStarza II, D1190, 40minG
Rocky Marciano KO8 Joe Louis (No rd 6), D1190, 31minEX
Rocky Marciano W15 Ezzard Charles I, D1215, 26minVG (HL)
Rocky Marciano KO8 Ezzard Charles II, D1215, 26minVG (HL)
Rocky Marciano KO3 Harry Matthews, D1215, 11minG/VG
Rocky Marciano-Muhammad Ali (Simulation), D1857, 55minG/VG

Marcos, Sandro

Sandro Marcos KOby4 Kevin Kelley, D573, 26minEX
Sandro Marcos KOby2 Marcos Jimenez, D1326, 13minEX

Marcos, Yesica

Yesica Marcos W10 Betina Garino, D2345, 39minVG
Yesica Marcos W8 Paula Morales, D3326, 31minVG

Marcotte, Fernand

Fernand Marcotte KOby8 Ray Leonard, D1767, 34minF/G

Marengo, Hector

Hector Marengo KO3 Max Rivera, D3113, 21minVG
Hector Marengo KOby5 Zachary Ochoa, D3947, 25minG/VG

Mares, Abner

Abner Mares KO2 Luis Malave, D315, 24minEX
Abner Mares W6 David Vazquez, D487, 27minEX
Abner Mares KO5 Baladan Treviso, D512, 32minEX
Abner Mares W8 Yamin Muhammad, D589, 39minEX
Abner Mares W8 Omar Adorno, D693, 37minEX
Abner Mares W8 Kevin Hudgins, D1074, 38minEX
Abner Mares KO8 Robert Allanic, D1359, 35minEX
Abner Mares W12 Damian Marchiano, D1453, 61minEX
Abner Mares KO2 Diasdado Gabi, D1578, 15minEX
Abner Mares KO6 Carlos Fulgencio, D2156, 28minEX
Abner Mares KO5 Felipe Almanza, D2400, 26minEX
Abner Mares D12 Yohnny Perez, D2469, 63minEX
Abner Mares W12 Vic Darchinyan, D2578, 69minVG
Abner Mares W12 Joseph Agbeko I, D2893, 99minVG
Abner Mares W12 Joseph Agbeko II, D3061, 72minVG/EX
Abner Mares W12 Eric Morel, D3129, 70minEX
Abner Mares W12 Anselmo Moreno, D3307, 77minVG
Abner Mares KO9 Daniel PonceDeLeon, D3558, 54minEX
Abner Mares KOby1 Jhonny Gonzalez, D3658, 29minVG
Abner Mares W10 Jonathan Oquendo, D4041, 50minG/VG

Mares, Roberto

Roberto Mares KOby3 Urbano Antillon, D928, 19minEX

Margarito, Antonio

Antonio Margarito KO2 Maurice Brantley, D43, 31minEX
Antonio Margarito KO2 Hercules Kyvelos, D135, 27mVG, D1983, 19mVG
Antonio Margarito KO10 Sebastian Lujan, D373, 48mEX, D1982, 46mG/VG
Antonio Margarito KO5 Kermit Cintron I, D797, 37minVG
Antonio Margarito KO6 Kermit Cintron II, D1666, 44minEX
Antonio Margarito KO1 Manuel Gomez, D722, 18minVG/EX
Antonio Margarito W12 Joshua Clottey, D1173, 75minEX
Antonio Margarito KO10 Antonio Diaz, D1242, D1982, D1985, 56mVG
Antonio Margarito KO1 Golden Johnson, D1463, 16minEX
Antonio Margarito KO11 Miguel Angel Cotto I, D1669, 82mVG, D4010, 62mEX
Antonio Margarito KOby10 Miguel Angel Cotto II, D3057, 78minEX
Antonio Margarito KO2 David Kamau, D1774, 11mVG, D1984, 12mVG
Antonio Margarito KO5 Buck Smith, D1943, 24mVG, D1984, 22mVG
Antonio Margarito KO4 Alfred Ankamah, D1955, 23minVG
Antonio Margarito W10 Juan Soberanes, D1955, 26minVG (No 6-9)
Antonio Margarito W8 Danny Perez I, D1955, 31minVG/EX
Antonio Margarito W12 Danny Perez II, D1981, 56minVG
Antonio Margarito NC1 Daniel Santos I, D1981, D1985, 18minVG/EX
Antonio Margarito TL10 Daniel Santos II, D1981, 47minVG/EX
Antonio Margarito KO1 Jose Luis Benitez, D1982, 7mVG, D1985, 6mVG
Antonio Margarito KO4 Frankie Randall, D1982, D1985, 18minVG
Antonio Margarito KO2 Andrew Lewis, D1983, D2730, 19minG/VG
Antonio Margarito KO7 Sergio Martinez, D1984, 38minG/VG
Antonio Margarito KO1 Robert West, D1985, 7minVG
Antonio Margarito KOby9 Shane Mosley, D2003, 81minEX
Antonio Margarito W10 Roberto Garcia, D2447, 66minVG/EX
Antonio Margarito L12 Manny Pacquiao, D2576, 61mEX, D2586, 94mEX

Marin, Delfino

Delfino Marin KOby7 Buddy McGirt, D2521, 34minVG

Marin, Jose Isaac

Jose Isaac Marin KOby1 Rafael 'Bazooka' Limon, 23, D689, 8minVG

Marinaccio, Paul

Paul Marinaccio W4 Mike Williams, D30, 20minEX
Paul Marinaccio KOby4 Tony Thompson, D2599, 25minG/VG

Marino, Salvador 'Dado'

Dado Marino KOby7 Yoshiro Shirai II (HL), D4191, 10minVG

Marinov, Valentin

Valentin Marinov KOby1 Marco McCullough, D4141, 5minF/G

Markin, Henry

Henry Markin W6 Cebien St. Pierre, D1072, 24minEX

Marks, Carlos

Carlos Marks KOby5 Bennie Briscoe, D2195, 10minG (HL)

Marks, Jermaine

Jermaine Marks L8 Jesse Feliciano, D119, 53minEX

Marks, Larry

Larry Marks KOby2 Tokunbo Olajide, D1354, 19minVG/EX
Larry Marks L12 Cory Spinks, D266, 49minEX
Larry Marks W8 Ronald Boddie, D655, 33minEX
Larry Marks W10 Charles Murray, D709, 36minEX
Larry Marks L10 Elvin Ayala, D911, 43minEX
Larry Marks L12 Andrew Lewis, D4145, 64minF/G

Marks, Reginald

Reginald Marks KOby1 Nigel Benn, D123, 2minVG

Markussen, Rudy

Rudy Markussen KO1 Daniel Regi, D3341, 10minVG/EX

Marmolejo, Jose

Jose Marmolejo KOby8 Antonio Esparragoza, D949, 33minG/VG

Marovic, Darko

Darko Marovic KOby3 Shane Mosley (AMA), D2824, 11minF/G

Marquez, Carlos

Carlos Marquez L6 Daniel Calzada, D3721, 30minG

Marquez, David

David Marquez L4 Edgar Hernandez, D1363, 22minEX

Marquez, Eden

Eden Marquez KOby2 Rey Bautista, D2158, 20minG/VG
Eden Marquez KOby4 Roberto Castaneda, D3138, 17minG/VG

Marquez, Eduardo Ray

Eduardo Ray Marquez TL9 Ivan Calderon, D548, 31minVG

Marquez, Ernie

Ernie Marquez L6 Richie Mepranum, D2215, 27minG/VG

Marquez, Francisco

Francisco Marquez L10 Miguel Canto, D3789, 10minF (HL)

Marquez, Hector

Hector Marquez L10 Jorge Solis, D669, 47minEX

Marquez, Hector Javier

Hector Javier Marquez KOby10 Juan Manuel Marquez, D1704, 40minF

Marquez, Hernan

Hernan Marquez L10 Richie Mepranum I, D2471, 47minVG
Hernan Marquez KOby8 Nonito Donaire, D2525, 49minVG
Hernan Marquez KO11 Luis Concepcion I, D2781, 56minG/VG
Hernan Marquez KO1 Luis Concepcion II, D3026, 5minF
Hernan Marquez W10 Juan Esquer, D2807, 47minG
Hernan Marquez KO3 Edrin Dapudong, D2857, 24minVG/EX
Hernan Marquez W10 Fernando Lumacad, D3252, 49minVG
Hernan Marquez KOby10 Brian Viloria, D3322, 59minEX
Hernan Marquez KO1 Cruz Molina, D3477, 7minG/VG
Hernan Marquez W4 Noe Acosta, D3477, 14minG
Hernan Marquez W12 Carlos Tamara, D3581, 55minG
Hernan Marquez KOby12 Giovani Segura, D3756, 46minG/VG
Hernan Marquez W10 John Mark Apolinario, D3959, 40minG/VG
Hernan Marquez KOby11 McJoe Arroyo, D4020, 47minG/VG

Marquez, Joaquin

Joaquin Marquez D4 Roderick Grajeda, D1067, D1702, 16minEX

Marquez, Juan Manuel

Juan Manuel Marquez W7 Derrick Gainer, D53, 48minEX
Juan Manuel Marquez D12 Manny Pacquiao I, D145, 78minEX
Juan Manuel Marquez L12 Manny Pacquiao II, D1597, 80minEX
Juan Manuel Marquez L12 Manny Pacquiao III, D3027, 76minVG/EX
Juan Manuel Marquez KO6 Manny Pacquiao IV, D3341, 61minEX
Juan Manuel Marquez W12 Victor Polo, D472, 66mEX, D1993, 54mG
Juan Manuel Marquez L12 Chris John, D706, 56minVG
Juan Manuel Marquez KO7 Terdsak Kokietgym, D1022, 51minEX
Juan Manuel Marquez KO9 Jimrex Jaca, D1152, 56minEX
Juan Manuel Marquez KO9 Marcos Licona D1281, 46minVG/EX
Juan Manuel Marquez W12 Marco Antonio Barrera, D1407, 59mVG, D1416, 84mEX
Juan Manuel Marquez W12 Rocky Juarez, D1472, 75minEX
Juan Manuel Marquez KO2 Baby Lorona, Jr., D1580, 12minVG
Juan Manuel Marquez KO10 Julian Wheeler, D1580, 43minG/VG
Juan Manuel Marquez KO4 Hector Ulises Chong, D1580, 20minG/VG
Juan Manuel Marquez W10 Freddy Cruz, D1580, 42minG/VG
Juan Manuel Marquez KO1 Jose DeJesus Garcia, D1600, 9minVG
Juan Manuel Marquez KO8 Enrique Jupiter, D1604, 44minG
Juan Manuel Marquez W10 Julio Cesar Sanchez Leon, D1623, 42minG
Juan Manuel Marquez KO6 Julio Cesar Portillo, D1623, 25minVG
Juan Manuel Marquez KO1 Michael Dominguez, D1623, 11minVG
Juan Manuel Marquez W12 Agapito Sanchez, D1623, 43minG/VG
Juan Manuel Marquez KO8 Rodrigo Valenzuela, D1640, 38minG
Juan Manuel Marquez KO10 Cedric Mingo, D1640, 46minVG
Juan Manuel Marquez KO7 Catalino Becerra, D1640, 32minF/G
Juan Manuel Marquez KO12 Vincent Howard, D1646, 46minG/VG
Juan Manuel Marquez W10 Darryl Pinckney, D1702, 43minG/VG
Juan Manuel Marquez KO9 Luis Samudio, D1702, 41minG/VG
Juan Manuel Marquez KO3 Reynante Jamili, D1703, 14minF
Juan Manuel Marquez KO7 Sean Fletcher, D1703, 27minG
Juan Manuel Marquez KO7 Julio Gamboa, D1703, 28minVG
Juan Manuel Marquez KO1 Johnny Walker, D1703, 8minF/G
Juan Manuel Marquez KO10 Robbie Peden, D1704, 42minF
Juan Manuel Marquez KO10 Hector Javier Marquez, D1704, 40minF
Juan Manuel Marquez KO7 Manuel Medina, D1704, 29minVG/EX
Juan Manuel Marquez W12 Roque Cassiani, D1706, 53minF
Juan Manuel Marquez KO7 Daniel Jimenez, D1706, 28minF
Juan Manuel Marquez KO2 Wilfredo Vargas, D1710, 15minF/G
Juan Manuel Marquez KO4 Israel Gonzalez, D1723, 16minVG
Juan Manuel Marquez KO11 Joel Casamayor, D1727, 72minVG
Juan Manuel Marquez KO9 Juan Diaz, D2043, 66minEX
Juan Manuel Marquez L12 Floyd Mayweather, Jr., D2178, 50minVG
Juan Manuel Marquez W12 Orlando Salido, D2535, 61minG
Juan Manuel Marquez W12 Juan Diaz, D2529, 77minEX
Juan Manuel Marquez KO9 Michael Katsidis, D2577, 63minEX
Juan Manuel Marquez L12 Freddie Norwood, D2611, 58minEX
Juan Manuel Marquez KO1 Likar Ramos, D2880, 14minVG
Juan Manuel Marquez W12 Serhiy Fedchenko, D3127, 67minVG
Juan Manuel Marquez KO8 Remigio Molina, D3248, 37minG
Juan Manuel Marquez L12 Timothy Bradley, D3717, 93minEX
Juan Manuel Marquez W12 Mike Alvarado, D3970, 73minEX

Marquez, Marlon

Marlon Marquez L8 Tomoki Kameda, D2429, 15minEX (No 2,3,7)

Marquez, Maximiliano

Maximiliano Marquez KO5 Luis Cusolito, D3348, 26minEX

Marquez, Rafael

Rafael Marquez KO2 Pete Frissina, D135, 24minEX
Rafael Marquez KO3 Heriberto Ruiz, D236, 21mVG/EX, D1129, D3182, 24mG/VG
Rafael Marquez KO8 Mauricio Pastrana, D289, 40minVG/EX
Rafael Marquez KO4 Silence Mabuza I, D549, 36minEX
Rafael Marquez KO9 Silence Mabuza II, D1022, 52minEX
Rafael Marquez W10 Mark Johnson I, D580, 42minVG
Rafael Marquez W10 Mark Johnson II, D580, 48minVG
Rafael Marquez KO8 Tim Austin, D2433, 52minEX
Rafael Marquez KO6 Eduardo Becerril, D2879, 28minVG
Rafael Marquez KO7 Israel Vazquez I, D1360, 54mEX, D1820, 58mVG/EX
Rafael Marquez KOby6 Israel Vazquez II, D1429, 48mEX, D1437, 41mEX
Rafael Marquez L12 Israel Vazquez III, D1550, 83minEX
Rafael Marquez KO3 Israel Vazquez IV, D2472, 39mEX, D3682, 34mVG/EX
Rafael Marquez KOby8 Juan Manuel Lopez, D2577, 56minVG (bad sound)
Rafael Marquez L12 Toshiaki Nishioka, D2991, 61minEX
Rafael Marquez KO1 Eric Aiken, D3160, 2minG (cam)
Rafael Marquez KO2 Tomas Rivera, D31732, 12minVG
Rafael Marquez KOby9 Cristian Mijares, D3362, 50minVG
Rafael Marquez KOby9 Efrain Esquivias, D3702, 47minVG
Rafael Marquez KO1 Angel Almena, D4012, 11minG

Marquez, Ramon

Ramon Marquez KOby1 Marcos Maidana, D2597, 3minG

Marquez, Raul

Raul Marquez KO4 Humberto Aronda, D54, 37minEX
Raul Marquez KOby9 Jermain Taylor, D198, 51minEX
Raul Marquez KO7 Elco Garcia, D1096, 36minEX
Raul Marquez W12 Giovanni Lorenzo, D1660, 65minEX
Raul Marquez W10 Alain Bonnamie, D1851, 39minVG
Raul Marquez KOby6 Arthur Abraham, D1930, 42minVG/EX
Raul Marquez NC3 Shane Mosley, D2730, 21minG/VG
Raul Marquez KO4 Romalis Ellis, D3797, 15minVG
Raul Marquez W12 Skipper Kelp, D3798, 35minVG
Raul Marquez KO9 Anthony Stephens, D3798, 37minG/VG
Raul Marquez W12 Keith Mullings, D3798, 54minG
Raul Marquez KOby11 Fernando Vargas, D3845, 59minG/VG

Marquez, Steve

Steve Marquez KOby3 Hilario Lopez, D951, 21minEX

Marquez, Victor

Victor Marquez L10 Ricardo Cano, D1010, 37minEX

Marrero, Angel

Angel Marrero D4 Jose Muniz, D3175, 10minVG

Marrero, Claudio

Claudio Marrero L12 Jesus Cuellar, D3655, 47minG/VG

Marriaga, Miguel

Miguel Marriaga KO6 Christopher Martin, D4128, 28minVG
Miguel Marriaga KO3 Elvis Garcia, D4133, 11minG/VG
Miguel Marriaga W12 Jesus Galicia, D4135, 41minG/VG
Miguel Marriaga KO3 Mario Macias, D4139, 15minEX
Miguel Marriaga KO3 Josue Veraza, D4149, 15minG

Marrone, Mike

Mike Marrone KO1 Dan Whetsel, D778, 4minEX
Mike Marrone W6 Jermell Barnes, D1356, 23minEX
Mike Marrone KO3 Ronald Bellamy, D1362, 19minEX
Michael Marrone KOby6 Guillermo Jones, D3032, 49minVG/EX

Marroquin, Robert

Robert Marroquin W6 Rafael Cerrillo, D2580, 24minVG
Robert Marroquin L12 Guillermo Rigondeaux, D3367, 55minEX

Marry, Trinidad

Trinidad Marry KOby3 Adan Leal, D1459, 15minEX

Marsh, Terry

Terry Marsh KO10 Joe Manley, D1876, 43minG/VG
Terry Marsh KO7 Akio Kameda, D2728, 35minVG

Marshall, Tony

Tony Marshall KOby7 Fernando Vargas, D104, 40minEX

Marsilli, Emiliano

Emiliano Marsilli KO2 Luca Giacon, D3874, 11minVG

Martell, Erickson

Erickson Martell W6 Christian Lopez, D2212, 28minVG/EX

Martell, Wayne

Wayne Martell KOby1 Zab Judah, D1402, D2499, 15mG/VG

Martelli, Mauro

Mauro Martelli W12 Efisio Galicia, D3668, 54minF/G
Mauro Martelli KOby2 Mark Breland, D3670, 14minG/VG
Mauro Martelli KO7 Yvon Segor, D3670, 27minVG
Mauro Martelli W12 Alfonso Redondo, D3671, 52minVG
Mauro Martelli W12 Erwin Heiber, D3672, 51minG

Marti, Felix

Felix Marti L12 Fidel Bassa, D1306, 41minVG/EX

Martin, Charles

Charles Martin KO4 Aaron Kinch, D3609, 17minVG

Martin, Christopher

Christophe Martin W4 Brice Yoeneke, D1139, 16minEX

Martin, Christopher

Christopher Martin W4 Brice Yeniki, D1139, 16minEX
Christopher Martin KOby6 Miguel Marriaga, D4128, 28minVG

Martin, Christy

Christy Martin KOby4 Laila Ali, D63, 26minEX
Christy Martin KO1 Sabrina Hall, D698, 10minVG/EX
Christy Martin W10 Lisa Holewyne, D1257, 38minVG/EX
Christy Martin W10 Mia St. John, D1415, 49minVG
Christy Martin KO3 Sue Chase, D1759, 19minVG

Martin, Dean

Dean Martin L6 Mikkel Kessler, D1924, 29mF, D2004, 23mG

Martin, Eric

Eric Martin L10 James McGirt, D2518, 39minG/VG

Martin, Everett 'Bigfoot'

Everett Martin KOby5 Riddick Bowe, D560, 23minG/VG
Everett Martin W10 Bert Cooper, D1083, 40minVG
Everett Martin L10 Michael Moorer, D1989, 41minVG

Martin, Jerry

Jerry Martin W10 James Scott, D863, 35minF
Jerry Martin KOby6 Dwight Muhammad Qawi, D865, 29minF
Jerry Martin KOby10 Eddie Mustafa Muhammad, D865, 40minG
Jerry Martin KO12 Dale Grant, D1611, 40mG, D2101, 42mG (Rds 4-12)
Jerry Martin KO2 Don Addison II, D1611, 9minG/VG
Jerry Martin KOby11 Matthew Saad Muhammad, D2403, 38minG

Martin, Miguel

Miguel Martin KOby7 Enrique Ornelas, D172, 45minEX
Miguel Martin L8 Grady Brewer, D181, 30minVG

Martin, Nathan

Nathan Martin KOby4 Jesus Gonzalez, D92, 24minEX

Martin, Philippa

Philippa Martin W8 Raul Gonzalez, D3350, 37minVG

Martin, Tony

Tony Martin W8 Willie Taylor, D1611, 34minG
Tony Martin L10 Julio Cesar Chavez, Sr., D1744, 61minVG
Tony Martin W10 Micky Ward, D2626, 33minG

Martin, Wesley

Wesley Martin KOby1 Malcolm Tann, D119, 3minEX

Martinelli, Mauro

Mauro Martinelli L12 Simon Brown, D2047, 48minVG

Martinez (112lb), Rodolfo

Rodolfo Martinez W12 Julio Cesar Avila, D249, 54minEX
Rodolfo Martinez LDQ10 Cecilio Santos, D590, 45minEX
Rodolfo Martinez L10 Trino Cordoba, D661, 42minEX

Martinez (118lb), Rodolfo

Rodolfo Martinez KOby7 Alberto Davila, D222, D3869, 24minF
Rodolfo Martinez KOby9 Carlos Zarate, D727, D2430, 38minVG
Rodolfo Martinez W10 Yoshi Kajimoto, D168, 38minVG
Rodolfo Martinez KO2 Jose Luis Meza, D3008, 6minG

Martinez, Aaron

Aaron Martinez W8 Prenice Brewer, D3256, 34minVG
Aaron Martinez KOby5 Josesito Lopez, D3953, 31minVG

Martinez, Alberto

Alberto Martinez KOby4 Erik Morales, D2057, 18minG

Martinez, Alcides

Alcides Martinez KOby8 Oswaldo Novoa, D4032, 38minG/VG

Martinez, Alejandro

Alejandro Martinez KOby7 Ruben Padilla, D148, 26minEX

Martinez, Angel

Angel Martinez KOby3 Marcos Maidana, D3349, 24minEX

Martinez, Anthony

Anthony Martinez KOby7 Jose Miguel Cotto, D110, 28minEX
Anthony Martinez KOby7 Jose Lopez, D1247, 29minEX
Anthony Martinez KOby5 Robert Wangila, D1511, 22minEX
Anthony Mundine KOby2 Acelino Freitas, D2079, 12minVG

Martinez, Arturo

Arturo Martinez KOby1 Jorge Paez, Jr., D434, 10minEX

Martinez, Carlos

Caros Martinez L4 Mario Macias, D661, 19minEX

Martinez, Carlos

Carlos Martinez KO1 Alex Arteaga, D701, 8minEX

Martinez, David

David Martinez KOby6 Yohnny Perez, D1719, 32minEX

Martinez, Domingo

Domingo Martinez KOby3 Juan Coggi, D2449, 12minVG

Martinez, Edelmiro 'Tiger'

Edelmiro 'Tiger' Martinez D10 Nate Campbell I, D1264, 50minVG
Edelmiro 'Tiger' Martinez LDQ4 Nate Campbell II, D217, 30minEX

Martinez, Edgar

Edgar Martinez KOby1 Arthur Villanueva, D3727, 9minG
Edgar Martinez KOby3 Jose Gonzalez, D4043, 15mG, D4050, 16mG/VG

Martinez, Edison

Edison Martinez KOby1 Ronald 'Winky' Wright, D2787, 7minG

Martinez, Fernando

Fernando Martinez L12 Manuel Herrera, D2900, 47minG/VG

Martinez, Gabriel

Gabriel Martinez KO1 Rodrigo Villalba, D0123, 8minEX
Gabriel Martinez KO1 James Villastrigo, D1094, 8minEX
Gabriel Martinez KO7 Nurhan Suleymanoglu, D1270, 30minEX
Gabriel Martinez W8 Berto Valenzuela, D1328, 35minEX
Gabriel Martinez W8 Arturo Brambilla, D1414, 34minEX
Gabriel Martinez D6 Euri Gonzalez, D1459, 28minEX
Gabriel Martinez L10 Mike Alvarado, D3229, 43minVG/EX

Martinez, Gerardo

Gerardo Martinez KOby9 Raul Perez, D290, D387, 46minG/VG
Gerardo Martinez W10 Eric Lopez, D695, 22minEX (HL)
Gerardo Martinez KOby4 Orlando Canizales, D1517, 16minF/G
Gerardo Martinez KOby7 Hozumi Hasegawa, D1834, 31minVG

Martinez, Gilbert

Gilbert Martinez KOby8 Michael Grant, D1162, 33minEX
Gilbert Martinez W6 Sione Asipeli, D1532, 28minG/VG

Martinez, Gilberto

Gilberto Martinez KOby7 Kirk Johnson, D394, D1596, 44minEX

Martinez, Gustavo

Gustavo Martinez W10 Calvin Sheppard I, 1, D2803, 43minVG

Martinez, Hector

Hector Martinez L4 Cornell Davis, D792, 17minEX
Hector Martinez TL7 Jimrex Jaca, D996, 42minEX

Martinez, Hector Javier

Hector Javier Martinez L12 Guadalupe Rosales, D662, 51minEX

Martinez, Henry

Henry Martinez KOby11 Johnny Tapia, D1674, 44mEX, D2116, 41mG/VG

Martinez, Humberto

Humberto Martinez KOby6 Jorge Linares, D1390, 34minEX

Martinez, Idelfonso

Idelfonso Martinez KOby5 Jason Litzau, D600, 23minEX

Martinez, James

James Martinez L10 Juan Meza II, D1272, 39minF/G
James Martinez L10 Edwin Rosario, D1553, 34minG
James Martinez KOby7 Carlos Zarate, D2430, 11minF/G (HL)

Martinez, Jesus

Jesus Martinez L6 Juan Suazo, D323, 26minEX
Jesus Martinez KOby6 Giovani Segura, D1334, 27minEX
Jesus Martinez L12 Pongsaklek Wonjongkam, D2526, 40minF
Jesus Martinez KOby5 Daiki Kameda, D2834, 27minEX

Martinez, Jorge

Jorge Martinez D6 Enrique Sanchez, D41, D1667, 34minVG/EX
Jorge Martinez W8 Edel Ruiz, D119, 39minEX
Jorge Martinez W12 Juan Carlos Ramirez, D146, 60minEX
Jorge Martinez KOby10 Cesar Figueroa, D324, 43minEX
Jorge Martinez L10 Steven Luevano, D708, 43minEX

Martinez, Jose

Jose Martinez KO8 Louie Espinoza, D1583, 37minVG

Martinez, Jose Antonio

Jose Antonio Martinez KO4 Donald Curry, D2768, 18minG

Martinez, Jose Luis

Jose Luis Martinez L6 Kennedy McKinney, D1362, 24minEX

Martinez, Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos Martinez W6 Orlando Soto, D161, 25minEX
Juan Carlos Martinez W6 Artur Petrosyan, D840, 28minEX
Juan Carlos Martinez L6 Victor Terrazas, D1729, 23minF/G
Juan Carlos Martinez KOby12 Juan Carlos Burgos, D2360, 46minEX
Juan Carlos Martinez KOby6 Jose Pedraza, D4058, 26minG

Martinez, Justo

Justo Martinez KOby2 Lucas Matthysse, D3573, 10minF/G

Martinez, Kiko

Kiko Martinez L12 Takalani Ndlovu, D2222, 59minVG/EX
Kiko Martinez KOby9 Carl Frampton I, D3525, 48minG
Kiko Martinez L12 Carl Frampton II, D4084, 91minEX
Kiko Martinez KO6 Jhonathan Romero, D3649, 40minVG
Kiko Martinez KO10 Jason Booth, D3651, 59minG/VG
Kiko Martinez KO12 Arsen Martirosyan, D3651, 60minVG
Kiko Martinez KO2 Damian Marchiano, D3657, 15minG/VG
Kiko Martinez KO9 Jeffrey Mathebula, D3866, 28minG (cam)
Kiko Martinez KO7 Hozumi Hasegawa, D3966, 32minVG

Martinez, Leidis

Leidis Martinez KOby2 Joselyn Arroyo, D3949, 7minG

Martinez, Leo

Leo Martinez L6 Matt Remillard, D793, 23minEX

Martinez, Leonard

Leonard Martinez KOby1 Raul Martinez, D385, 7minEX
Leonard Martinez L6 Jesus Lopez, D1184, 23minVG

Martinez, Luis Angel

Luis Angel Martinez KOby5 Pongsaklek Wongjongkam, D189, D209, 46minVG
Luis Angel Martinez KOby5 Pongsaklek Wongjongkam, D1649, 22minVG

Martinez, Luis Carlos

Luis Carlos Martinez KOby3 Johnathan Victor Barros, D2345, 20minVG/EX
Luis Carlos Martinez KOby1 Adrian Estrella, D3581, 9minG/VG

Martinez, Mario 'Azabache'

Mario Martinez L12 Jeff Fenech, D133, 47mF, D1387, 64mG/VG
Mario Martinez KOby8 Julio Cesar Chavez, Sr., D351, 28minVG
Mario Martinez L12 Azumah Nelson I, D666, 54minG/VG
Mario Martinez KOby12 Azumah Nelson II, D784, 44minG
Mario Martinez KO5 Rolando Navarrete, D1907, 20minVG
Mario Martinez L10 Roger Mayweather, D3911, 37minG/VG

Martinez, Mario James

Mario Martinez L4 Yancey Silvas, D1853, 18minVG

Martinez, Marshall

Marshall Martinez D6 Luis Arceo, D1249, 22minVG/EX

Martinez, Mauricio

Mauricio Martinez W12 Sergio Perez, D101, 56minEX
Mauricio Martinez KO6 Cuauhtemoc Gomez, D922, 23minEX
Mauricio Martinez KOby9 Gerry Penalosa, D1045, 49minEX
Mauricio Martinez L12 Ratanachai SorVorapin, D1321, 51minF
Mauricio Martinez KOby2 Freddie Norwood, D2640, 14minVG
Mauricio Martinez KOby9 Cruz Carbajal, D2956, 23minG
Mauricio Martinez KO5 Lester Fuentes, D3235, 25minG/VG
Mauricio Martinez KO1 Esham Pickering, D3419, 5minG/VG
Mauricio Martinez L10 Jorge Arce, D4093, 50minVG

Martinez, Miguel

Miguel Martinez KOby5 Alberto Jimenez, D2084, 21minF/G
Miguel Martinez KOby6 Danny Romero, D2861, 24minG
Miguel Martinez KOby9 Pichit Sithbanprachan, D3974, 38minG

Martinez, Moises

Moises Martinez KOby1 Rudy Cisneros, D640, 6minEX

Martinez, Nicolas

Nicolas Martinez KO5 Leobardo Apango, D435, 22minEX
Nicolas Martinez L4 Luis Garay, D3576, 25minG/VG

Martinez, Orlando

Orlando Martinez W3 Alfonso Zamora ('72 Olympics), D49, VG

Martinez, Oscar

Oscar Martinez KOby6 Edgar Sosa, D695, 27minEX

Martinez, Raul

Raul Martinez KO1 Leonard Martinez, D385, 7minEX
Raul Martinez W6 Jose Alfredo Tirado, D792, 30minVG
Raul Martinez KO1 Ruben Badillo, D599, 7minEX
Raul Martinez KO8 Andres Ledesma, D661, 41minEX
Raul Martinez KO10 Ilido Julio, D1087, 46minEX
Raul Martinez W8 Kevin Hudgins, D1410, 35minEX
Raul Martinez KO1 Victor Proa, D1938, 16minEX
Raul Martinez KOby4 Nonito Donaire, D2129, 32minG/VG
Raul Martinez KOby6 Rodrigo Guerrero II, D3050, 30minG/VG
Raul Martinez KO3 Juan Jimenez, D3353, 13minEX
Raul Martinez KO5 Daniel Quevedo, D3673, 22minG/VG

Martinez, Ray

Ray Martinez L6 Leopoldo Gonzalez, D813, 28minEX

Martinez, Ray 'Rocky'

Rocky Martinez NC3 Joe Wyatt, D46, 17minEX
Rocky Martinez L10 Paul Malignaggi, D155, 50minEX
Rocky Martinez L12 Miguel Figueroa, D2733, 42minG

Martinez, Robert

Robert Martinez KOby3 George Chavez, D4, 14minEX

Martinez, Roberto

Roberto Martinez KOby4 Raul Perez, D1748, 20minG/VG

Martinez, Rodolfo Ezequiel

Rodolfo Ezequiel Martinez KOby12 Jan Zaveck, D2404, 50minEX

Martinez, Rogelio

Rogelio Martinez KOby7 Jermain Taylor, D2748, 37minG/VG
Rogelio Martinez W8 George Armenta, D111, 33minEX

Martinez, Roman 'Rocky'

Roman Martinez W10 Jose Luis Soto Karass, D541, 40minEX
Roman Martinez KO5 Mario Lacey, D626, 23minEX
Roman Martinez D6 Jose Leonardo Cruz, D924, 22minEX
Roman Martinez KO10 Baudel Cardenas, D1156, 40minEX
Roman Martinez W12 Francisco Lorenzo, D1330, 51minEX
Roman Martinez KO3 Adisone Sengaroun, D1421, 12minVG
Roman Martinez KO4 Gonzalo Munguia, D2480, 29minEX
Roman Martinez KO9 Feider Viloria, D2482, 52minVG/EX
Roman Martinez KO4 Nicky Cook, D2632, 27minVG
Roman Martinez L12 Ricky Burns, D2830, 61minVG/EX
Roman Martinez KO6 Daniel Attah, D2965, 34minEX
Roman Martinez W12 Miguel Beltran, D3365, 59minEX
Roman Martinez D12 Juan Carlos Burgos, D3459, 61minEX
Roman Martinez D12 Diego Magdaleno, D3495, 53minG/VG
Roman Martinez KOby8 Mikey Garcia, D3759, 47minEX

Martinez, Rudy

Rudy Martinez L10 Eusbaldo Ramirez, D2723, 40minG/VG

Martinez, Santos

Santos Martinez KO7 Hector Julio Avila, D1256, 32minEX

Martinez, Sergio

Sergio Martinez KO8 Alex Bunema, D1786, 40minEX
Sergio Martinez KOby7 Antonio Margarito, D1984, 38minG/VG
Sergio Martinez D12 Kermit Cintron, D2013, 60minEX
Sergio Martinez L12 Paul Williams I, D2234, 72minVG
Sergio Martinez KO2 Paul Williams II, D2575, 33minEX
Sergio Martinez W12 Kelly Pavlik, D2419, 71minEX
Sergio Martinez KO8 Serhiy Dzinziruk, D2762, 49minVG/EX
Sergio Martinez KO11 Darren Barker, D2989, 67minEX
Sergio Martinez KO11 Matthew Macklin, D3134, 69minEX
Sergio Martinez W12 Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr., D3368, 82minEX
Sergio Martinez W12 Martin Murray, D3550, 87minEX
Sergio Martinez KOby10 Miguel Cotto, D3996, 67minVG

Martinez, Steven

Steven Martinez W8 Frankie Sanchez, D33, 32minEX
Steven Martinez WDQ4 Juan Rivera, D157, 25minEX
Steven Martinez NC2 Joshua Clottey, D373, 12minEX
Steven Martinez KOby8 Hector Quiroz, D2733, 35minG/VG

Martinez, Vince

Vince Martinez KOby4 Virgil Akins, D3870, 17minG
Vince Martinez KO7 Carmine Fiore II (HL), D4178, 5minF
Vince Martinez KO6 Chuck Davey (HL), D4178 4minF

Martinez, Walter

Walter Martinez L4 Julio Dominguez, D1401, 25minVG

Martinez, William

William Martinez KOby5 Ricardo Arredondo, D1571, 17minF

Martirosyan, Arsen

Arsen Martirosyan KOby12 Kiko Martinez, D3651, 60minVG

Martirosyan, Gennady

Gennady Martirosyan KO9 Kiatchai Singwancha, D2135, 24minG/VG
Gennady Martirosyan KO3 Victor Sa, D2581, 23minEX
Gennady Martirosyan KOby10 Dmitry Pirog, D2959, 62minVG/EX
Gennady Martirosyan KOby10 Hassan N'Dam N'Jikam, D3476, 41minVG

Martirosyan, Vanes

Vanes Martirosyan W6 Marcus Brooks, D1059, 38minEX
Vanes Martirosyan W10 Michael Medina, D1738, 40minEX
Vanes Martirosyan KO3 Willie Lee, D2389, 19minVG
Vanes Martirosyan W10 Joe Greene, D2491, 54minEX
Vanes Martirosyan KO7 Saul Roman, D2852, 32minVG
Vanes Martirosyan W10 Richard Gutierrez, D3024, 43minVG
Vanes Martirosyan TD9 Erislandy Lara, D3323, 51minVG
Vanes Martirosyan L12 Demetrius Andrade, D3759, 57minEX
Vanes Martirosyan W10 Willie Nelson, D4138, 53minVG

Marts, Jeremy Lee

Jeremy Lee Marts KOby1 Wilton Hilario, D708, 10minEX

Martyniouk, Stan

Stan Martyniouk W6 Brian Ramirez, D2433, 27minVG/EX

Martynov, Vitali

Vitali Martynov KOby1 Amir Khan, D1318, 14minEX

Maruki, Takao

Takao Maruki L15 Samuel Serrano, D1903, 55minF/G
Takao Maruki KOby6 Royal Kobayashi, D3682, 20minF/G

Maruo, Tadashi

Tadashi Maruo W10 Kazuo Katsuma I, D3390, 37minF
Tadashi Maruo KOby3 Kiyoshi Hatanaka II, D3494, 11minG

Maruyama, Reiko

Reiko Maruyama L4 Lisa Pederson, D69, 19minEX
Reiko Maruyama KOby2 Melinda Cooper, D1446, 8minVG

Maruyama, Ryoetsu 'Jackal'

Jackal Maruyama KOby9 Chul-Ho Kim, D354, 26minF
Jackal Maruyama KOby9 Tsutomu Itokazu II, D3224, 32minF
Jackal Maruyama KO4 Tsutomu Itokazu III, D3483, 16minVG
Jackal Maruyama D10 Koji Kobayashi, D3448, 35minG
Jackal Maruyama KO6 Kazutaka Higa, D3608, 26minG/VG
Jackal Maruyama KO6 Hiroyuki Seki I, D3609, 27minG
Jackal Maruyama KO6 Hiroyuki Seki II, D3873, 20minG
Jackal Maruyama KO5 Satoshi Koguchi, D3873, 18minF/G

Mas, Leonardo

Leonardo Mas NC1 Kostya Tszyu, D2691, 7minG

Masangkay, Jimmy

Jimmy Masangkay KOby2 Suriyan SorRungvisai, D3934, 6minG (starts in 1st)

Mashaba, Thomas

Thomas Mashaba KO9 Eric Aiken, D3150, 40minVG

Mashego, Tshepo

Tshepo Mashego KOby1 Gennady Golovkin, D3366, 6minG

Maskaev, Oleg

Oleg Maskaev W12 Peter Okhello, D1227, 42minEX
Oleg Maskaev KO8 Hasim Rahman I, D1338, 38mVG, D2000, 51mG/VG
Oleg Maskaev KO12 Hasim Rahman II, D1033, 55mEX, D1058, 83mEX
Oleg Maskaev KOby6 Samuel Peter, D1579, 48minEX
Oleg Maskaev KO5 Derrick Jefferson, D2724, 25minG
Oleg Maskaev W12 Sinan Samil Sam, D2970, 50minEX

Maske, Henry

Henry Maske W12 Charles Williams, D998, 47minVG/EX
Henry Maske L12 Virgil Hill I, D3034, 61minG

Maslov, Ivan

Ivan Maslov L4 Erislandy Lara, D1868, 22minG

Masoe, Maselino

Maselino Masoe KO2 Evans Ashira, D144, 21minEX
Maselino Masoe L12 Felix Sturm, D964, 60minVG

Massey, Jerry

Jerry Massey KOby1 Oba Carr, D3748, 7minG

Masternak, Mateusz

Mateusz Masternak L12 Youri Kalenga, D4020, 59minVG

Masuda, Nobuaki

Mobuaki Masuda W10 Kosuke Fujiwara, D886, 26minEX (No rds 4-5, 8)

Masuda, Takahisa

Takahisa Masuda W10 Wandee Singwancha, D1772, 27minVG
Takahisa Masuda KOby6 Pongsaklek Wongjonkam, D2184, 24mG/VG, D3630, 21mG

Mata, Angel

Angel Mata L4 Aaron Garcia, D585, 24minEX

Mata, Jorge

Jorge Mata KO9 Reynaldo Frutos, D2832, D2900, 49minF

Matabola, Andrew

Andrew Matabola KOby2 Dean Pithie II, D3105, 17minG/VG

Matagnas, Jun Ignacio

Jun Ignacio Matagnas KOby2 Takanori Hatakeyama, D3497, 7minG/VG

Matazimov, Abdulaziz

Abdulaziz Matazimov L6 Ruslan Provodnikov, D3636, 11minG (No 2, 4-5)

Matchett, Del

Del Matchett W10 Jamar Carter, D34, 35minEX
Del Matchett KOby10 Manuel Rodriguez, D76, 47minEX

Mateen, Ernest

Ernest Mateen KOby7 vassily Jirov, D2808, 39minVG
Ernest Mateen TW9 Uriah Grant I, D106, 36minEX
Ernest Mateen KO8 Uriah Grant II, D112, 28minEX
Ernest Mateen KOby10 Charles Williams, D997, 46minG/VG

Mateos, Marco

Marco Mateos KOby2 Cedric Ferguson, D922, 15minEX

Mathebula, Jeffrey

Jeffrey Mathebula L12 Takalani Ndlovu I, D2567, 61minVG/EX
Jeffrey Mathebula W12 Takalani Ndlovu II, D3222, 62minEX
Jeffrey Mathebula L12 Nonito Donaire, D3244, 71minVG
Jeffrey Mathebula KOby9 Kiko Martinez, D3866, 28minG (cam)

Mathebula, Peter

Peter Mathebula KOby7 Santos Laciar, D243, D2029, 32minF
Peter Mathebula W15 Tae-Shik Kim, D3246, 62minG

Mathew, Lucas

Lucas Mathew KOby1 Somsak Sithchatchawal, D1394, 8minEX

Mathias, Anthony

Anthony Mathias L12 Devid Lookmanahak, D255, 32minVG (rds 1-9)

Mathis, Buster

Buster Mathis KOby11 Joe Frazier, D3021, 30minF
Buster Mathis W12 George Chuvalo, D3271, 49minVG

Matienza, John

John Matienza KOby6 Jeff Fenech, D873, 26minVG

Matija, Kristian

Kristian Matija W4 Chahine Naga, D3906, 23minVG

Matkivsky, Vladimir

Vladimir Matkivsky W6 Adam Salas, D1163, 22minVG

Matlala, 'Baby' Jake

Jake Matlala KOby10 Dave McAuley, D1381, 59minG/VG
Jake Matlala KO9 Francis Ampofo, D1719, 25minG/VG (Rds 5-9)
Jake Matlala KOby8 Alberto Jimenez, D1763, 47minVG/EX
Jake Matlala W12 Domingo Lucas, D1952, 46minG/VG
Jake Matlala TW5 Paul Weir I, D1962, 20minF
Jake Matlala KO10 Paul Weir II, D1962, 37minF
Jake Matlala KO7 Luigi Camputaro, D1962, 33minF
Jake Matlala KO7 Juan Herrera, D1962, 30minF
Jake Matlala W12 Mickey Cantwell I, D1963, 42minF
Jake Matlala KO5 Mickey Cantwell II, D1963, 26minVG
Jake Matlala TW8 Victor Burgos, D1963, 41minF/G
Jake Matlala W12 Hawk Makepula, D1964, 55minG
Jake Matlala W12 Rafael Orozco, D1964, 53minVG
Jake Matlala KO9 Michael Carbajal, D1965, 50minG/VG
Jake Matlala KO8 Pat Clinton, D3417, 21minEX (5 rds)

Matolcsi, Jozsef

Jozsef Matolcsi L8 Dominik Britsch, D2782, 38minVG

Matos, Idiozan

Idiozan Matos KOby2 Marcos Reyes, D3931, 11minG/VG

Matos, Walter

Walter Matos W4 Jose Rodriguez, D166, 18minEX
Walter Matos L4 Luis Rotger, D3295, 17minVG

Matsu, Rataso

Rataso Matsu KOby2 Ratanapol SorVorapin, D853, 10minEX

Matsuda, Naoki

Naoki Matsuda NC8 Rodolfo Lopez II, D2050, D2139, 49minVG
Naoki Matsuda W8 Zaragoza Uema, D2680, 35minVG

Matsuda, Toshihiko

Toshihiko Matsuda KOby4 Jum-Hwan Choi, D1565, 13minG

Matsuhashi, Takuji

Takuji Matsuhashi KO2 Tomohiro Mitsunagi, D886, 11minEX

Matsui, Shigekazu

Shigekazu Matsui KOby2 Eiji Kimura II, D3717, 8minG/VG

Matsukura, Yoshiaki

Yoshiaki Matsukura KOby4 Kazuhiro Ryuko, D1539, 14minG/VG

Matsumoto, Hiroshi

Hiroshi Matsumoto L10 Roman Gonzalez, D1543, D1579, 31minEX

Matsumoto, Kenryo

Kenryo Matsumoto KO3 Attapon Por Sarsanan, D1540, 10minVG

Matsumoto, Koji

Koji Matsumoto KOby11 Yong-Kyun Park, D1176, 38mEX, D1687, 38mG/VG
Koji Matsumoto L12 Yong-Soo Choi, D1180, 50minEX
Koji Matsumoto L10 Seiji Asakawa, D3387, 34minG
Koji Matsumoto KO7 Tsukasa Watanabe II, D3389, 25minG/VG

Matsumura, Kenji

Kenji Matsumura TD5 Sung-Kil Moon, D899, 19minEX
Kenji Matsumura KOby5 Katsuya Onizuka, D1678, 19minG/VG
Kenji Matsumura L12 Khaosai Galaxy I, D2361, 49mG/VG, D3388, 47mVG
Kenji Matsumura KOby12 Khaosai Galaxy II, D153, 55mG, D2361, 52mG
Kenji Matsumura KOby5 Hiroshi Kawashima, D3005, 17minG/VG
Kenji Matsumura KO3 Al Vicen, D3494, 15minG/VG
Kenji Matsumura W12 Cho-Woon Park, D3811, 39minF/G

Matsushida, Jiro

Jiro Matsushida KOby8 Satoshi Iida, D3464, 42minG

Matsuura, Kohei 'Prosper'

Prosper Matsuura L10 Nobuo Nashiro, D2153, 36minVG/EX
Prosper Matsuura KO3 Pongsak Pongcharoen, D2573, 16minG/VG

Matsuyama, Mako

Mako Matsuyama KOby8 Rex Tso, D3901, 38minVG

Matsuzaki, Hiroyasu

Hiroyasu Matsuzaki KOby8 Rikki Naito, D3900, 26minF

Matteoni, Dario

Dario Matteoni L12 Mauro Galvano, D3415, 58minG

Matthews, Dennis

Dennis Matthews KOby3 Cerrone Fox, D1421, 15minVG

Matthews, Derry

Derry Matthews KOby9 Gavin Rees II, D3247, 52minVG
Derry Matthews D12 Anthony Crolla II, D3481, 54miNEX

Matthews, Harry

Harry Matthews KOby3 Rocky Marciano, D1215, 11minG/VG

Matthews, Jason

Jason Matthews KO2 Ryan Rhodes, D3796, 14minVG

Matthews, Len

Len Matthews W10 Doug Vaillant, D2091, 51minF

Matthysse, Lucas

Lucas Matthysse KO4 Vivian Harris, D2540, 25minF
Lucas Matthysse L12 Zab Judah, D2581, 68minEX
Lucas Matthysse KO8 DeMarcus Corley, D2672, 25minG/VG
Lucas Matthysse L10 Devon Alexander, D2856, 61minG/VG
Lucas Matthysse KO5 Humberto Soto, D3226, 36minVG
Lucas Matthysse KO3 Lamont Peterson, D3566, 44minVG
Lucas Matthysse KO2 Luis Ernesto Jose, D3570, 15minG/VG
Lucas Matthysse KO1 Mike Dallas, D3572, 18minVG
Lucas Matthysse W10 Carlos Jerez, D3572, 49minF/G
Lucas Matthysse KO1 Rogelio Castaneda II, D3573, 16minG
Lucas Matthysse KO2 Diego Ponce, D3573, 8minF/G
Lucas Matthysse KO4 Ariel Burgo, D3573, 15minG
Lucas Matthysse KO10 Ajose Olusegun, D3573, 59minG/VG
Lucas Matthysse KO2 Justo Martinez, D3573, 10minF/G
Lucas Matthysse L12 Danny Garcia, D3703, 66minEX
Lucas Matthysse KO10 John Molina, D3957, 58minVG
Lucas Matthysse KO2 Roberto Ortiz, D4090, 29minG/VG

Matthysse, Walter

Walter Matthysse KO1 Xavier Tolliver, D628, 20minEX
Walter Matthysse KOby10 Paul Williams, D816, 50minEX

Mattioli, Rocky

Rocky Mattioli KOby9 Maurice Hope I, D960, 43minVG
Rocky Mattioli KOby11 Maurice Hope II, D960, 38minVG/EX
Rocky Mattioli W10 Eddie Perkins, D2028, 1minF (HL)
Rocky Mattioli W4 Glen Grinstead, D2941, 9minVG (HL)
Rocky Mattioli KO3 Angel Jose Ortiz, D3491, 10minG
Rocky Mattioli KO4 Jose Duran, D3491, 17minF/G

Matumla, Mbwana

Mbwana Matumla L12 Pramuansak Posuwan, D876, 39minEX
Mbwana Matumla L12 Volodymyr Sydorenko, D2610, 58minEX

Maund, David

David Maund L4 Verquan Kimbrough, D7, 12minEX

Maurin, Pastor Humberto

Pastor Humberto Maurin L12 Marco Antonio Barrera, D3777, 57minG/VG

Maussa, Carlos

Carlos Maussa KOby8 Miguel Angel Cotto, D109, 45mEX, D1656, 34mVG/EX
Carlos Maussa W10 Masakazu Satake, D534, 38minVG/EX
Carlos Maussa KOby9 Ricky Hatton, D601, 63minVG
Carlos Maussa KO7 Vivian Harris, D610, 39minG
Carlos Maussa KOby1 Victor Ortiz, D1463, 12minEX

Mavrovic, Zeljko

Zeljko Mavrovic L12 Lennox Lewis, D1677, 47minEX

May, Luis

Luis May W10 Daniel Noriega, D4065, 50minVG

May, Torsten

Torsten May L12 Adolpho Washington I, D2699, 47minG

Mayfield, Imamu

Imamu Mayfield KOby3 Juan Carlos Gomez, D2373, 16minG
Imamu Mayfield KOby9 Jorge Castro, D2816, 36minF/G
Imamu Mayfield KO11 Terry Dunstan, D3082, 44minG/VG

Mayfield, Karim

Karim Mayfield KO8 Christopher Fernandez, D3713, 38minVG
Karim Mayfield L10 Thomas Dulorme, 54minVG/EX
Karim Mayfield L10 Emmanuel Taylor, D4073, 40minVG

Maynard, Andrew

Andrew Maynard L12 Anaclet Wamba, D2692, 53minVG/EX
Andrew Maynard KOby11 Frank Tate, D2974, 66minVG

Mayo, Brad

Brad Mayo KOby1 Danny Green, D2632, 4minVG

Mayo, Steve

Steve Mayo KOby2 Said Skouma, D3841, 4minG

Mayol, Rodel

Rodel Mayol W12 Takayuki Korogi, D465, 49minEX
Rodel Mayol KO4 Lorenzo Trejo, D1319, 21minEX
Rodel Mayol L12 Eagle DenJunlaphan, D1390, 72minEX
Rodel Mayol KO2 Edgar Sosa, D2214, 22minVG
Rodel Mayol TD3 Omar Nino Romero I, D2360, 26minEX
Rodel Mayol L12 Omar Nino Romero II, D2500, 61minVG/EX
Rodel Mayol W10 Javier Gallo, D2844, 49minG/VG
Rodel Mayol W10 Julio Cesar Miranda, D3164, 49minVG
Rodel Mayol KO5 Pigmy Kokietgym, D3219, 21minP/F
Rodel Mayol KO1 Jae-Ho Kim, D3805, 9minG
Rodel Mayol KO1 Genki Onaka, D3805, 7minG (cam)
Rodel Mayol KOby9 Juan Carlos Sanchez, D4092, 43minVG

Mayor, Angel Levi

Angel Levi Mayor L15 Eusebio Pedroza, D2984, 62minG

Mayorga, Ricardo

Ricardo Mayorga W10 Eric Mitchell, D132, 54minEX
Ricardo Mayorga KOby8 Felix Trinidad, D275, 63mVG/EX, D1402, 94mVG
Ricardo Mayorga W12 Michele Piccirillo, D646, 60minEX
Ricardo Mayorga KOby6 Oscar DeLaHoya, D749, 55mVG, D751, 37mEX
Ricardo Mayorga L12 Cory Spinks, D780, 78minEX
Ricardo Mayorga W12 Fernando Vargas, D1465, 88minEX
Ricardo Mayorga KOby12 Shane Mosley, D1773, 69minEX
Ricardo Mayorga KO3 Vernon Forrest I, D2729, 29minG
Ricardo Mayorga W12 Vernon Forrest II, D1308, 73minVG/EX
Ricardo Mayorga KOby12 Miguel Angel Cotto, D2751, 72minEX
Ricardo Mayorga NC2 Andrew Lewis I, D4147, 10minG
Ricardo Mayorga KO5 Andrew Lewis II, D4150, 41minG

Mays, Kelly

Kelly Mays KO1 Mikkel Kessler, D1923, 9mF, D2004, 6mG

Maysonet, Jorge

Jorge Maysonet KOby3 Simon Brown, D838, 14minVG
Jorge Maysonet KOby6 Aaron Davis, D3698, 27minG

Maysonet, Jr., Jorge

Jorge Maysonet L8 Gabriel Tolmajyan, D3496, 33minVG

Mayweather, Jeff

Jeff Mayweather KOby4 Oscar DeLaHoya, D615, 19minG/VG
Jeff Mayweather L10 'Jesse' James Leija, D3974, 38minG/VG

Mayweather, Jr., Floyd

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. KO7 Phillip Ndou, D53, 52minEX
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. W12 DeMarcus Corley, D140, 62minEX
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. KO8 Henry Bruseles, D327, 49minEX
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. KO8 Genaro Hernandez, D334, 42minG/VG
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. KO2 Angel Manfredy, D334, 31mVG, D3259, 36mG/VG
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. KO10 Diego Corrales, D336, 52mVG, D515, D690, 41mEX
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. KO6 Sharmba Mitchell, D543, 54minEX
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. W12 Zab Judah, D745, 68minEX
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. W10 Tony Pep, D752, 37minEX
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. W12 Carlos Baldomir, D1094, 58mEX, D1296, 75mEX
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. W12 Victoriano Sosa, D1278, 65minVG
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. KO10 Ricky Hatton, D1445, 80minEX
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. KO2 Roberto Apodaca, D1677, 8mEX, D2133, 10mG
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. W4 Reggie Sanders, D1677, 15mEX, D2133, 10mG
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. KO5 Hector Arroyo, D1701, 24minEX
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. KO6 Felipe Garcia, D1731, 28minG
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. KO3 Miguel Melo, D1810, 11minG (No rd 1)
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. KO2 Edgar Ayala, D2129, 8minF
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. KO1 Tony Duran, D2130, 5minG
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. KO1 Jerry Cooper, D2134, 3minG
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. KO1 Kino Rodriguez, D2134, 8minF/G
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. KO1 Bobby Geipert, D2134, 8minG
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. W6 Larry O'Shields, D2135, 24minF (starts in 1st)
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. KO2 Luis Leija, D2135, 14minG
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. KO5 Jesus Chavez, D2136, 21minG
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. KO6 Arturo Gatti, D2164, 24minEX
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. W12 Juan Manuel Marquez, D2178, 50minVG
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. W12 Shane Mosley, D2435, 85minEX
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. W12 Jose Luis Castillo I, D2623, 73mG, D3777, 62mG/VG
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. W12 Jose Luis Castillo II, D805, 46minEX
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. KO4 Victor Ortiz, D2929, 46minVG/EX
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. W12 Miguel Angel Cotto, D3153, 71minVG
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. W12 Robert Guerrero, D3560, 84minVG
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. W12 Canelo Alvarez, D3705, 79minEX
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. W12 Marcos Maidana I, D4133, 51minEX
Floyd Mayweather, Jr. W12 Marcos Maidana II, D4099, 104minVG

Mayweather, Roger

Roger Mayweather KO1 Benedicto Villablanco, D285, 2mF, D1952, 3mG/VG
Roger Mayweather KO12 Rodolfo Gonzalez, D286, 42mF/G, D1284, 42mG
Roger Mayweather KO8 Samuel Serrano, D451, 44minVG
Roger Mayweather KO7 Oscar Bejines, D821, 25minG/VG
Roger Mayweather KOby1 Rocky Lockridge, D1053, 23mG/VG, D1106, 2mF/G
Roger Mayweather KOby9 Rafael Pineda, D1305, 43minEX
Roger Mayweather KO6 Rene Arredondo, D1885, 20minVG
Roger Mayweather KOby6 Freddie Pendleton, D1973, 22mG/VG, D3445, 28mG/VG
Roger Mayweather L10 Tony Baltazar, D1998, 39minVG
Roger Mayweather KO3 Mauricio Aceves, D2220, 14minG
Roger Mayweather KO3 Mitchell Julien, D2220, 16minG
Roger Mayweather W12 Vinny Pazienza, D2221, 39minF/G
Roger Mayweather L12 Kostya Tszyu, D2698, 42minG
Roger Mayweather KO3 Kenny Baysmore, D2714, 14minG
Roger Mayweather W12 Johnny Bizzarro, D2812, 53minF/G
Roger Mayweather KO8 Jorge Alvarado, D3420, 28minG
Roger Mayweather W12 Harold Brazier, D3420, 54minVG/EX
Roger Mayweather KO9 Sammy Fuentes, D3420, 36minVG
Roger Mayweather KO5 Jose Rivera, D3444, 26minVG/EX
Roger Mayweather KOby2 Ray Lovato, D3445, 17minG/VG
Roger Mayweather W10 Terrance Alli, D3447, 40minVG
Roger Mayweather KOby2 Julio Cesar Chavez I, D3508, 10minG
Roger Mayweather KOby10 Julio Cesar Chavez II, D3369, 47mG, D4156, 79mG/VG
Roger Mayweather L10 Zack Padilla, D3702, 36minG/VG
Roger Mayweather KO5 Billy White, D3866, 22minG
Roger Mayweather W10 Mario Martinez, D3911, 37minG/VG

Mayweather, Sr., Floyd

Floyd Mayweather, Sr. KOby10 Ray Leonard, D1125, 40minF/G
Floyd Mayweather, Sr. KO8 Jose Baret, D3376, 34minG
Floyd Mayweather, Sr. L12 Marlon Starling, D3568, 43minG

Mazikin, Oleksiy

Oleksiy Mazikin KOby3 Juan Carlos Gomez, D2415, 18minVG/EX

Mazimbayev, Marat

Marat Mazimbayev W10 Gilberto Keb Baas, D3098, 42minVG

Mazuka, Jesus

Jesus Mazuka W6 Nopphadech NorSripung, D461, 7minVG (Rds 1-2)
Jesus Mazuka L10 Czar Amonsot, D2198, 37minF/G

Mazzinghi, Sandro

Sandro Mazzinghi W15 Ki-Soo Kim, D1467, 61minG
Sandro Mazzinghi KO13 Ralph Dupas II, D3805, 6minG (Rds 7,11,13)

Mbamba, Evans

Evans Mbamba KO7 Devid Lookmanahak, D2197, 45minVG
Evans Mbamba L12 Tomas Rojas, D2211, 48minG
Evans Mbamba L12 Vic Darchinyan, D2914, 82minG

Mbityi, Zolile

Zolile Mbityi KOby2 Alberto Jimenez, D2166, 9minF/G
Zolile Mbityi KOby4 Silence Mabuza, D3432, 20minF/G
Zolile Mbityi L12 Fahlan Sakkreerin, D4024, 43minG/VG

McAuley, Dave

Dave McAuley W12 Duke McKenzie, D980, 60minEX
Dave McAuley KOby13 Fidel Bassa I, D993, 59mEX, D995, 60mG/VG
Dave McAuley W12 Fidel Bassa II, D1388, 60minVG
Dave McAuley W12 Dodie Penalosa, D2868, 54minG
Dave McAuley W12 Rodolfo Blanco I, D1369, 60minVG/EX
Dave McAuley L12 Rodolfo Blanco II, D2868, 52minVG
Dave McAuley W12 Louis Curtis, D2869, 60minG/VG
Dave McAuley KO10 Jake Matlala, D1381, 59minG/VG
Dave McAuley W12 Pedro Feliciano, D1388, 61minG/VG

McBride, Kevin

Kevin McBride KO8 Najee Shaheed, D2795, 30minVG
Kevin McBride L12 Tomasz Adamek, D2789, 59minVG

McCall, Jeff

Jeff McCall L10 Vinnie Curto, D3233, 32minF/G (no dec)

McCall, Oliver

Oliver McCall KO4 Przemyslaw Saleta, D644, 25minEX
Oliver McCall KO4 Darroll Wilson, D1064, 16minEX
Oliver McCall KO7 Yamplier 'Yanqui Diaz' Azcuy, D1362, 35minEX
Oliver McCall L12 Frank Bruno, D1868, 96minF/G
Oliver McCall KO9 Bruce Seldon, D1884, 34minVG/EX
Oliver McCall KO2 Lennox Lewis I, D1988, 10minVG
Oliver McCall L12 Juan Carlos Gomez, D2371, 42minEX
Oliver McCall W12 Larry Holmes, D3044, 61minVG/EX

McCallum, Chris

Chris McCallum KOby1 Gert Bo Jacobsen, D3193, 2minVG

McCallum, Mike

Mike McCallum KO10 Milton McCrory, D201, 39minF
Mike McCallum KO2 Julian Jackson, D528, D537, 12mF, D3490, 8mG
Mike McCallum L12 Sumbu Kalambay I, D758, 54minVG
Mike McCallum W12 Sumbu Kalambay II, D2990, 44minG
Mike McCallum D12 James Toney I, D986, 42minVG/EX
Mike McCallum W12 James Toney II, D986, 61minEX
Mike McCallum W12 James Toney III, D2365, 58minVG/EX
Mike McCallum KO11 Michael Watson, D1502, 49mEX, D2724, 50mEX
Mike McCallum W12 Steve Collins, D1524, 50minG/VG
Mike McCallum W12 Herol Graham, D1766, 55minVG
Mike McCallum W12 Jeff Harding, D1871, 60minG
Mike McCallum KO3 Tony Suero, D2001, 12minF
Mike McCallum KO5 Randall Yonker, D2019, 20minVG
Mike McCallum KO8 David Braxton, D2019, 33minF/G
Mike McCallum W10 Ali Saidi, D2364, 45minG/VG
Mike McCallum W10 Kevin Perry, D2364, 36minVG
Mike McCallum W10 Carlos Cruzat, D2365, 47minVG
Mike McCallum KO7 Carl Jones, D2366, 55minVG/EX
Mike McCallum W10 Fermin Chirino, D2366, 36minG/VG
Mike McCallum KO7 Ayub Kalule, D2366, 28minF
Mike McCallum L12 Roy Jones, D2367, 79minVG/EX
Mike McCallum KO5 Nicky Walker, D2367, 28minVG
Mike McCallum KO4 Frank Minton, D2367, 19minG/VG
Mike McCallum W15 Sean Mannion, D2368, 67minG
Mike McCallum KO13 Luigi Minchillo, D2368, 43minG
Mike McCallum KO4 Reggie Ford, D2368, 12minF
Mike McCallum W10 Glenn Thomas, D2369, 44minG/VG
Mike McCallum KO3 Carlos Betancourt, D2369, 12minG
Mike McCallum KO5 Greg Young, D2369, 22minG
Mike McCallum KO5 Jose Vallejo, D2370, 25minF
Mike McCallum L12 Fabrice Tiozzo, D2694, 60minG/VG
Mike McCallum KO5 Donald Curry, D2766, 54minVG
Mike McCallum KO9 Said Skouma, D3844, 51minG/VG

McCarter, Layla

Layla McCarter W4 Miki Kikukawa, D45, 18minEX
Layla McCarter W10 Belinda Laracuente, D1186, D1268, 40minEX

McClain, Johnny

Johnny McClain KOby3 Alexander Zolkin, D1944, 17minVG

McClaren, Travis

Travis McClaren L4 Chris Galeano, D3979, 20minEX

McClellan, Gerald

Gerald McClellan KOby10 Nigel Benn, (UK), D129, 44minVG
Gerald McClellan KOby10 Nigel Benn (US), D375, 51minG/VG
Gerald McClellan KO3 Brinatty Maquilon, D453, 13minVG
Gerald McClellan Exh.3 Thomas Hearns, D454, 20minG
Gerald McClellan KO1 Carl Sullivan, D505, 8mF/G, D3093, 14mF/G
Gerald McClellan KO5 Julian Jackson I, D517, 36minG/VG
Gerald McClellan KO1 Julian Jackson II, D526, 25minVG
Gerald McClellan KO1 Gilbert Baptist, D525, 7minG
Gerald McClellan KO1 John Mugabi, D533, 3mF, D3097, 5minG
Gerald McClellan KO1 Lester Yarbrough, D3087, 5minG
Gerald McClellan KO1 Dan Mitchell, D3094, 4minG
Gerald McClellan KO1 James Williamson, D3094, 5minG
Gerald McClellan KO2 Tyrone Moore, D3094, 9minF/G
Gerald McClellan KO1 Sammy Brooks, D3095, 7minF/G
Gerald McClellan KO2 John Gordon, D3095, 10minG
Gerald McClellan W8 Sanderline Williams, D3096, 8minF/G (HL)
Gerald McClellan KO1 Jay Bell, D3096, 18minG
Gerald McClellan KO1 Steve Harvey, D3097, 6minG/VG

McCline, Jameel

Jameel McCline KO10 Cedric Boswell, D37, 52minEX
Jameel McCline KO1 Wayne Llewellyn, D118, 18minEX
Jameel McCline KO3 Steven Pannell, D651, 16minEX
Jameel McCline W10 Rob Calloway, D768, 38minEX
Jameel McCline L10 Calvin Brock, D796, 56minVG
Jameel McCline L12 Chris Byrd, D808, 61minVG
Jameel McCline W10 Terry Smith, D938, 38minEX
Jameel McCline L12 John Ruiz, D1670, 56minG/VG
Jameel McCline W12 Mike Mollo, D1915, 46minVG (starts in 1st)
Jameel McCline KOby4 Chris Arreola, D2120, 27minEX
Jameel McCline L10 Zuri Lawrence, D3220, 47minEX
Jameel McCline L10 Artur Szpilka, D3238, 53minG/VG

McCloskey, Paul

Paul McCloskey KOby6 Amir Khan, D2795, 32minVG
Paul McCloskey W12 Breidis Prescott, D2917, 72minG/VG
Paul McCloskey KOby10 DeMarcus Corley, D3154, 56minVG

McConnell, Molly

Molly McConnell W4 Tracy Carlton, D162, 11minEX

McCoy, Greg

Greg McCoy KOby1 Jason Quigley, D4165, 9minVG

McCracken, Jeff

Jeff McCracken KOby8 Thomas Hearns, D3279, 28minG

McCracken, Scott

Scott McCracken L10 Jorge Paez, D92, 44minEX

McCrary, Donny

Donny McCrary KOby6 Allan Green, D768, 32minEX

McCraw, April

April McCraw KOby2 Dana Kendrick II, D600, 11minEX


Joe McCreedy KOby3 Edward Hemphill, D1186, 15minEX

McCrory, Glenn

Glenn McCrory KO11 Siza Makathini, D1887, 40mG/VG, D3436, 38mF/G
Glenn McCrory W12 Patrick Lumumba, D2607, 44minG
Glenn McCrory KO8 Lou Gent, D2897, 36minG
Glenn McCrory KOby3 Jeff Lampkin, D3362, 14minVG
Glenn McCrory L12 Alfred Cole, D3412, 58minG/VG

McCrory, Milton

Milton McCrory KOby10 Mike McCallum, D201, 39minF
Milton McCrory D12 Colin Jones I, D2966, 61mG, D2968, 43mF/G
Milton McCrory W12 Colin Jones II, D2987, 61mG, D2968, 49mG
Milton McCrory KO6 Gilles Elbilia, D2895, 26mF, D2976, 23mG
Milton McCrory W10 Roger Stafford, D2985, 34minF
Milton McCrory W12 Pedro Vilella, D3433, 44minG/VG
Milton McCrory KO3 Carlos Trujillo, D3433, 11minG/VG
Milton McCrory KO6 Milton Guest, D3434, 19minG
Milton McCrory KOby2 Donald Curry, D3479, 11minVG
Milton McCrory W10 Doug DeWitt, D3898, 31minG
Milton McCrory KO3 Luis Santana, D3899, 18minG/VG
Milton McCrory W10 Victor Abraham, D3941, 37minG/VG

McCrory, Steve

Steve McCrory KOby14 Jeff Fenech, D907, 73minVG
Steve McCrory KOby5 Jose Sanabria, D3925, 16minG

McCullough, Kennedy

Kennedy McCullough KOby4 Robert Dasoyan, D884, 22minEX

McCullough, Marco

Marco McCullough KO8 Dmitry Kirillov, D4085, 48minG/VG
Marco McCullough KO3 Elemir Rafael, D4131, 12minVG
Marco McCullough KO1 Valentin Marinov, D4141, 5minF/G

McCullough, Martin

Martin McCullough W10 Martin Parlagi, D4081, 54minEX

McCullough, Wayne

Wayne McCullough KO2 Alvin Brown, D100, 21mEX, D1252, 21mVG/EX
Wayne McCullough L12 Oscar Larios, D339, 57minEX
Wayne McCullough W12 Yasuei Yakushiji, D2674, 48minVG
Wayne McCullough L12 Scott Harrison, D2799, 71minVG
Wayne McCullough L12 Daniel Zaragoza, D3276, 63minG/VG
Wayne McCullough KO8 Johnny Bredahl, D3803, 36minG
Wayne McCullough W12 Jose Luis Bueno, D3809, 50minG
Wayne McCullough L12 Erik Morales, D3817, 49minG/VG

McCumby, Trevor

Trevor McCumby KO1 Reynaldo Rodriguez, D3603, 7minG/VG

McDaniel, Wallace

Wallace McDaniel LDQ3 Alvin Manley, D2204, 14minVG

McDermott, John

John McDermott KOby2 Nikolay Popov, D26, 18minEX

McDonagh, Thomas

Thomas McDonagh W12 Bradley Pryce, D144, 64minEX
Thomas McDonagh KO2 Bobby Banghar, D785, 16minVG
Thomas McDonagh KO7 Barrie Lee, D1844, 18minVG (No 2, 5)

McDonnell, Jamie

Jamie McDonnell W12 Julio Ceja, D3564, 74minVG
Jamie McDonnell KO7 Bernard Inom, D3781, 30minVG
Jamie McDonnell W8 Abigail Medina, D3840, 35minG
Jamie McDonnell KO10 Tabtimdaeng NaRachawat, D4007, 48minG

McDonnell, Jim

Jim McDonnell KO4 Barry McGuigan, D557, 27minG/VG
Jim McDonnell L12 Brian Mitchell, D981, 57mEX, D2188, 53mG/VG
Jim McDonnell KOby12 Azumah Nelson, D3780, 45minG

McDorman, Curtis

Curtis McDorman KOby1 Tye Fields, D884, 12minEX

McEwan, Craig

Craig McEwan W8 James Parison, D2646, 39minG
Craig McEwan KOby10 Andy Lee, D2757, 45minVG/EX
Craig McEwan KOby6 Peter Quillin, D3028, 34minVG/EX

McFail, Mike

Mike McFail L6 Clarence Taylor, D155, 28minEX

McFarland, Lisa

Lisa McFarland KOby4 Kathy Rivers, D15, 13minEX

McGee, Brian

Brian McGee KOby10 Lucian Bute, D2771, 58minVG

McGee, Marcus

Marcus McGee KOby4 Roman Greenburg, D365, 24minEX

McGee, Mary

Mary McGee W4 Eva Silva, D1459, 16minEX

McGee, Valanna

Valanna McGee W6 Miriam Rosario, D50, 24minEX

McGee, Wayne

Wayne McGee KOby1 Marvin Johnson, D1080, 5minF

McGirt, James 'Buddy'

Buddy McGirt L12 Pernell Whitaker I, D517, 46mEX, D4109, 92mG/VG
Buddy McGirt L12 Pernell Whitaker II, D2236, 47mEX, D4110, 90mG/VG
Buddy McGirt W10 Allen Watts, D979, D3754, 53minG/VG
Buddy McGirt KO1 Howard Davis, D1123, 5minF/G
Buddy McGirt KOby12 Meldrick Taylor, D1300, 45mG/VG, D1561, 47mEX
Buddy McGirt W10 Buck Smith, D1854, 43minVG
Buddy McGirt KO11 Vincent Releford, D2457, 44minG/VG
Buddy McGirt W10 Saoul Mamby, D2458, 47minVG
Buddy McGirt W12 Patrizio Oliva, D2505, 50minG/VG
Buddy McGirt W10 Kevin Pompey, D2505, 46minVG/EX
Buddy McGirt KO5 Joe Gatti, D2505, 23minG/VG
Buddy McGirt KO9 Frank Montgomery, D2506, 32minF/G
Buddy McGirt KO7 Tyrone Moore, D2506, 37minG
Buddy McGirt KO5 Alfredo Ramirez, D2506, 22minG/VG
Buddy McGirt KO5 Orlando Orozco, D2506, 18minG
Buddy McGirt KO2 Sergio Aguirre, D2506, 10minVG
Buddy McGirt W12 Livingstone Bramble, D2507, 66minG/VG
Buddy McGirt W10 Edwin Curet, D2507, 36minVG
Buddy McGirt KO2 Charles Baez, D2507, 14minF/G
Buddy McGirt W12 Simon Brown, D2508, 77minVG
Buddy McGirt KO2 Miguel Santana, D2508, 25minVG
Buddy McGirt KO2 Tommy Ayers, D2508, 20minG/VG
Buddy McGirt W10 Tony Baltazar, D2509, 47minG
Buddy McGirt W10 Gary Jacobs, D2509, 39minG/VG
Buddy McGirt KO9 Joe Manley, D2509, 36minVG
Buddy McGirt W10 Joey Farrell, D2516, 36minG/VG
Buddy McGirt W10 Willie Taylor, D2516, 38minVG/EX
Buddy McGirt W10 Jose Bermudez, D2516, 39minVG/EX
Buddy McGirt KO1 Ralph Twinning, D2516, 3minVG
Buddy McGirt W12 Kevin Tillman, D2517, 56minVG
Buddy McGirt W10 George Heckley, D2517, 43minVG
Buddy McGirt KO7 Jose Alejandro, D2517, 25minVG
Buddy McGirt KO4 Kelly Koble, D2518, 14minG/VG
Buddy McGirt W10 Eric Martin, D2518, 39minG/VG
Buddy McGirt KO6 Manuel DeLeon, D2518, 22minVG/EX
Buddy McGirt L10 Frankie Warren I, D2518, 46minVG/EX
Buddy McGirt KO12 Frankie Warren II, D2504, 43minG/VG
Buddy McGirt KO3 Larry Fleming, D2519, 12minVG/EX
Buddy McGirt KO7 Richard Hernandez, D2519, 30minF
Buddy McGirt KO6 Jake Torrance, D2519, 27minG
Buddy McGirt KO3 Manuel Toribio, D2519, 13minVG
Buddy McGirt W10 Allen Braswell, D2519, 40minG/VG
Buddy McGirt W10 Oscar Ponce, D2520, 50minVG/EX
Buddy McGirt W10 Nick Rupa, D2520, 46minVG/EX
Buddy McGirt W10 Pat Coleman, D2520, 41minG
Buddy McGirt KO7 Delfino Marin, D2521, 34minVG
Buddy McGirt W10 James Hughes, D2521, 41minVG/EX
Buddy McGirt L10 Darren Maciunski, D2521, 47minEX
Buddy McGirt KO7 Willie Rodriguez, D2627, 27minG/VG
Buddy McGirt W12 Genaro Leon, D3813, 39minVG
Buddy McGirt KO5 Roger Brown, D3870, 15minF/G

McGirt, Jr., James

James McGirt, Jr. KO1 Robert Rice, D122, 5minEX
James McGirt, Jr. KO3 Chris Overbay, D676, 11minEX
James McGirt, Jr. W8 Stephan Pryor, D912, 49minEX
James McGirt, Jr. W8 Dennis Sharpe, D1262, 38minEX
James McGirt, Jr. L10 Angel Hernandez, D1992, 40minEX

McGowan, Walter

Walter McGowan KOby9 Chartchai Chionoi I, D1602, 29minG (silent)
Walter McGowan KOby7 Chartchai Chionoi II, D1602, 28minG
Walter McGowan KOby6 Jose Medel, D1602, 10minG (HL)
Walter McGowan W15 Salvatore Burruni II, D1605, 45minF/G
Walter McGowan L15 Alan Rudkin II, D1605, 37mG (No Rds 5-7, 9)
Walter McGowan KOby6 Ron Jones, D1605, 21minF/G
Walter McGowan KO6 Nevio Carbi, D1605, 19minG/VG

McGroom, Terry

Terry McGroom L10 James Toney, D794, 37minEX

McGuigan, Barry

Barry McGuigan KO8 Julio Cesar Miranda, D557, 41minVG
Barry McGuigan KOby4 Jim McDonnell, D557, 27minG/VG
Barry McGuigan W15 Eusebio Pedroza, D819, 57mG/VG, D1368, 77mVG
Barry McGuigan W10 Juan LaPorte, D1368, 44mVG, D2656, 51mG/VG
Barry McGuigan KO7 Jose Caba, D1379, D2634, D2648, 35minVG
Barry McGuigan KO4 Clyde Ruan, D1379, 25minG/VG
Barry McGuigan KO6 Valerio Nati, D1380 29mVG, D2644, 28mG/VG
Barry McGuigan KO3 Esteban Eguia, D1380, 20mVG, D2637, 22mG/VG
Barry McGuigan KO10 Charm Chiteule, D1380, D2635, 45minVG
Barry McGuigan KO5 Paul DeVorce, D1380, 20minG
Barry McGuigan KO8 Bernard Taylor, D1879, 38minF
Barry McGuigan KO2 Felipe Orozco, D2637, 27minG/VG
Barry McGuigan KO2 Farid Gallouze, D2649, 20minG
Barry McGuigan KO4 Nicky Perez, D2652, 23minVG
Barry McGuigan L15 Steve Cruz, D2653, 73minVG
Barry McGuigan KO14 Danilo Cabrera, D2654, 62minVG
Barry McGuigan KO4 Francisco Tomas DaCruz, D2656, 26minVG

McGuinness, Logan

Logan McGuinness W10 Carlos Manuel Reyes, D3351, 50minEX

McGuire, Derrick

Derrick McGuire KOby4 Micky Ward, D3637, 20minEX

McInerney, Chris

Chris McInerney D4 Anterio Vines, D817, 20minEX
Chris McInerney W4 Rick Duffy, D1174, 21minEX

McIntosh, Danny

Danny McIntosh KOby8 Eleider Alvarez, D3354, 41minEX

McIntyre, Kevin

Kevin McIntyre KOby8 David Barnes, D2744, 40minVG

McIntyre, Pete

Pete McIntyre KOby2 Matthew Saad Muhammad, D313, 9mF/G, D2399, 8mF/G
Pete McIntyre KOby5 Tony Mundine, D3693, 37minG

McKart, Bronco

Bronco McKart W12 Jason Papillion II, D664, D1164, 65minVG
Bronco McKart KOby6 Kelly Pavlik, D1011, 37minEX
Bronco McKart L12 Travis Simms, D1402, D2501, 61mG/VG
Bronco McKart W12 Aaron Davis, D1915, 56minVG/EX
Bronco McKart LDQ8 Winky Wright III, D3223, 42minG/VG
Bronco McKart KOby7 Anthony Mundine, D3255, 41minVG
Bronco McKart KO9 Santos Cardona, D3799, 46minVG

McKenna, Darren

Darren McKenna KOby3 Frank Buglioni, D3519, 13minG/VG

McKenzie, Duke

Duke McKenzie KO2 Agapito Gomez, D946, 12minEX
Duke McKenzie L12 Dave McAuley, D980, 60minEX
Duke McKenzie KO5 Charlie Magri, D1065, 20minVG
Duke McKenzie L12 Thierry Jacob, D1787, 53minVG
Duke McKenzie L12 Daniel Jimenez, D2077, 77minVG
Duke McKenzie KO4 Tony DeLuca, D980, 27minEX
Duke McKenzie W12 Jesse Benavides, D3425, 51minG/VG
Duke McKenzie KO11 Rolando Bohol, D3425, 49minVG
Duke McKenzie W12 Gaby Canizales, D3432, 33minVG
Duke McKenzie KO8 Wilfredo Vargas, D3432, 33minVG/EX

McKenzie, Ovill

Ovill McKenzie KO2 Enzo Maccarinelli I, D3649, 9minG
Ovill McKenzie KOby11 Enzo Maccarinelli II, D3650, minG
Ovill McKenzie KO2 John-Lewis Dickinson, D4009, 23minVG

McKinney, Kennedy

Kennedy McKinney KO11 Welcome Ncita I, D344, D612, 41mG, D2741, 47mG
Kennedy McKinney W12 Welcome Ncita II, D344, 49minVG/EX
Kennedy McKinney KO4 Junior Jones, D418, 24mG/VG, D1783, 21mVG/EX
Kennedy McKinney KO3 Rudy Zavala, D606, 30minVG
Kennedy McKinney KOby2 Luisito Espinosa, D962, 21minVG
Kennedy McKinney KO6 Paul Banke, D1284, 29minG/VG
Kennedy McKinney W6 Jose Luis Martinez, D1362, 24minEX
Kennedy McKinney KOby12 Marco Antonio Barrera, D1452, 61minG/VG
Kennedy McKinney L12 Vuyani Bungu I, D2114, 47minG/VG
Kennedy McKinney L12 Vuyani Bungu II, D2114, 50minG
Kennedy McKinney W12 Richard Duran, D2512, 45minG/VG
Kennedy McKinney KO5 Edel Geronimo, D3539, 24minG
Kennedy McKinney KO5 Jose Rincones, D3816, 22minG/VG
Kennedy McKinney W12 Jesus Salud, D3816, 41minG/VG

McKinnon, Daniel

Daniel McKinnon KOby10 Robert Berridge, D4141, 53minF/G

McKnight, Efrain

Efrain McKnight L4 Alvin Manley, D1244, 17minVG/EX

McKnight, Keith

Keith McKnight KOby5 Robert Davis, D1211, 29minVG

McLaughlin, Neil

Neil McLaughlin KOby2 Charlie Magri, D1072, 5minG/VG (No Rd 1)

McMillan, Colin

Colin McMillan W12 Maurizio Stecca, D3795, 59minG/VG

McNamara, Angel

Angel McNamara KOby5 Jessica Rakoczy, D764, 14minEX

McNeeley, Peter

Peter McNeeley KOby2 Henry Akinwande, D3961, 12minG

McSwain, Stacy

Stacy McSwain KOby3 Jeff Harding, D3490, 12minG/VG
Stacy McSwain KOby5 James Kinchen, D4037, 26minVG

Mchunu, Thabiso

Thabiso Mchunu W10 Eddie Chambers, D3622, 42minVG
Thabiso Mchunu W10 Olanrewaju Durodola, D3883, 42minVG

Medal, Mark

Mark Medal L15 Carlos Santos, D1185, 48minG
Mark Medal KO5 Earl Hargrove, D1971, 25minF/G

Medal, Roger

Roger Medal KO4 Marco Perez, D935, 27minEX

Medel, Adolfo

Adolfo Medel L10 Robin Blake, D2484, 40minG

Medel, Jose

Jose Medel KOby10 Eder Jofre I, D231, 32mG, D1925, 33mG
Jose Medel KOby6 Eder Jofre II, D1620, 3minF (HL)
Jose Medel KO6 Fighting Harada I, D558, 18mVG/EX, D1762, 27mG
Jose Medel L15 Fighting Harada II, D559, 57minG
Jose Medel KO6 Walter McGowan, D1602, 10minG (HL)
Jose Medel L10 Efren Torres I (HL), D3974, 15minF
Jose Medel KOby4 Efren Torres II, D3974, 14minF
Jose Medel W10 Jesus Pimentel, D3979, 37minF/G

Medel, Ray

Ray Medel L12 Fidel Bassa, D2085, 60minVG
Ray Medel L12 Ricardo Cepeda, D4176, 30minG/VG (No 6-8)

Medina, Abigail

Abigail Medina L8 Jamie McDonnell, D3840, 35minG

Medina, Benny

Benny Medina KOby2 Miguel Angel Gonzalez, D1891, 7minG

Medina, David

David Medina KO1 Charles Blake, D913, 9minEX

Medina, Emmanuel

Emmanuel Medina KOby3 Rudolph Dixon, D918, 11minEX
Emmanuel Medina KO2 Maximiliano DeLaCruz, D3770, 9minG

Medina, Favio

Favio Medina D6 Eddie Bishop, D131, 30minEX

Medina, Gustavo

Gustavo Medina L4 Omar Candelaria, D236, 14minEX

Medina, Hector 'Young Casanova'

Hector 'Young Casanova' Medina L10 Alberto Sandoval I, D832, 37minVG

Medina, Jose

Jose Medina KOby4 Shamone Alvarez, D368, 26mEX, D1655, 26mG/VG
Jose Medina L8 Jose Miguel Torres, D708, 40minEX
Jose Medina L8 Clarence Taylor, D1019, 31minEX
Jose Medina L10 Fernando Guerrero, D3252, 38minVG

Medina, Jovanny

Jovanny Medina W6 Jesus Diaz, D435, 29minEX

Medina, Manuel

Manuel Medina W10 Javier Alvarez, D703, 50minEX
Manuel Medina KO4 Mike Juarez, D801, 32minEX
Manuel Medina KOby11 Cassius Baloyi, D818, 49minEX
Manuel Medina W10 Edward Parker, D1124, 42minVG/EX
Manuel Medina W12 Kevin Kelley, D1168, 48minEX
Manuel Medina L12 Luisito Espinosa I, D1589, 41minF/G
Manuel Medina KOby8 Luisito Espinosa II, D1589, 30minG
Manuel Medina KOby7 Juan Manuel Marquez, D1704, 29minVG/EX
Manuel Medina W12 Alejandro Gonzalez, D1720, 47minG/VG
Manuel Medina L12 Johnny Tapia, D2687, 53minG/VG
Manuel Medina W12 Troy Dorsey, D2822, 48minG
Manuel Medina TW9 Victor Polo, D3794, 49minVG
Manuel Medina W10 Frankie Toledo, D3794, 30minG
Manuel Medina W12 Hector Lizarraga, D3794, 50minF/G
Manuel Medina KO10 Fabrizio Cappai, D3797, 38minG
Manuel Medina W12 Moussa Sanagare, D3797, 46minG/VG
Manuel Medina TW9 Tom Johnson I, D3799, 36minF/G
Manuel Medina L12 Tom Johnson II, D2075, 44minG
Manuel Medina L12 Tom Johnson III, D1288, 41minF/G
Manuel Medina W12 Fabrice Benichou, D3819, 51minF/G
Manuel Medina W12 Scott Harrison I, D3819, 65minG
Manuel Medina KOby11 Scott Harrison II, D97, 70minEX

Medina, Michael

Michael Medina L10 Vanes Martirosyan, D1738, 40minEX
Michael Medina L10 John Duddy, D2389, 43minEX
Michael Medina KO4 Gilberto Hernandez, D2531, 18minVG
Michael Medina KOby2 Saul Roman, D2663, 16minVG
Michael Medina KOby8 Julian Williams, D3993, 37minVG

Medina, Nelson

Nelson Medina L10 Junior Jones, D1838, 36minF

Medina, Nelson Ramon

Nelson Ramon Medina KOby7 Israel Vazquez, D3068, 27minVG

Medina, Oscar

Oscar Medina W4 Diego Ledesma, D2672, 15minG/VG

Medina, Osvaldo

Osvaldo Medina KOby2 Freudis Rojas, D1406, 10minEX

Medina, Raul

Raul Medina TL8 Vic Darchinyan, D2671, 40minG

Medina, Raul

Raul Medina TL8 Vic Darchinyan, D2671, 40minG

Medina, Ricardo

Ricardo Medina L12 Edel Ruiz, D1414, 50minVG
Ricardo Medina W10 Joichiro Tatsuyoshi, D2996, 43minG/VG

Medina, Rogelio

Rogelio Medina KO6 Luis Serrano, D3292, 28minG/VG
Rogelio Medina KOby6 Badou Jack, D3834, 33minVG
Rogelio Medina KO3 J'Leon Love, D4083, 23minEX

Medina, Sergio

Sergio Medina KOby1 Juan Manuel Lopez, D1936, 10minEX

Medjkoune, Salim

Salim Medjkoune KOby12 Mahyar Monshipour I, D845, 55minVG (low sound)
Salim Medjkoune KOby8 Mahyar Monshipour II, D844, 43minVG
Salim Medjkoune W12 Osamu Sato, D2534, 51minG/VG
Salim Medjkoune W12 Vincenzo Gigliotti, D3815, 47minG/VG

Medrano, Alfredo

Alfredo Medrano KOby8 Art Hafey, 11, D2808 34minVG

Medrano, Juan Antonio

Juan Antonio Medrano KOby1 Mario Alberto Lozano, D347, 8minEX

Medrano, Manuel

Manuel Medrano L4 Roberto Irrizarry, D3301, 16minVG

Meehan, Kali

Kali Meehan KOby4 Hasim Rahman, D2493, 28minG/VG

Meehan, Scott

Scott Meehan KOby1 Jerome Tabbs, D58, 6minVG

Meekins, John

John Meekins KOby7 Meldrick Taylor, D980, 26minVG
John Meekins W10 Saoul Mamby, D3010, 40minVG

Meeks, Curtis

Curtis Meeks TD3 Humberto Chavez, D194, 28minEX

Mejia, Elvis

Elvis Mejia KOby1 Celestino Caballero, D1766, 7mG/VG, D1900, 21mG/VG

Mejia, Olvin

Olvin Mejia KOby1 Abraham Lopez, D2913, 5minG/VG

Mejias, Alexis

Alexis Mejias KO1 Michael Tucker, D709, 5minEX
Alexis Mejias KO2 Everard Ramage, D1254, 21minG/VG

Mejias, Wilmer

Wilmer Mejias KOby4 John Duddy, D773, 25minEX

Mejila, Wilmer

Wilmer Mejila L8 Ahmed Kaddour, D66, 36minEX

Melchor, Manny

Manny Melchor KOby11 Ricardo Lopez, D1003, 38minVG
Manny Melchor L12 Jose Antonio Aguirre, D2082, 54minVG
Manny Melchor KOby3 Paineng Poontarat, D3972, 10minG

Melendez, Jorge

Jorge Melendez L10 Javier Maciel, D4002, 51minVG

Melendez, Luis

Luis Melendez TL11 Cecilio Santos, D1357, 50minEX
Luis Melendez KOby12 Fernando Montiel, D1870, 53minG
Luis Melendez KOby1 Arturo Gatti, D3773, 6minF

Melendez, Segio

Sergio Melendez KOby2 Sechew Powell, D155, 16minEX

Melfah, Johnny

Johnny Melfah KOby4 Chris Eubank, D1523, 20minEX

Melian, Jorge

Jorge Melian KOby4 Julio Cesar Chavez, Sr., D1742, 16minVG/EX

Melindo, Milan

Milan Melindo W10 Muhammad Rachman, D2049, 39minVG
Milan Melindo L12 Juan Francisco Estrada, D3617, 58minVG
Milan Melindo W12 Jean Piero Perez, D3734, 64minG/VG
Milan Melindo W12 Jose Alfredo Rodriguez, D3829, 57minG/VG
Milan Melindo W12 Martin Tecuapetla, D3969, 49minEX

Melis, Antonello

Antonello Melis LDQ8 Gian Maria Petriccioli, D4134, 40minG

Melis, Antonio

Antonio Melis KOby6 Carlos Salazar, D3767, 22minG

Melis, Sergei

Sergei Melis KOby6 Dmitry Pirog, D2499, 38minVG/EX

Melligan, Mark

Mark Melligan KO4 Ernesto Zepeda, D2143, 26minVG
Mark Melligan W10 Anges Adjaho, D2526, 39minVG

Mellis, Delroy

Delroy Mellis KO8 Wayne Alexander I, D108, D3139, 15minVG (Rds 5-8)

Melluzzo, Salvatore

Salvatore Melluzzo KOby6 Loris Stecca, D2642, 25minG

Melo, Carlos

Carlos Melo KOby9 Katsunari Takayama, D2041, 41minEX
Carlos Melo KOby5 Edgar Sosa, D2153, 41minEX
Carlos Melo L6 Alexis Diaz, D3515, 24minG/VG

Melo, Mario

Mario Melo KOby1 Michael Moorer, D2094, 14minG/VG

Melo, Miguel

Miguel Melo KOby3 Floyd Mayweather, Jr., D1810, 11minG (No rd 1)

Mena, Fernando

Fernando Mena L8 Michael Rosales, D746, 33minEX
Fernando Mena KOby2 Jesse James Leija, D2634, 12minG

Menayothin, Wanheng

Wanheng Menayothin KO1 Ma Wi Ming, D1471, 6minEX
Wanheng Menayothin W12 Crison Omayao, D3036, D3578, 37minF/G
Wanheng Menayothin KO2 Boy Tanto, D3578, 6minF/G
Wanheng Menayothin W12 Yuma Iwahashi, D3666, 40minF/G
Wanheng Menayothin W6 Heri Amol, D3922, 18minG
Wanheng Menayothin W6 Samuel Tehuayo, D4072, 18minEX

Mendes, Alexandre

Alexandre Mendes KOby1 Adam Etches, D3729, 16minEX

Mendez Gamboa, Santiago

Santiago Mendez Gamboa L10 German Torres, D3740, 32minVG

Mendez, Argenis

Argenis Mendez W12 Martin Honorio I, D2460, 52minVG/EX
Argenis Mendez W12 Martin Honorio II, D3264, 44minG/VG (no dec)
Argenis Mendez KO2 Alex Perez, D3038, 11minVG
Argenis Mendez KO4 Juan Carlos Salgado II, D3411, 17minVG
Argenis Mendez D12 Arash Usmanee, D3656, 52minG/VG
Argenis Mendez NC2 Rances Barthelemy I, D3862, 26minVG
Argenis Mendez L12 Rances Barthelemy II, D4054, 60minVG

Mendez, Daniel

Daniel Mendez KOby2 Mark Suarez, D43, 10minEX
Daniel Mendez L6 Antonio Arras, D135, 26minEX

Mendez, David

David Mendez L10 Norberto Sandoval, D840, 43minEX
David Mendez KOby12 Lonnie Bradley, D1199, 49minVG
David Mendez L6 Mikkel Kessler, D2059, 29minVG

Mendez, Elvis

Elvis Mendez KOby1 Tony Gomez, D3514, 5minG/VG

Mendez, Javier

Javier Mendez KO6 Augie Sanchez, D1210, 31minVG

Mendez, Michael

Michael Mendez KO4 Amaury Torres, D825, 15minEX

Mendez, Ramon

Ramon Mendez KOby8 Rodrigo Valdez, D1080, 28minG/VG

Mendez, Roberto

Roberto Mendez KOby4 Marlon Starling, D3218, 13minF/G

Mendez, Sergio

Sergio Mendez L6 Juan Manuel Lopez, D1014, 29minEX

Mendez, Stanley

Stanley Mendez L4 Tomas Barragan, D2718, 15minG/VG

Mendiola, Carlos

Carlos Mendiola L6 Manuel Lujan, 11, D2808, 23minG

Mendones, Renato

Renato Mendones KOby2 Manny Pacquiao, D1705, 4minG (HL)

Mendoza, Beibis

Beibis Mendoza KOby10 Roberto Vasquez, D639, 54mEX, D2704, 50mG
Beibis Mendoza WDQ7 Rosendo Alvarez I, D947, 43minG/VG
Beibis Mendoza L12 Rosendo Alvarez IV, D428, D829, 54minVG
Beibis Mendoza W12 Yo-Sam Choi, D2756, 48minG

Mendoza, Bernardo

Bernardo Mendoza KOby1 Tim Austin, D2875, 9minF/G

Mendoza, Carlos

Carlos Mendoza KOby7 Romeo Anaya, D687, 14minF/G (B&W, rds. 1, 4, 6-7)
Carlos Mendoza KOby7 Romeo Anaya, D2937, 31minF/G
Carlos Mendoza KOby10 Wilfredo Gomez (HL), D297, 15minG/VG

Mendoza, Domingo

Domingo Mendoza KOby2 Guillermo Ruiz, D807, 15minEX
Domingo Mendoza L4 Jesus Hernandez, D1246, 17minEX

Mendoza, Eduardo

Eduardo Mendoza Exh 3 Julio Cesar Chavez, Sr., D1741, 14minG/VG

Mendoza, Emiliano

Emiliano Mendoza KOby1 Derrick Wilson, D1773, 8minEX

Mendoza, Epifanio

Epifanio Mendoza KO8 Rito Ruvalcaba, D175, 47minG
Epifanio Mendoza L10 Troy Rowland, D280, 58minEX
Epifanio Mendoza L12 Shawn Garnett, D569, 50minEX
Epifanio Mendoza KOby7 David Alfonso Lopez, D841, 32minEX
Epifanio Mendoza KOby4 Chad Dawson, D2620, 43minVG
Epifanio Mendoza L10 Beibut Shumenov, D2673, 37minVG
Epifanio Mendoza KO1 Tokunbo Olajide, D3218, 8minF/G
Epifanio Mendoza L10 Jeff Lacy, D3652, 40minVG
Epifanio Mendoza KOby4 Oleksandr Usyk, D3836, 20minG/VG

Mendoza, Gabriel

Gabriel Mendoza L12 Alberto Rossel, D3908, 63minVG

Mendoza, Ignacio

Ignacio Mendoza KOby7 Khabib Allakhverdiev, D3159, 31minVG

Mendoza, Israel

Israel Mendoza W4 Miguel Angel Valdez, D432, D659, 19minEX
Israel Mendoza W6 Abraham Rodriguez, D697, 29minEX

Mendoza, Javier

Javier Mendoza W12 Ramon Garcia Hirales, D4106, 55minG/VG

Mendoza, Jesus

Jesus Mendoza KOby4 George Walton, D814, 19minEX

Mendoza, Luis

Luis Mendoza L12 Juan Jose Estrada, D1201, 42minG/VG
Luis Mendoza L12 Raul Perez, D1750, 53minG/VG
Luis Mendoza W12 Fabrice Benichou, D1883, 61minG
Luis Mendoza KOby11 Regilio Tuur, D2700, 46minF/G
Luis Mendoza W12 Carlos Uribe, D3205, 43minVG
Luis Mendoza KO8 Noree Jockygym, D3419, 38minG/VG
Luis Mendoza KO3 Ruben Dario Palacios II, D3437, 15minG
Luis Mendoza KO7 Joao Cardoso, D3437, 28minG

Mendoza, Noel

Noel Mendoza KOby3 Joseph Diaz, D3658, 16minG/VG

Mendoza, Tito

Tito Mendoza L12 Librado Andrade, D162, 70minEX
Tito Mendoza Vs Felix Trinidad (EXH), D1900, 14minG/VG
Tito Mendoza L12 Zsolt Erdai, D3441, 65minEX

Mendoza, Trinidad

Trinidad Mendoza KOby3 Jhonny Gonzalez, D425, 21minEX
Trinidad Mendoza KOby5 Hector Velazquez, D504, 23minEX
Trinidad Mendoza KOby3 Antonio Escalante, D548, 20minEX
Trinidad Mendoza KOby8 Oscar Andrade, D921, 28minEX
Trinidad Mendoza KOby6 Tomas Villa, D1269, 27minEX
Trinidad Mendoza L12 Danny Romero, D1328, 51minVG/EX
Trinidad Mendoza KO1 Fernando Espinoza, D2126, 6minEX
Trinidad Mendoza KOby7 Israel Vazquez, D1659, D4190, 30mVG

Mendoza, Victor

Victor Mendoza L6 Daniel Jimenez, D114, 29minEX

Mendoza, Yonhatan

Yonhatan Mendoza KOby2 Gabriel Perez, D391, 13minEX

Mendy, Jean Baptiste

Jean-Baptiste Mendy W12 Orzubek Nazarov, D1053, 51minG
Jean-Baptiste Mendy KOby5 Miguel Angel Gonzalez, D1891, 24minG
Jean-Baptiste Mendy KOby6 Julien Lorcy, D3536, 46minG
Jean-Baptiste Mendy W12 Alberto Sicurella, D3675, 55minG/VG
Jean-Baptiste Mendy L12 Khalid Rahilou, D3675, 52minG
Jean-Baptiste Mendy W12 Lamar Murphy, D3815, 36minG/VG (No 3,7,10)
Jean-Baptiste Mendy KO9 Angel Mona II, D4004, 70minG

Mendy, Jean-Paul

Jean-Paul Mendy KO1 Dallas Vargas, D1017, 15minEX
Jean-Paul Mendy W10 Henry Buchanan, D1092, 52minEX
Jean-Paul Mendy D12 Anthony Hanshaw, D1259, 65minEX
Jean-Paul Mendy WDQ1 Sakio Bika, D2528, 19minEX
Jean-Paul Mendy KOby4 Lucian Bute, D2866, 40minVG/EX

Mendy, Patrick

Patrick Mendy L12 Arif Magomedov, D4063, 62minVG

Menefee, Tony

Tony Menefee KOby6 Mikkel Kessler, D2059, 24minVG

Meneses, Ivan

Ivan Meneses KOby4 Roman Gonzalez, D2722, 27minVG
Ivan Meneses L10 Denver Cuello, D3375, 46minEX

Menetry, Roger

Roger Menetry L15 Jose 'Mantequilla' Napoles, D283, 31minP/F (HL)

Menovil, Orlando

Orlando Menovil KO1 Miguel Lazcano, D804, 9minEX

Mensah, Albert

Albert Mensah W10 Michael Katsidis, D3148, 44minEX

Mepranum, Richie

Richie Mepranum W6 Ernie Marquez, D2215, 27minG/VG
Richie Mepranum W10 Hernan Marquez I, D2471, 47minVG
Richie Mepranum KOby5 Julio Cesar Miranda, D2501, 22minG
Richie Mepranum KOby9 Juan Francisco Estrada, D3959, 29minVG

Merani, Sergio

Sergio Merani KOby4 Dennis Andries, D3104, 28minVG
Sergio Merani L12 Virgil Hill, D3284, 52minG/VG

Meraz, German

German Meraz L8 Eduardo Lazcano, D1731, 32minF/G
German Meraz L8 Rau'shee Warren, D3889, 38minVG

Mercado, Alberto

Alberto Mercado L10 Charm Chiteule, D3528, 35minVG/EX

Mercado, Alex

Alex Mercado W4 Joseph Rios, D1788, 17minEX

Mercado, Alvaro

Alvaro Mercado L12 David Griman, D2169, 42minG/VG
Alvaro Mercado KOby4 Leo Gamez, D3433, 17minVG

Mercado, Carlos

Carlos Mercado KOby3 Julio Cesar Borboa, D2945, 12mP/F, D3214, 23mVG

Mercado, Freddy

Freddy Mercado L4 Antonio Castro, D2216, 18minVG

Mercado, Jouvin

Jouvin Mercado KOby2 Bernard Hopkins, D1309, 9minG

Mercado, Lenny

Lenny Mercado W4 Josue Diaz, D182, 16minG/VG (no rd 1)

Mercado, Ray

Ray Mercado L10 Nicolino Locche, D1617, 3minF (HL)

Mercado, Segundo

Segundo Mercado D12 Bernard Hopkins I, D2571, 67minG/VG
Segundo Mercado KOby7 Bernard Hopkins II, D1427, D2571, 39minG/VG
Segundo Mercado KOby5 Frankie Liles, D2982, 35minG/VG

Mercedes, Alberto

Alberto Mercedes KOby4 Johnathan Taylor, D214, 17minEX
Alberto Mercedes L8 Jesus Gonzalez, D362, 34minEX
Alberto Mercedes L8 Michael Walker, D1088, 34minEX

Mercedes, Eleoncio

Eleoncio Mercedes KOby7 Charlie Magri, D1066, 29minVG
Eleoncio Mercedes W15 Freddy Castillo, D1592, 54minF/G (No decision)
Eleoncio Mercedes KOby9 German Torres, D2878, 37minF
Eleoncio Mercedes KOby6 Alberto Davila, D3868, 12minP/F

Mercedes, Hector

Hector Mercedes KOby1 Mike Tyson, D2010, 1minG

Mercedes, Hilario

Hilario Mercedes L8 Micky Ward, D2626, 34minG/VG

Mercedes, Juan

Juan Mercedes W8 Kevin Hudgins, D1283, 34minEX
Juan Mercedes KOby4 Jose Lopez, D3114, 26minVG

Mercer, Ray

Ray Mercer W3 Tommy Morrison (AMA), D18, 10minG
Ray Mercer KOby7 Shannon Briggs, D651, 44mEX, D1335, 51mEX
Ray Mercer L10 Lennox Lewis, D1001, 46minEX
Ray Mercer L10 Evander Holyfield, D1257, 47minEX
Ray Mercer D10 Marion Wilson, D1525, 37minEX
Ray Mercer KO2 Arthel Lawhorne, D1533, 12minEX
Ray Mercer KO1 Tracy Thomas, D1533, 6minEX
Ray Mercer KO1 David Hopkins, D1760, 3minVG
Ray Mercer KO1 Dino Homsey, D1789, 8minEX
Ray Mercer L12 Larry Holmes, D3045, 88minG/VG

Mercury, Mercedes

Mercedes Mercury L4 Rita Figueroa, D579, 19miNEX

Merdov, Stanyslav

Stanyslav Merdov L12 Chris John, D3049, 60minVG

Merino, Hector

Hector Merino L4 Eduardo Oliveira, D588, 17minEX

Mesi, Joe

Joe Mesi KO1 DaVarryl Williamson, D28, 29minEX
Joe Mesi W10 Monte Barrett, D91, 66minEX
Joe Mesi W10 vassily Jirov, D1405, 59minVG
Joe Mesi W6 Stephane Tessier, D895, 28minEX
Joe Mesi W4 Jason Weiss, D1150, 21minEX
Joe Mesi KO1 George Linberger, D1355, 17minEX

Mesquita, Antonio

Antonio Mesquita KO6 Santos Pakua, D936, 25minEX
Antonio Mesquita L10 Lamont Peterson, D1464, 54minEX

Mesquita, Carlos

Carlos Mesquita W10 Juan Carlos Rodriguez, D801, 20minEX (Rds 6-10)

Mestre, Harold

Harold Mestre KOby2 Mbulelo Botile, D2081, 6minF

Meyers, Ricky

Ricky Meyers W10 Micky Ward, D2626, 42minG/VG
Ricky Meyers KOby6 Zack Padilla, D3682, 23minG/VG

Meza Clay, Monty

Monty Meza Clay KOby11 Edner Cherry, D754, 43minEX
Monty Meza Clay KO6 Dean White, D1014, 26minEX
Monty Meza Clay KO3 Fred Neal, D1187, 15minEX
Monty Meza Clay L12 Fernando Beltran, D2115, 53minEX
Monty Meza Clay KO7 Eric Aiken, D3465, 31minEX

Meza, Antonio

Antonio Meza KO4 Eduardo Gutiterez, D215, 19minEX
Antonio Meza KO7 Erick Perez, D434, 27minEX
Antonio Meza KOby1 Miguel Roman, D2928, 8minG

Meza, Jose Antonio

Jose Antonio Meza KO2 Edgar Morales, 118
Jose Antonio Meza KO10 Andres Cabrera, D164, 15minEX (HL)

Meza, Jose Luis

Jose Luis Meza KOby2 Rodolfo Martinez, D3008, 6minG

Meza, Juan 'Kid'

Juan Meza KO1 Jaime Garza, D154, D1551, 6minG
Juan Meza KOby5 Wilfredo Gomez, D220, 21mG, D300, 26mG
Juan Meza KOby12 Samart Payakaroon, D725, 39mF/G, D1273, 36mF/G
Juan Meza KOby12 Samart Payakaroon D1119, 39minG
Juan Meza W10 James Martinez II, D1272, 39minF/G
Juan Meza KO8 Roberto Castillo, D1272, 29minG
Juan Meza L12 Lupe Pintor, D2977, 48minVG
Juan Meza KO6 Mike Ayala, D3316, 27minG

Meza, Juan Antonio

Juan Antonio Meza KO2 Eduardo Morales, D791, 11minEX

Meza, Miguel

Miguel Meza KOby3 Bobby Chacon, D679, D1402, 9minF/G

Meza, Oscar

Oscar Meza KOby6 Darley Perez, D2962, 33minEX

Mhagama, Pascal

Pascal Mhagama KOby3 Veeraphol Sahaprom, D1134, 12minF/G

Miceli, Joe

Joe Miceli L10 Pierre Langlois II, D1491, 39minF
Joe Miceli KOby8 Johnny Bratton, D1491, 26minF
Joe Miceli W10 Carlo Sarlo, D2089, 47minG/VG

Michael, Barry

Barry Michael KOby8 Rocky Lockridge, D1054, 37minG/VG
Barry Michael W15 Lester Ellis, D1499, 87minVG
Barry Michael KO11 Frank Ropis, D1501, 38minG
Barry Michael KO4 Jin-Shik Choi, D1682, 16minF
Barry Michael W15 Najib Daho II, D2676, 56minG/VG
Barry Michael KO4 Mark Fernandez, D2863, 21minG/VG
Barry Michael W10 Al Carter, D2927, 55minVG

Michalczewski, Dariusz

Dariusz Michalczewski KOby6 Fabrice Tiozzo, D1121, 36minEX
Dariusz Michalczewski W12 Virgil Hill, D1531, 53minF/G
Dariusz Michalczewski L12 Julio Cesar Gonzalez, D1650, 61mVG, D1732, 57mG/VG
Dariusz Michalczewski KO4 Montell Griffin, D3076, 31minVG
Dariusz Michalczewski KO9 Drake Thadzi, D3103, 32minVG
Dariusz Michalczewski W12 Christophe Girard I, D4095, 62minF/G

Michel, Philippe

Philippe Michel KOby9 Juan Carlos Gomez, D2372, 40minVG

Mickelson, Jeremy

Jeremy Mickelson KOby3 Phillip Botha, D187, 18minVG

Middleton, Larry

Larry Middleton KOby10 Ken Norton, D1977, 37minVG

Mihara, Tadashi

Tadashi Mihara KOby6 Davey Moore, D2056, 23minG/VG
Tadashi Mihara W15 Rocky Fratto, D2897, D2925, 38mG/VG, No 6-7, 10-12
Tadashi Mihara W15 Rocky Fratto, D3606, 67minF/G, complete fight
Tadashi Mihara KO5 Katsuhiro Sawada II, D3445, 23minG/VG
Tadashi Mihara KO4 Takanobu Suzuki, D3446, 15minVG/EX
Tadashi Mihara W10 Mimoun Mohatar, D3446, 43minG/VG

Mihtar, Brian

Brian Mihtar KO3 Joe Benjamin, D15, 13minEX

Mijangos, Ladislao

Ladislao Mijangos KOby2 George Foreman, D1297, 17minG/VG

Mijares, Cristian

Cristian Mijares W12 Katsushige Kawashima I, D1156, 51minEX
Cristian Mijares KO10 Katsushige Kawashima II, D2341, 36minG
Cristian Mijares W12 Jorge Arce, D1442, 60minEX
Cristian Mijares W12 Jose Navaro, D1609, 56minVG
Cristian Mijares W12 Alexander Munoz, D1668, 89minVG
Cristian Mijares KO1 Franck Gorjux, D1672, 5minG
Cristian Mijares KO3 Chatchai Sasakul, D1707, 10minF
Cristian Mijares KO10 Teppei Kikui, D1780, 57minVG
Cristian Mijares KOby9 Vic Darchinyan, D1869, 57minEX
Cristian Mijares L12 Nehomar Cermeno, D2063, 64minVG/EX
Cristian Mijares KO6 BJ Dolorosa, D2354, 20minVG
Cristian Mijares W12 Reynaldo Lopez, D2511, 42minF
Cristian Mijares KO4 Franklin Solis, D2542, 24minG
Cristian Mijares W12 Juan Alberto Rosas, D2583, 49minVG
Cristian Mijares W12 Carlos Rueda, D2838, 57minG
Cristian Mijares KO4 Eddy Julio, D3136, 24minVG/EX
Cristian Mijares KO9 Rafael Marquez, D3362, 50minVG
Cristian Mijares L12 Victor Terrazas, D3522, 51minVG
Cristian Mijares KO6 Carlos Jacobo, D3636, 28minF
Cristian Mijares L12 Leo Santa Cruz, D3912, 58minVG
Cristian Mijares KO7 Sebastian Rodriguez, D4029, 27minVG

Mijares, Rocky

Rocky Mijares KOby2 Antonio Avelar, D4182, 5minF

Mike, Miranda

Mike Miranda KOby1 Zaurbek Baysangurov, D2889, 15minG

Mike, Sugar Ray

Sugar Ray Mike L12 Hi-Yong Choi, D1222, 48minG

Mikhaylenko, Dmitry

Dmitry Mikhaylenko W8 Sechew Powell, D4050, 34minG
Dmitry Mikhaylenko KO8 Ronald Cruz, D4188, 35minG/VG

Mildenberger, Karl

Karl Mildenberger KOby12 Muhammad Ali, D1196, 45minG

Miles, Tyrone

Tyrone Miles KOby1 Glen Tapia, D2832, 5minVG

Miller, Harold

Harold Miller KOby7 Zack Padilla, D3688, 31minG

Miller, Mark

Mark Miller L6 Sameh Elashry, D365, D412, 28minEX

Miller, Nate

Nate Miller KO5 Michael Greer, D1124, 22minVG
Nate Miller KO2 Lionel Byram, D1398, 6minG
Nate Miller L12 Fabrice Tiozzo, D2702, 52minF
Nate Miller KO2 Alexander Gurov, D2885, D3435, 16minG
Nate Miller KO8 Orlin Norris I, D3435, 41minG
Nate Miller L12 Orlin Norris II, D1676, 45minEX
Nate Miller KO7 James Heath, D3435, 26minG
Nate Miller KO9 Brian Laspada, D3435, 37minVG/EX

Miller, Paul

Paul Miller KO3 Peter Rudd, D2680, 13minVG

Miller, Ray

Ray Miller L10 Justo Suarez, D3695, 12minVG (HL)

Miller, Reggie

Reggie Miller KOby7 Nigel Benn, D123, 14minVG
Reggie Miller W10 Dick Eklund, D3232, 41minG

Miller, Samuel

Samuel Miller W8 Jason Naugler, D1006, 30minEX
Samuel Miller KO1 Steve Walker, D1172, 7minEX
Samuel Miller L8 Darrell Woods, D1360, 32minEX
Samuel Miller L12 David Lopez, D1824, 50minEX
Samuel Miller KOby2 Andrzej Fonfara, D3824, 15minG/VG

Miller, Shannon

Shannon Miller L6 Levan Easley, 343, 29minVG
Shannon Miller KOby5 Malachy Farrell, D1032, 26minEX
Shannon Miller L10 Derric Rossy, 42minEX

Miller, Tony

Tony Miller L12 Jeff Fenech, D909, 41minVG

Millett, Terron

Terron Millett L10 Ricardo Williams, D1237, 48minVG/EX
Terron Millett KOby4 Zab Judah, D1423, 49minVG
Terron Millett KO5 Vince Phillips, D3425, 23minG
Terron Millett KO5 Vince Phillips, D3449, 21minG (cam)
Terron Millett KOby4 Arturo Gatti, D3774, 22minG/VG

Milligan, Henry

Henry Milligan KOby8 David Izegwire, D2476, 36minG/VG

Mills, Joel

Joel Mills W4 Leshon Sims, D1457, 18minEX

Milo, Kid

Kid Milo KOby4 Nigel Benn, D48, 17minG, D127, 17minG
Kid Milo KOby8 Chris Eubank, D1528, 40minVG

Milton, Dennis

Dennis Milton KOby1 Julian Jackson, D989, 11minEX
Dennis Milton KOby4 Bernard Hopkins, D1309, 19minG/VG
Dennis Milton W10 Michael Olajide, D3937, 52minG (cam)

Milton, Orlando

Orlando Milton KOby2 Jerome Ellis, D767, 9minEX

Mims, Holly

Holly Mims L10 Rubin Carter, D992, 40minEX
Holly Mims L10 Joey Archer, D1622, D2092, 47minG
Holly Mims L10 Bobby Boyd I, D2092, 48minG/VG

Minami, Hisao

Hisao Minami KOby2 Freddie Little, D1178, 11mEX, D1400, 8mF/G

Mince, Chuck

Chuck Mince KO3 Chalon Becnel, D3107, 13minG

Minchillo, Luigi

Luigi Minchillo KOby13 Mike McCallum, D2368, 43minG
Luigi Minchillo W12 Marijan Benes, D3677, 48minG/VG (no dec)
Luigi Minchillo W12 Maurice Hope, D3700, 16minG (HL)
Luigi Minchillo L10 Roberto Duran, D3701, 33minF/G
Luigi Minchillo L12 Thomas Hearns, D3701, 54minG

Ming, Wa Mi

Ma Wi Ming KOby1 Wanheng Menayothin, D1471, 6minEX

Mingo, Cedric

Cedric Mingo KOby10 Juan Manuel Marquez, D1640, 46minVG

Mino, Ruben Angel

Ruben Angel Mino KOby2 Ilunga Makubu, D3895, 16minVG

Minter, Alan

Alan Minter KO5 Ray Seales, D343, D1269, 15minG/VG
Alan Minter KO12 Angelo Jacopucci, D343, 43minG/VG
Alan Minter KO2 Monty Betham, D343, D908, 7minVG
Alan Minter KOby3 Tony Sibson, D343, 12mF, D3111, 42mG
Alan Minter W10 Emile Griffith, D343, 10minF (HL)
Alan Minter KOby8 Ronnie Harris, D699, D2635, D2656, 32minVG
Alan Minter L10 Mustafa Hamsho, D710, 45mVG, D2652, 44mG/VG
Alan Minter W15 Vito Antuofermo I, D710, 66mVG, D917, 68mG
Alan Minter KO8 Vito Antuofermo II, D1268, 26minG/VG
Alan Minter W15 Kevin Finnegan I, D712, 26mVG/EX (HL)
Alan Minter W15 Kevin Finnegan II, D2634, 55mG, D2655, 55mVG
Alan Minter KO2 Billy Knight, D712, 10mVG/EX, D1269, 10mG/VG
Alan Minter W10 Doug Demmings, D908, 14minG (HL)
Alan Minter KOby6 Jan Magdziarz II, D4053, 27minG/VG
Alan Minter NC4 Jan Magdziarz III, D1266, 7minG (No 2nd)
Alan Minter KOby3 Marvin Hagler, D3327, 9mG/VG, D3397, 24mG/VG
Alan Minter W10 Ernie Singletary, D3359, 28minVG
Alan Minter KO6 Tony Licata, D3821, 13minG (HL)

Minto, Brian

Brian Minto W8 Billy Zumbrun, D778, 29minEX
Brian Minto KO10 Vincent Maddalone I, D1267, 33minEX
Brian Minto KO7 Vincent Maddalone II, D946, 34minVG
Brian Minto KOby4 Chris Arreola, D2232, 35minG/VG
Brian Minto L12 Luan Krasniqi, D2235, 64minVG
Brian Minto KOby9 Marco Huck, D2406, 53minEX

Minton, Frank

Frank Minton KOby1 Joe Calzaghe, D1535, 7minVG
Frank Minton KOby5 Iran Barkley, D1626, 19minG
Frank Minton KOby4 Mike McCallum, D2367, 19minG/VG
Frank Minton KOby9 James Kinchen I, D4037, 35minG

Minus, Ray

Ray Minus KOby11 Orlando Canizales, D1515, 39minVG
Ray Minus L12 Miguel Lora, D3427, 52minG

Mira, Gabriel

Gabriel Mira KOby4 Manny Pacquiao, D901, 15mP/F, D1707, 21mG
Gabriel Mira W12 Yong-Soon Chang, D2982, 64minG/VG

Miranda, Dionisio

Dionisio Miranda KOby2 Giovanni Lorenzo, D2043, 19minEX
Dionisio Miranda KOby10 Roman Karmazin, D2362, 43minVG
Dionisio Miranda KOby2 Marco Antonio Rubio, D3621, 11minG

Miranda, Edison

Edison Miranda KO3 Sherwin Davis, D653, 13minEX
Edison Miranda KO7 Howard Eastman, D682, 40minEX
Edison Miranda KO1 Willie Gibbs, D1229, 22minEX
Edison Miranda W10 Allan Green, D1363, 55minEX
Edison Miranda L12 Arthur Abraham I, D1433, 68minG/VG
Edison Miranda KOby4 Arthur Abraham II, D1664, 40minEX
Edison Miranda KO3 David Banks, D1500, 22mEX, D2346, 20mEX
Edison Miranda KO5 Joey Vegas, D2072, 28minEX
Edison Miranda KO3 Emmanuel Esparza, D2118, 13minG/VG
Edison Miranda KOby3 Lucian Bute, D2419, 34minEX
Edison Miranda W8 Rayco Saunders, D2856, 35minVG
Edison Miranda LDQ5 Yordanis Despaigne, D2886, 23minVG
Edison Miranda KO5 Kariz Kariuki, D3077, 17minVG (Rds 2-5)

Miranda, Jesse

Jesse Miranda L10 Johnny Tapia, D2666, 41minG

Miranda, Jose

Jose Miranda KOby2 Diego Gabriel Chaves, D3470, 27minG/VG

Miranda, Julio Cesar

Julio Cesar Miranda KOby8 Barry McGuigan, D557, 41minVG

Miranda, Julio Cesar 'Pingo'

Julio Cesar Miranda KO7 Roberto Leyva, D888, 29minEX
Julio Cesar Miranda L12 Pongsaklek Wonjongkam, D2226, 45minG/VG
Julio Cesar Miranda L12 Moruti Mthalane, D2342, 79minVG
Julio Cesar Miranda KO5 Richie Mepranum, D2501, 22minG
Julio Cesar Miranda KO2 Michael Arango, D2580, 16minVG
Julio Cesar Miranda KO4 Ardin Diale, D2793, 19minG/VG
Julio Cesar Miranda L12 Brian Viloria, D2891, 40minVG
Julio Cesar Miranda KO8 Ronald Ramos, D2915, 40minVG
Julio Cesar Miranda KO3 Luis Carlos Leon, D2939, 19mVG, D3003, 16mVG
Julio Cesar Miranda L10 Rodel Mayol, D3164, 49minVG
Julio Cesar Miranda L12 Hugo Cazares, D3835, 34minF
Julio Cesar Miranda L10 Arturo Santos Reyes, D3923, 39minVG

Miranda, Leonilo

Leonilo Miranda KOby5 Orlando Cruz, D1999, 31minEX
Leonilo Miranda L8 Gary Russell, D2913, 42minEX

Miranda, Lupe

Lupe Miranda L10 Genaro Hernandez, D1700, 35minVG

Miranda, Marcelo

Marcelo Miranda KOby3 Marcos Maidana, D2599, 10minG/VG

Miranda, Maria Andrea

Maria Andrea Miranda KOby4 Ana Maria Torres, D3124, 20minVG

Miranda, Mario

Mario Miranda KOby10 Juan LaPorte, D191, 42minF/G

Miranda, Pavel

Pavel Miranda W6 Francisco Rios Gil, D641, 29minEX

Mironchik, Adan

Adan Mironchik KOby1 Marcos Maidana, D2588, 3minG

Misako, Masahiro

Masahiro Misako KOby6 Jae-Do Yuh, D599, 23minG

Misawa, Teruo

Teruo Misawa KOby7 Juan Palacios, D1931, 35minVG
Teruo Misawa W8 Yuki Hashiguchi, D2683, 37minVG

Mishima, Mitsuo

Mitsuo Mishima L8 Koji Iida, D2715, 36minG

Miskirtchian, Alexander

Alexander Miskirtchian KO12 Andreas Evensen, D3885, 59minG
Alexander Miskirtchian L12 Evgeny Gradovich, D4000, 58minG/VG

Miszkin, Maciej

Maciej Miszkin L8 Aliaksandr Sushchyts, D4162, 36minVG

Mitani, Yamoto

Yamoto Mitani L12 Yong-Soo Choi II, D1571, 45minVG/EX
Yamoto Mitani L12 Yong-Soo Choi III, D1229, 43minVG/EX
Yamato Mitani W12 Nobutoshi Hiranaka, D3861, 42minG/VG

Mitchell, Brent

Brent Mitchell KOby2 Mike Walsh, D3215, 5minVG

Mitchell, Brian

Brian Mitchell D12 Tony Lopez I, D608, 50minVG
Brian Mitchell W12 Tony Lopez II, D608, 70minVG
Brian Mitchell W10 Danilo Cabrera, D981, 39mEX, D2188, 43mG
Brian Mitchell W12 Jim McDonnell, D981, 57mEX, D2188, 53mG/VG
Brian Mitchell KO14 Francisco Fernandez, D1057, 46mG/VG, D2177, 59mG
Brian Mitchell W15 Daniel Londas, D1057, 54mVG, D2184, 67mVG
Brian Mitchell KO7 Carlos Rodriguez, D2176, 23minG
Brian Mitchell KO7 Vicente Jorge, D2176, 29minG
Brian Mitchell KO12 Jacob Morake IV, D2176, 51minG
Brian Mitchell KO10 Alfredo Layne, D2183, 40minG/VG
Brian Mitchell KO7 Irving Mitchell, D2184, 30minF
Brian Mitchell TW9 Jackie Beard I, D2189, 41minG/VG
Brian Mitchell W12 Jackie Beard II, D2185, 56minG
Brian Mitchell W12 Frankie Mitchell, D2186, 57minG
Brian Mitchell W10 Felipe Orozco, D2190, 46minF/G
Brian Mitchell KO8 Salvatore Bottiglieri, D2190, 39minG/VG
Brian Mitchell D15 Joe Rivera I, D2192, 53minG
Brian Mitchell W12 Joe Rivera II, D2186, 51minG
Brian Mitchell W8 Jerome Gumede (HL), D2543, 17minG
Brian Mitchell KO9 Salvatore Curcetti, D3821, 42minF

Mitchell, Byron

Byron Mitchell KO12 Manny Siaca, D2416, 52minG
Byron Mitchell W12 Manny Siaca, D2422, 56minG/VG
Byron Mitchell KOby4 Beibut Shumenov, D2641, 23minVG
Byron Mitchell KO4 Julio Cesar Green, D2677, 17minVG
Byron Mitchell KOby6 Zsolt Erdai, D2846, 31mEX, D2994, 25mG/VG
Byron Mitchell KO11 Frankie Liles, D3015, 64minVG
Byron Mitchell KOby4 Dawid Kostecki, D3076, 13minVG

Mitchell, Danny

Danny Mitchell KOby1 Gerald McClellan, D3094, 4minG

Mitchell, Eric

Eric Mitchell L10 Ricardo Mayorga, D132, 54minEX
Eric Mitchell KOby5 Dmitry Pirog, D2499, 30minVG/EX

Mitchell, Frankie

Frankie Mitchell L12 Brian Mitchell, D2186, 57minG
Frankie Mitchell KOby4 Julio Cesar Chavez, D4170, 35minG

Mitchell, Henry

Henry Mitchell L4 Rock Allen, D950, 30minEX

Mitchell, Irving

Irving Mitchell L15 Min-Kuen Oh, D1827, 66minVG
Irving Mitchell KOby7 Brian Mitchell, D2184, 30minF
Irving Mitchell KOby5 Azumah Nelson, D2867, 23minG/VG

Mitchell, John

John Mitchell KOby1 Adam Moses, D42, 6minVG

Mitchell, Kevin

Kevin Mitchell KOby3 Michael Katsidis, D2461, 29minEX
Kevin Mitchell W8 Sebastien Benito, D3605, 40minG
Kevin Mitchell KO9 Karim El Ouazghari, D3835, 40minG
Kevin Mitchell KO2 Mikheil Avakyan, D3912, 15minG/VG
Kevin Mitchell KO11 Ghislain Maduma, D4008, 54minG

Mitchell, Seth

Seth Mitchell KO2 Timur Ibragimov, D3062, 17minVG
Seth Mitchell KO3 Chazz Witherspoon, D3143, 23minEX
Seth Mitchell KOby3 Johnathon Banks I, D3327, 27minVG/EX
Seth Mitchell W12 Johnathon Banks II, D3589, 60minEX
Seth Mitchell KOby1 Chris Arreola, D3700, 20minVG

Mitchell, Sharmba

Sharmba Mitchell W12 Mike Stewart, D128, 62minVG
Sharmba Mitchell W12 Lovemore Ndou, D136, 68minVG
Sharmba Mitchell KOby6 Floyd Mayweather, Jr., D543, 54minEX
Sharmba Mitchell W10 Jose Luis Cruz Felix, D800, 42minEX
Sharmba Mitchell KOby4 Paul Williams, D1030, 34minEX
Sharmba Mitchell W12 Felix Flores, D1203, 65minVG
Sharmba Mitchell KOby7 Kostya Yszyu I, D2699, 35minG
Sharmba Mitchell KOby3 Kostya Tszyu II, D262, 73minVG
Sharmba Mitchell W12 Ben Tackie, D2708, 71minVG
Sharmba Mitchell KOby8 Leavander Johnson, D3707, 25minG
Sharmba Mitchell W8 Rafael Limon, D3757, 34minG
Sharmba Mitchell TW5 Chris Smith, D3806, 31minG/VG
Sharmba Mitchell W12 Khalid Rahilou, D3810, 57minG
Sharmba Mitchell W12 Pedro Saiz, D3810, 56minVG
Sharmba Mitchell W12 Reggie Green, D3820, 53minVG
Sharmba Mitchell W12 Elio Ortiz, D3820, 69minG/VG

Miteff, Alex

Alex Miteff KOby6 Muhammad Ali, D1195, 27minF
Alex Miteff KOby3 Jerry Quarry, D3490, 8minF/G (silent)

Mitrevski, Jr., Peter

Peter Mitrevski, Jr. W10 Yoshinori Nishizawa, D1119, D2071, 47mVG

Mitsunagi, Tomohiro

Tomohiro Mitsunagi KOby2 Takuji Matsuhashi, D886, 11minEX

Miura, Hiromitsu

Hiromitsu Miura W6 Hector Hernandez, D2990, 30minEX

Miura, Takashi

Takashi Miura KOby8 Takashi Uchiyama, D2682, 46minVG
Takashi Miura D10 Yoshimitsu Yoshiro I, D3509, 52minVG
Takashi Miura KO9 Gamaliel Diaz, D3515, 74minEX
Takashi Miura W12 Sergio Thompson, D3646, 54minG
Takashi Miura KO9 Dante Jardon, D3879, 42minEX

Miyagi, Makoto

Makoto Miyagi KOby8 Rey Orais, D2684, 36minVG

Miyagi, Ryuta

Ryuta Miyagi KOby3 Chonlatarn Piriyapinyo, D3084, 13minF/G

Miyazaki, Ryo

Ryo Miyazaki W12 Pornsawan Porpramook, D3364, 53minEX
Ryo Miyazaki KO5 Carlos Velarde, D3561, 46minEX
Ryo Miyazaki W12 Jesus Silvestre, D3707, 46minEX
Ryo Miyazaki KOby3 Fahlan Sakkreerin, D3859, 12minVG
Ryo Miyazaki KO5 Ichal Tobida, D4126, 20minVG

Mizuno, Takahiro

Takahiro Mizuno KOby1 Yuri Arbachakov, D1942, 7minF/G

Mkrtchyan, Mger

Mger Mkrtchyan KO3 Freeman Barr, D39, 21minEX
Mger Mkrtchyan KOby7 Joe Calzaghe, D1816, 32minVG

Mobley, Shay

Shay Mobley L6 Jesus Gonzalez, D3295, 26minVG
Shay Mobley L6 David 'Weezel' Estrada, D255, 29minEX
Shay Mobley W8 Miguel Hernandez, D311, 36minEX

Mock, Lolenga

Lolenga Mock KOby4 David Haye, D1545, 17minG
Lolenga Mock L12 Gabriel Campillo, D3103, 38minF/G (cam)

Mogami, Kyoshiro

Kyoshiro Mogami L4 Yukiaki Sekine, 386, 18minVG/EX

Mogi, Yutaka

Yutaka Mogi KOby1 Kinuto Tauchi, D531, 6minVG

Moguea, Amaury

Amaury Moguea KOby3 Julio Cesar Vasquez, D2496, 11minVG

Mohale, Tshepang

Tshepang Mohale KOby11 Johnny Muller, D3667, 53minG/VG

Mohammad, 'Prince' Mama

'Prince' Mama Mohammad L12 J.B. Williamson, D290, 47minF/G

Mohammadpour, Akbar

Akbar Mohammadpour KOby6 Pongsaklek Wongjonkam, D1875, 19minVG

Mohammedi, Nadjib

Nadjib Mohammedi L12 Nathan Cleverly, D3440, 55minVG/EX
Nadjib Mohammedi KO7 Anatoliy Dudchenko, D4026, 36minEX

Mohatar, Mimoun

Mimoun Mohatar KOby9 Carlos Palomino, D2881, 34minG/VG
Mimoun Mohatar L10 Tadashi Mihara, D3446, 43minG/VG

Mohs, Jessica

Jessica Mohs L6 Mia St. John, D1406, 20minVG

Mojico, Eduardo

Eduardo Mojico L10 Efren Torres III, D223, 33minG

Mokoginta, James

James Mokoginta L10 Daiki Kameda, D3340, 38minEX

Mokwana, Thompson

Thompson Mokwana KO7 Patrick Malinga, D2813, 36minG

Moliere, Joe

Joe Moliere KOby1 Donald Curry, D3857, 6minF/G

Molina, Carlos

Carlos Molina L4 Johnathan Ochoa, D213, 20minEX
Carlos Molina KO3 Adam Capo, D261, 16minEX
Carlos Molina D8 Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. I, D587, 30minEX
Carlos Molina W6 Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. II, D722, 35mVG/EX, D768, 28mEX
Carlos Molina L8 Mike Alvarado, D1334, 35minEX
Carlos Molina KO4 Genier Pit, D1960, 18minEX
Carlos Molina W10 Kermit Cintron, D2865, 52minVG
Carlos Molina W10 Angino Perez, D3125, 40minG/VG
Carlos Molina KOby10 Amir Khan, D3358, 61minEX
Carlos Molina W10 Ishe Smith, D3706, 57minEX
Carlos Molina L10 Adrian Broner, D3960, 53minVG
Carlos Molina L12 Cornelius Bundrage, D4151, 60minVG

Molina, Chris

Chris Molina KOby1 David Sanchez, D1, D1664, 10minVG/EX

Molina, Cruz

Cruz Molina D4 Edvino Corona, D215, 21minEX
Cruz Molina KOby3 Alberto Rosas, D335, 15minEX
Cruz Molina KOby1 Hernan Marquez, D3477, 7minG/VG

Molina, Javier

Javier Molina W6 John Revish, D2928, 26minG

Molina, John

John Molina KO1 Ignacio Flores, D744, 8minEX
John Molina KO3 Joshua Allotey, D2012, 22minEX
John Molina L10 Martin Honorio, D2226, 53minVG
John Molina KOby6 Juan Alberto Rosas, D2838, 25minG
John Molina KO10 Mickey Bey, D3610, 54minG/VG
John Molina KOby10 Lucas Matthysse, D3957, 58minVG
John Molina L10 Humberto Soto, D4100, 50minVG

Molina, Joran

Joran Molina KOby6 Isidro Toala, D4043, 26minVG

Molina, Juan 'John John'

John John Molina W12 Juan LaPorte, D186, 44minG
John John Molina L12 Tony Lopez I, D438, D2008, 45minG
John John Molina KO10 Tony Lopez II, D1499, 38minVG
John John Molina L12 Tony Lopez III, D1504, 53minVG
John John Molina L12 Oscar DeLaHoya, D617, 53minG/VG
John John Molina KOby8 Shane Mosley, D2213, 44minVG
John John Molina KO4 Jackie Gunguluza, D3164, 19minG
John John Molina L12 Roberto Garcia, D3430, 48minG
John John Molina KO9 Floyd Havard, D3802, 26minG
John John Molina KO8 Bernard Taylor, D3805, 32minG
John John Molina KO8 Juan Carlos Suarez, D3705, 19minG/VG
John John Molina W12 Goyo Vargas, D3805, 56minG
John John Molina KO8 Francisco Segura, D3806, 29minVG
John John Molina KO4 Fernando Caicedo, D3811, 16minVG
John John Molina KO10 Wilson Rodriguez, D3815, 44minVG

Molina, Remigio

Remigio Molina KOby8 Juan Manuel Marquez, D3248, 37minG
Remigio Molina KOby6 Erik Morales, D3817, 22minG/VG

Molinares, Tomas

Tomas Molinares NC6 Marlon Starling, D1299, 52minVG

Molitor, Steve

Steve Molitor KO9 Takalani Ndlovu I, D1510, 61minEX
Steve Molitor W12 Takalani Ndlovu II, D2401, 56minEX
Steve Molitor L12 Takalani Ndlovu III, D2812, 57minG
Steve Molitor KO5 Michael Hunter, D1533, 36minVG
Steve Molitor W12 Ricardo Castillo, D1536, 73minEX
Steve Molitor W12 Fahsan 3K Battery, D1537, 77minEX
Steve Molitor KO10 Ceferino Labarda, D1726, 51inVG
Steve Molitor KOby4 Celestino Caballero, D1919, 49minEX
Steve Molitor KO4 Vicente Luis Burgo, D1969, 19minG/VG
Steve Molitor KO5 Feliciano Azuaga, D2180, 25minVG/EX
Steve Molitor W8 Jose Saez, D2219, 37minEX
Steve Molitor KOby6 Carl Frampton, D3525, 34minG
Steve Molitor W12 Fernando Beltran, D3804, 56minVG/EX
Steve Molitor W12 Jason Booth, D3804, 56minVG

Mollo, Mike

Mike Mollo L12 Andrew Golota, D1546, 54minVG
Mike Mollo L12 Jameel McCline, D1915, 46minVG (starts in 1st)
Mike Mollo KOby6 Artur Szpilka I, D3643, 32minVG
Mike Mollo KOby5 Artur Szpilka II, D3646, 23minVG

Molotke, Mike

Mike Molotke KOby3 Harvey Jolly, D1444, 13minEX

Mona, Angel

Angel Mona KOby9 Jean-Baptiste Mendy II, D4004, 70minG

Monaco, Dominick

Dominick Monaco KOby8 Howard Davis, D3507, 26minF/G

Monaco, Luis

Luis Monaco KOby2 Lamon Brewster, D1574, 10minEX

Monaghan, Michael

Michael Monaghan KOby5 Carl Froch, D1969, 17minVG
Michael Monaghan KOby7 Hassan N'Dam N'Jikam, D4132, 40minF/G

Monaghan, Sean

Sean Monaghan KO3 George Armenta, D3274, 22minG
Sean Monaghan KO3 Anthony Smith, D3717, 19minEX
Sean Monaghan W10 Elvir Muriqi, D4015, 45minVG

Monarrez, Edgar

Edgar Monarrez D8 Adrian Young, D4131, 34minVG

Mondejar, Frank

Frank Mondejar KOby4 Jose Ojeda, D1604, 17minVG

Mondragon, Mario

Mario Mondragon KOby1 Miguel Antonio Vazquez, D630, 7minEX

Mondragon, Mario Alberto

Mario Alberto Mondragon KOby3 Jose Yanez, D79, 15minEX

Mongelema, Andre

Andre Mongelema L10 Tony Sibson, D2742, 9minF (HL)

Monjardin, Hector Javier

Hector Javier Monjardin KOby6 Eddie Hopson, D2983, 20minG/VG

Monroe, Carlos

Carlos Monroe KOby6 Wladimir Klitschko, D1561, 22minEX

Monroe, Jr., Willie

Willie Monroe, Jr. W8 Vitaliy Kopalenko, D3950, 38minVG
Willie Monroe, Jr. W10 Brandon Adams, D3980, 47minG

Monroe, Marty

Marty Monroe KO2 Tony Pulu III, D3404, 9minVG

Monroe, Willie

Willie Monroe KOby2 Marvin Hagler III, D447, 8mG, D3478, 11mF/G
Willie Monroe W10 Eugene Hart, D1612, D2104, 13minF (HL, silent)
Willie Monroe L10 Curtis Parker, D2028, 42minG
Willie Monroe KOby4 David Love, D2675, 16minG

Monsaichon, Singdam

Singdam Monsaichon KOby3 Jorhe Lonares, D1037, 16minEX

Monserrat, Edgar

Edgar Monserrat L12 Gilberto Roman, D894, 48minVG (starts in 1st)
Edgar Monserrat KOby7 Sung-Kil Moon, D899, 20minG/VG
Edgar Monserrat KOby2 Khaosai Galaxy, D3300, 11minG/VG

Monshipour, Mahyar

Mahyar Monshipour KOby10 Somsak Sithchatchawal, D706, 63mVG, D853, 51mEX
Mahyar Monshipour KO6 Yoddamrong Sithyodthong, D832, 37mVG, D1658, 33mVG/EX
Mahyar Monshipour KO6 Tuncay Kaya II, D833, 28mVG, D2005, 31mVG/EX
Mahyar Monshipour KO6 Mustapha Hame, D834, 25minVG
Mahyar Monshipour KO12 Salim Medjkoune I, D845, 55minVG (low sound)
Mahyar Monshipour KO8 Salim Medjkoune II, D844, 43minVG
Mahyar Monshipour KO7 Jairo Tagliaferro, D844, D1646, 36minVG
Mahyar Monshipour KO9 Julio Zarate, D940, 53minVG
Mahyar Monshipour KO6 Shigeru Nakazato, D965, 29minEX
Mahyar Monshipour D6 German Guartos I, D2005, 33minG
Mahyar Monshipour KO3 German Guartos II, D1999, 21mVG, D2005, 19mVG
Mahyar Monshipour KO9 Salem Bouaita, D2005, 9minG/VG (HL)
Mahyar Monshipour KO6 Mustafa Hame, D2005, 26minVG
Mahyar Monshipour KO3 German Guartos II, D2005, 19minVG/EX
Mahyar Monshipour KO4 Felix Machado, D2050, D2133, 31mVG
Mahyar Monshipour L12 Anselmo Moreno, D2134, 54minVG

Montalvo, Eligio

See: Chocolate, Kid

Montana, Saul

Saul Montana W10 Venice Borkhorsor, D1615, 2minF (HL)

Montana, Saul 'La Cobra'

Saul Montana KO7 Greg Pickrom, D161, 34minEX

Montana, Saul 'La Cobra'

Saul Montana KOby10 Virgil Hill, D3282, 42minG

Montano, Oscar

Oscar Montano KO1 Johnny Romero, D659, 4mEX, D1021, 6mEX
Oscar Montano W4 Ramon Caballero, D808, 18minEX
Oscar Montano KOby2 Carlos DeLeon, D913, 11minEX

Montano, Ramon

Ramon Montano L8 Humberto Tapia, D1100, 44minEX
Ramon Montano L10 David Diaz, D1578, 51minEX

Montano, jose

Jose Montano KOby1 Marcos Maidana, D2600, 8minG/VG

Monte, Nelson Daniel

Nelson Daniel Monte KOby8 Sergio Carlos Santillan, D1401, 40minVG

Montellano, Gonzalo

Gonzalo Montellano L12 Sean O'Grady, D2884, 40minG

Monteno, Ramon

Ramon Monteno W4 Alejandro Nungaray, D313, 19minEX

Montero, Antoine

Antoine Montero KOby9 Gilberto Roman, D354, 38mF, D1871, 35mG/VG
Antoine Montero L15 Santos Laciar, D1690, 67minG

Montero, Domingos

Domingos Montero KOby6 Selajdin Koxha, D2471, 25minVG

Montero, Ivan

Ivan Montero W6 Ivan Hernandez, D3964, 23minG/VG

Monterrosa, Fidel

Fidel Monterrosa KOby9 Pablo Cesar Cano, D3180, 41minG

Monterrosa, Stiven

Stiven Monterrosa KOby3 Roman Gonzalez, D3310, 16minG/VG

Montes de Oca, Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo Montes de Oca L4 Ruben Anthony Rodriguez, D69, 21minEX

Montes, Herman

Herman Montes KO3 Pipino Cuevas, D241, 11minG
Herman Montes KO2 Jorge Vaca I, D3662, 8minF/G

Montes, John

John Montes KOby1 Hector Camacho, Sr., D2887, 15minG
John Montes L10 Cornelius Boza-Edwards, D2965, 37minG/VG
John Montes L10 Hilmer Kenty, D2981, 36minG/VG

Montes, Jose Luis

Jose Luis Montes KOby7 Jose Luis Castillo, D1522, D1556, 28minF/G

Montes, Juan Jose

Juan Jose Montes KOby11 Tomas Rojas, D2836, 45minG
Juan Jose Montes W12 Oscar Ibarra, D3144, 42minG

Montes, Mahonri

Mahonri Montes W8 Ivan Alvarez, D2725, 30minG
Mahonri Montes W10 Hector Velazquez, D2855, 39minG/VG
Mahonri Montes L12 Humberto Soto, D3714, 50minG
Mahonri Montes L10 Erick Bone, D4060, 38minVG

Montes, Radames

Radames Montes D4 Martinez Porter, D3558, 19minVG

Montes, Raul

Raul Montes KOby2 Wes Ferguson (HL, 2nd rd. only), D1421, 6minVG

Montes, Salvador

Salvador Montes L12 Koki Kameda, D2533, 47minVG/EX

MontesDeOca, Juan

Juan MontesDeOca KOby2 Alex Viramontes, D658, 15minEX
Juan MontesDeOca KO3 Michael Walsh, D1410, 15minEX
Juan Montes KOby2 DeOcaOscar Diaz, D1701, 8minEX

Montgomery, Frank

Frank Montgomery KOby9 James McGirt, D2506, 32minF/G

Montgomery, Tony

Tony Montgomery LDQ5 Donald Curry, D3858, 21minG

Monthon Gym, Chatchai

Chatchai Monthon Gym KOby2 Daiki Kameda, D2880, 14minVG/EX

Montiel, Alejandro

Alejandro Montiel KOby6 Jhonny Gonzalez, D145, 36minEX
Alejandro Montiel L10 Vic Darchinyan, D1129, D3185, 48mG

Montiel, Fernando

Fernando Montiel KO7 Zoltan Lunka, D152, 30minVG
Fernando Montiel KO3 Samuel Lopez, D128, 28minEX
Fernando Montiel KO3 Roberto Lopez, D181, 20minVG
Fernando Montiel KO7 Reynaldo Hurtado, D213, 42minEX
Fernando Montiel KO7 Ivan Hernandez, D429, 30minEX
Fernando Montiel W12 Pramuansak Posuwan, D532, 60minEX
Fernando Montiel L12 Jhonny Gonzalez, D816, 65minEX
Fernando Montiel L12 Mark Johnson, D1281, 65mVG/EX, D2592, 48mEX
Fernando Montiel KO4 Martin Castillo, D1593, 21minEX
Fernando Montiel KO12 Luis Melendez, D1870, 53minG
Fernando Montiel W10 Juan Alberto Rosas, D1931, 43minG
Fernando Montiel KO3 Luis Maldonado, D1968, 23minEX
Fernando Montiel KO3 Diego Silva, D2130, 21minG
Fernando Montiel KO1 Ciso Morales, D2381, 12minVG
Fernando Montiel KO4 Hozumi Hasegawa, D2428, 31minEX
Fernando Montiel KO3 Rafael Concepcion, D2530, 24minVG
Fernando Montiel KO2 Jovanny Soto, D2610, 8minG
Fernando Montiel KO10 Cecilio Santos, D2649, 50minG
Fernando Montiel KOby2 Nonito Donaire, D2722, 35minVG
Fernando Montiel W12 Everth Briceno, D2792, 56minVG/EX
Fernando Montiel KO3 Nehomar Cermeno, D2855, 21minG/VG
Fernando Montiel KO7 Isidro Garcia, D3003, 28minF
Fernando Montiel KO1 Juan Domingo Cordoba, D3003, 6minG
Fernando Montiel KO2 Roy Doliguez, D3003, 14minF
Fernando Montiel KO6 Pedro Alcazar, D3003, 22minG/VG
Fernando Montiel W12 Jose Lopez, D3004, 46minG (starts in 1st)
Fernando Montiel W12 Z Gorres, D3004, 55minG
Fernando Montiel TD3 Alejandro Valdez, D3004, 18minG
Fernando Montiel L12 Victor Terrazas, D3039, 48minF
Fernando Montiel KO9 Angky Angkotta, D3134, 32minG
Fernando Montiel W12 Arturo Santos Reyes, D3258, 51minEX
Fernando Montiel KO3 Jaderes Padua, D3589, 17minVG
Fernando Montiel KO2 Ruben Sanchez Leon, D3793, 15minG
Fernando Montiel KO3 Alvaro Perez, D3793, 9minF (starts in 1st)
Fernando Montiel W12 Giovanni Caro, D3793, 55minF
Fernando Montiel W10 Cristobal Cruz, D3911, 48mG, D3963, 41mG/VG
Fernando Montiel KO1 Jesus Rios, D4041, 10minVG
Fernando Montiel W10 Sergio Puente, D4173, 39minG/VG

Montiel, Francisco 'Sendai'

Francisco Montiel L12 Jung-Koo Chang I, D760, 40minVG
Francisco Montiel L12 Jung-Koo Chang II, D760, 40minG/VG
Francisco Montiel KOby2 Samson Dutchboygym, D3977, 10minG

Montiel, Jose

Jose Montiel KOby4 Akeem Anifowoshe, D2919, 17minG

Montiel, Jose Felix

Jose Felix Montiel KOby9 Johnny Tapia, D2112, 33minG/VG

Montilla, Fernando

Fernando Montilla L12 Prawet Singwangcha, D188, VG
Fernando Montilla KO1 Rey Almonicar, D458, 6minVG/EX
Fernando Montilla D12 Sataporn Singwancha, D1475, 40minEX

Montilla, Miguel

Miguel Montilla L15 Antonio Cervantes I, D444, 51minF/G
Miguel Montilla KOby12 Aaron Pryor, D1461, 48mF/G, D3236, 43mG/VG
Miguel Montilla KO3 Domingo Ayala, D3596, 15mG, D4189, 13mVG

Montoya, Eduardo

Eduardo Montoya KOby5 Antonio Esparragoza, D948, 18minG
Eduardo Montoya KOby3 Paul Hodkinson, D3107, 13minG/VG

Montoya, Lee

Lee Montoya KO1 Phil Gurule, D321, 11minEX

Montoya, Mike

Mike Montoya KOby1 Oleksandr Gvozdyk, D3935, 11minG/VG

Montoya, Roque

Roque Montoya KOby7 Edwin Rosario, D1956, 23mG, D3091, 22mG

Montoya, Ruben

Ruben Montoya L12 Paul Butler, D3842, 58minG

Montulet, Pascal

Pascal Montulet KOby2 Ricky Hatton, D2051, 7minG

Monzon, Carlos

Carlos Monzon KO13 Jean-Claude Bouttier I, D21, 58mG, D3399, 54mG/VG
Carlos Monzon W15 Jean-Claude Bouttier II, D2637, 62minVG
Carlos Monzon KO7 Mantequilla Napoles, D160, 25minG
Carlos Monzon KO12 Nino Benvenuti I, D377, 51minF/G
Carlos Monzon KO3 Nino Benvenuti II, D377, 17minG
Carlos Monzon KO14 Emile Griffith I, D377, 46minF
Carlos Monzon W15 Emile Griffith II, D378, 45minG/VG
Carlos Monzon KO5 Tom Bogs, D1117, 16mF/G, D1344, 13mF
Carlos Monzon KO7 Tony Mundine, D1344, 25mF/G, D2385, 44mG/VG
Carlos Monzon KO10 Tony Licata, D1344, 40minVG
Carlos Monzon KO5 Denny Moyer, D1344, 17minP
Carlos Monzon KO5 Gratien Tonna, D2815, 17minF/G
Carlos Monzon W15 Rodrigo Valdez I, D2815, 49mF, D3601, 55mF/G
Carlos Monzon W15 Rodrigo Valdez II, D1117, 46minVG
Carlos Monzon W15 Bennie Briscoe II, D3394, 60minVG

Monzon, Jorge

Jorge Monzon W10 Jorge Munoz, D335, 44minEX

Monzote, Luis

Luis Monzote KOby5 Michael Carbajal, D1527, 25minVG
Luis Monzote KOby3 Humberto Gonzalez, D2075, 10minVG/EX

Moon, Byung-Soo

Byung-Soo Moon KOby3 Takanori Hatakeyama, D3390, 13minG/VG

Moon, Chang-Il

Chang-Il Moon KOby3 Chatchai Sasakul, D3968, 12minG

Moon, Derrick

Derrick Moon L8 Al 'Speedy' Gonzalez, D213, 22minVG (rds 3-8)
Derrick Moon L6 Said Zavela, D340, 27minEX
Derrick Moon W6 Pablo Pena, D425, 25minEX

Moon, Jae-Choon

Jae-Choon Moon KOby1 Takahiro Ao, D2143, 5minVG

Moon, Myung-An

Myung-An Moon KOby2 Eijiro Murata, D4179, 6minF/G

Moon, Sung-Kil

Sung-Kil Moon KO9 Gilberto Roman, D82, 34minVG, D1139, 35minF/G
Sung-Kil Moon TW9 Nana Konadu I, D160, 39minG/VG
Sung-Kil Moon KO4 Nana Konadu II, D1124, 14minEX, D1139, 33minG/VG
Sung-Kil Moon TW6 Khaokor Galaxy I, D389, 19mG/VG, D2403, 28mVG
Sung-Kil Moon L12 Khaokor Galaxy II, D389, 54minG/VG
Sung-Kil Moon KO7 Edgar Monserrat, D899, 20minG/VG
Sung-Kil Moon TD5 Kenji Matsumura, D899, 19minEX
Sung-Kil Moon KO5 Chiaki Kobayashi, D901, 23minVG
Sung-Kil Moon KO1 Hilario Zapata, D1031, 11minVG
Sung-Kil Moon KO5 Ernesto Ford, D1225, 17minVG
Sung-Kil Moon W12 Greg Richardson, D1234, 41minG
Sung-Kil Moon W12 Carlos Salazar, D1237, 50minG/VG
Sung-Kil Moon L12 Jose Luis Bueno, D1570, 38minVG
Sung-Kil Moon KO8 Armando Salazar, D2065, 28minG
Sung-Kil Moon KO6 Torsak Pongsupa, D3439, 23minVG/EX
Sung-Kil Moon KO4 Ric Bajelo, D3442, 14minG
Sung-Kil Moon KO3 Singnoi Singkrunthon, D3442, 12minVG
Sung-Kil Moon KO2 Tepratum Eakchatchingchai, D3443, 8minG
Sung-Kil Moon KO3 Robert Shannon (AMA), D3658, 9minG
Sung-Kil Moon KO3 Tony Pruitt, D3812, 16minG/VG
Sung-Kil Moon KO3 Constancio Dangla, D3812, 13minG

Moon, Tae-Jin

Tae-Jin Moon KOby11 Rocky Lockridge, D831, 37minF
Tae-Jin Moon KOby7 Miguel Angel Gonzalez, D1891, 21minF
Tae-Jin Moon KO6 Rolando Navarrete I, D3898, 21minF/G
Tae-Jin Moon KO9 Rolando Navarrete II, D3248, 29minF
Tae-Jin Moon TW6 Ryu Fukita, D3390, 17minF

Moore, Anthony

Anthony Moore KOby3 Derrick Brooks, D1918, 16minVG/EX

Moore, Archie

Archie Moore KO11 Yvon Durelle I, D549, 43minEX
Archie Moore KOby9 Rocky Marciano, D1174, 42minEX
Archie Moore KOby4 Muhammad Ali, D1195, 21minF
Archie Moore W15 Giulio Rinaldi II, D1488, 67minF/G
Archie Moore KO9 Jimmy Bivins, D1490, 11minF (HL)

Moore, Clarence

Clarence Moore D6 Joshua Green, D1313, 29minEX
Clarence Moore L6 Arthur Williams, D1641, 26minVG

Moore, Davey 'Bronx'

Davey Moore KOby8 Roberto Duran, D253, 42mG, D1155, 39mEX
Davey Moore KO2 Wilfred Benitez, D296, 15minG/VG
Davey Moore KO6 Tadashi Mihara, D2056, 23minG/VG
Davey Moore KO10 Ayub Kalule, D2056, 41minG/VG
Davey Moore KOby5 Lupe Aquino, D2552, 25minG/VG
Davey Moore KO5 Charlie Weir, D2587, 18minEX
Davey Moore LDQ9 Louis Acaries, D2946, 19minVG
Davey Moore KOby10 Buster Drayton, D2950, 29minG
Davey Moore KO2 Victor Claudio, D3050, 11minG
Davey Moore KO4 Gary Guiden, D3417, 17minF/G
Davey Moore KO4 Tony Suero, D3486, 5minG (Rd 4)
Davey Moore L10 John David Jackson, D4170, 32minG

Moore, Davey 'Springfield Rifle'

Davey Moore KOby10 Sugar Ramos, D404, 50mG/VG
Davey Moore KO1 Ricardo Moreno, D1617, 3minF
Davey Moore KO2 Olli Maeki, D3738, 34minG/VG

Moore, Fred

Fred Moore KOby10 'Prince' Badi Ajamu, D267, 37minEX

Moore, James

James Moore KO3 Jose Felix, D739, 16minEX
James Moore L8 Gabriel Rosado, D1642, D1079, 35minEX
James Moore L10 Yuri Foreman, D1941, 49minEX

Moore, Jamie

Jamie Moore KO7 Andrew Facey, D85, 29minEX
Jamie Moore KO10 Matthew Macklin, D2821, 60minEX

Moore, Rodney

Rodney Moore L10 Richard Hall D80, 46minEX
Rodney Moore KOby4 Felix Trinidad, D483, 22mG/VG, D1760, 45mVG
Rodney Moore L12 George Khalid Jones, D683, 49minVG
Rodney Moore L12 Charles Murray, D3811, 43minVG
Rodney Moore KOby7 Frankie Randall, D3981, 43minVG
Rodney Moore KO6 Ali Kareem Muhammad, D4181, 29minG

Moore, Tyrone

Tyrone Moore KOby7 James McGirt, D2506, 37minG
Tyrone Moore KOby2 Gerald McClellan, D3094, 9minF/G
Tyrone Moore KO6 Pablo Gomez, D4079, 25minG/VG

Moorer, Michael

Michael Moorer L10 Eliseo Castillo, D165, 54minEX
Michael Moorer KO9 Vassily Jirov, D324, 89minEX
Michael Moorer Exh3 Frankie Liles, D454, 16minG
Michael Moorer W12 Evander Holyfield I, D517, 46minEX
Michael Moorer KOby8 Evander Holyfield II, D2094, 62minVG
Michael Moorer W0 Otis Tisdale, D560, 44mEX, D2096, 42mG/VG
Michael Moorer KO4 Alex Stewart, D987, 19minVG
Michael Moorer KO5 Bert Cooper, D990, 24minEX
Michael Moorer TD5 Dale Crowe, D1152, 23minEX
Michael Moorer KO2 Terrance Lewis, D1287, 14minEX
Michael Moorer KO4 Terrence Walker, D1297, 17mG/VG, D2096, 18mG/VG
Michael Moorer KO2 Jordan Keepers, D1297, 9minVG
Michael Moorer KO2 Jorge Suero, D1297, 9minVG
Michael Moorer KO1 Cliff Couser, D1363, 17minEX
Michael Moorer W12 Vaughn Bean, D1961, 70minF
Michael Moorer KO5 Ramzi Hassan, D1961, 20minVG
Michael Moorer KO8 Leslie Stewart, D1961, 28minG
Michael Moorer W10 Everett Martin, D1989, 41minVG
Michael Moorer KO8 Danny Stonewalker, D1989, 27minF
Michael Moorer W3 Thomas Tate (AMA), D1989, 11mF/G, D2099, 11mF
Michael Moorer KOby10 George Foreman, D2093, 88minVG
Michael Moorer KO6 Mike Sedillo, D2093, 33minVG
Michael Moorer KO9 Marcellus Allen, D2094, 39minG/VG
Michael Moorer KO1 Mario Melo, D2094, 14minG/VG
Michael Moorer KO2 Victor Claudio, D2094, 10minVG
Michael Moorer W12 Axel Schulz, D2095, 59minG
Michael Moorer W10 Mike Evans, D2095, 61minG/VG
Michael Moorer KO12 Francois Botha, D2096, 65minG/VG
Michael Moorer W10 Melvin Foster, D2097, 62minVG
Michael Moorer W10 Robert Davis, D2097, 62minVG
Michael Moorer W10 Bonecrusher Smith, D2098, 42minVG
Michael Moorer KO3 James Pritchard, D2098, 22minVG
Michael Moorer KO3 Frankie Swindell II, D2098, 30minVG
Michael Moorer W3 Stanislav Smirnov (AMA), D2098, 14minF/G
Michael Moorer KO1 Rogerio Lobo, D2098, 15minG/VG
Michael Moorer W10 Mike White, D2099, 62minVG
Michael Moorer KOby1 David Tua, D2099, 28minVG
Michael Moorer KO3 Levi Billups, D2099, 18minVG

MorKrungthepthonburi, Eaktawan

Eaktawan MorKrungthepthonburi KO3 Gaspar Ampolo, D4073, 12minEX
Eaktawan MorKrungthepthonburi KO6 Jemmy Gobel, D4074, 19minEX

Mora, Adrian

Adrian Mora W10 Steve Quinonez, D202, 57minEX
Adrian Mora D10 Juan Carlos Rubio, D235, 41minEX
Adrian Mora KO3 Aaron Drake, D1313, 20minEX

Mora, Anthony

Anthony Mora KOby5 Rustam Nugaev, D726, 28minEX

Mora, Francisco

Francisco Mora KOby8 Kassim Ouma, D676, 41minEX

Mora, Javier

Javier Mora TW7 Kirk Johnson, D803, 35minEX
Javier Mora L10 Fres Oquendo, D813, 42minEX

Mora, Luis 'Buki'

Luis 'Buki' Mora KOby5 Noel Cortez, D163, 20minEX

Mora, Sergio

Sergio Mora W8 Peter Manfredo, Jr., II, D563, 44minEX
Sergio Mora W8 Les Ralston, D568, 31minEX
Sergio Mora KO7 Archak TerMeliksetian, D799, 35minEX
Sergio Mora W10 Eric Regan, D1029, 45minEX
Sergio Mora W12 Vernon Forrest I, D1667, 70minEX
Sergio Mora L12 Vernon Forrest II, D1727, 63minVG
Sergio Mora D12 Shane Mosley, D2828, 93minVG/EX
Sergio Mora L12 Brian Vera II, D3273, 49minVG
Sergio Mora W10 Grzegorz Proksa, D3595, 43minG/VG

Morais, Earl

Earl Morais KOby1 Enzo Maccarinelli, D108, D3140, 13minVG

Morake, Jacob

Jacob Morake KOby12 Brian Mitchell IV, D2176, 51minG

Morales, Alberto

Alberto Morales L15 Chan-Hee Park, D564, 58minVG

Morales, Cesar

Cesar Morales W8 Marcel Kasimov, D134, 37minEX
Cesar Morales W8 Roberto Chacon, D177, 34minG/VG
Cesar Morales W12 Clarence Vinson, D280, 64minEX
Cesar Morales W8 Paulino Villalobos, D370, 38minEX
Cesar Morales L12 Oscar Andrade, D515, 50minEX
Cesar Morales KO5 Marcelino Bojorquez, D747, 26minEX
Cesar Morales KOby2 Al Seeger, D1017, 18minEX

Morales, Ciso

Ciso Morales KO5 Pichitchok Singmanasak, D2140, 31minVG
Ciso Morales KOby1 Fernando Montiel, D2381, 12minVG

Morales, Diego

Diego Morales W10 Phillip Payne, D214, 41minEX
Diego Morales KO11 Victor Godoi, D3808, 49minG
Diego Morales KO9 Ysaias Zamudio, D3814, 41minVG

Morales, Edgar

Edgar Morales KOby2 Jose Antonio Meza, 118

Morales, Eduardo

Eduardo Morales KOby2 Juan Antonio Meza, D791, 11minEX
Eduardo Morales KOby5 Shane Mosley, D2214, 29minG/VG

Morales, Erik

Erik Morales W12 Carlos Hernandez, D230, 65minG
Erik Morales KO2 Jose Luis Bueno, D393, 21minVG
Erik Morales W12 Manny Pacquiao I, D402, 54mEX, D1265, 82mVG
Erik Morales KOby10 Manny Pacquiao II, D721, 78minVG
Erik Morales KOby3 Manny Pacquiao III, D1146, 53minEX
Erik Morales W12 Jesus Chavez, D403, 65minVG
Erik Morales L12 Zahir Raheem, D513, 77minEX
Erik Morales KO7 Kevin Kelley, D1209, 50minVG
Erik Morales W12 Paulie Ayala, D1248, 79mVG/EX, D1473, 51mEX
Erik Morales W12 Marco Antonio Barrera I, D1452, 61mVG, D3545, 60mVG
Erik Morales L12 Marco Antonio Barrera II, D278, 52minG/VG
Erik Morales L12 Marco Antonio Barrera III, D277, 58mG/VG, D289, 82mVG
Erik Morales KO3 Eddie Croft, D1772, 18minVG
Erik Morales KO4 Junior Jones, D1782, 26minVG
Erik Morales KO1 Marco Tovar, D2057, 5minF/G
Erik Morales W12 Juan Luis Torres, D2057, 44minG/VG
Erik Morales KO4 Alberto Martinez, D2057, 18minG
Erik Morales KO11 Rudy Bradley, D2057, 42minVG
Erik Morales KO7 John Lowey, D2126, 40minEX
Erik Morales W12 Jose Alfaro, D2416, 66minVG
Erik Morales KO6 Willie Limond, D2546, 43minVG
Erik Morales W12 Francisco Lorenzo, D2608, 66minG
Erik Morales KO3 Mike Juarez, D2724, 17minG
Erik Morales L12 Marcos Maidana, D2782, 83minG/VG
Erik Morales KO10 Pablo Cesar Cano, D2929, 50minVG/EX
Erik Morales KO6 Reynante Jamili, D2960, 40minF/G
Erik Morales KO11 Daniel Zaragoza, D3275, 60minG
Erik Morales L12 Danny Garcia I, D3557, 55minVG
Erik Morales KOby4 Danny Garcia II, D3558 26minG/VG
Erik Morales W12 Wayne McCullough, D3817, 49minG/VG
Erik Morales KO9 Juan Carlos Ramirez, D3817, 39minG
Erik Morales KO6 Remigio Molina, D3817, 22minG/VG
Erik Morales W12 Guty Espadas, Jr. I, D3818, 50minVG
Erik Morales W12 In-Jin Chi, D3818, 49minG/VG
Erik Morales KO5 Fernando Velardez, D3818, 27minVG

Morales, Everardo

Everardo Morales KOby4 Pongsaklek Wonjongkam, D1061, 20minEX
Everardo Morales KOby7 Hugo Cazares, D2531, 32minVG/EX
Everardo Morales KOby9 Tomas Rojas, D2786, 48minG/VG
Everardo Morales D12 Suvatchai Chalermsri, D3992, 45minG

Morales, Fernie

Fernie Morales L12 Orlando Canizales, D1468, 42minF

Morales, Herminio

Herminio Morales KOby3 Aaron Pryor, D192, 11mF, D2139, 12mF/G

Morales, Ivan

Ivan Morales KO1 Manuel Valdez, D2609, 9minG
Ivan Morales W10 Cesar Gandara, D3724, 37minG
Ivan Morales KO6 Cesar Canchilla, D4101, 25minVG

Morales, Javier

Javier Morales KOby3 Israel Jimenez, D2903, 15minG/VG

Morales, Joe

Joe Morales L10 Rocky Juarez, D176, 52minG/VG
Joe Morales KOby10 Rogers Mtagwa, D504, 48minEX
Joe Morales KO11 Carlos Contreras, D1250, 48minVG/EX
Joe Morales KOby8 Joel Casamayor, D1960, 43minEX
Joe Morales L10 Joan Guzman, D3348, 36minG

Morales, Jorge

Jorge Morales KOby1 Fernando Vargas, D3841, 6minF

Morales, Jorge 'Kid Dynamita'

Jorge Morales KOby9 Ray Mancini, D1790, 34minG

Morales, Jose

Jose Morales KO7 Erick Garduno, D2860, 27minVG

Morales, Juan

Juan Morales KOby3 Randy Shields, D3871, 12minG

Morales, Levi

Levis Morales L4 Bergman Aguilar, D4000, 15minVG

Morales, Maximino

Maximino Morales W4 Arturo Lopez, D391, 20minEX

Morales, Noli

Noli Morales KOby4 Oleydong Sithsamerchai, D4008, 13minEX

Morales, Paula

Paula Morales L8 Yesica Marcos, D3326, 31minVG

Morales, Roberto

Roberto Morales KOby3 Luis Lugo, D2535, 12minVG/EX

Morales, Roman

Roman Morales W8 Alexis Santiago, D3256, 42minEX
Roman Morales KO5 Jesus Hernandez, D3383, 23minEX

Moran, Azael

Azael Moran KOby5 Takuya Muguruma, D905, 21mF/G, D2964, 42mG/VG

Morantes, Mario

Mario Montes KO3 Fernando Espinoza, D3277, 17minG/VG

Morel, Eric

Eric Morel L12 Lorenzo Parra, D109, 61mEX, D1657, 48mVG/EX
Eric Morel W12 Jesus Rojas, D836, 59minG
Eric Morel L12 Martin Castillo, D667, 56minVG/EX
Eric Morel W12 Gilberto Keb Baas, D1210, 39minVG
Eric Morel W12 Gerry Penalosa, D2351, D3812, 57minVG
Eric Morel KO6 Carlos Valcarcel, D3113, 30minVG
Eric Morel L12 Abner Mares, D3129, 70minEX
Eric Morel KOby5 Leo Santa Cruz, D3369, 29minVG
Eric Morel KO11 Denkaosan Kaovichit, D3706, 58minF/G
Eric Morel W12 Alberto Ontiveros, D3812, 13minG
Eric Morel W12 Isidro Garcia, D3813, 57minG/VG
Eric Morel W12 Sornpichai Kratingdaenggym, D3814, 52minVG
Eric Morel KO8 Jose DeJesus Lopez, D3814, 38minVG

Morelo, William

William Morelo KOby12 Americo Santos, D807, 54minEX
William Morelo KOby5 Juan Carlos Rodriguez, D1150, 32minEX

Moreno, Alejandro

Alejandro Moreno L10 Hugo Cazares, D56, 45minEX
Alejandro Moreno L8 Cesar Lopez, D808, 31minEX
Alejandro Moreno L8 Jose Nieves, D1456, 32minEX
Alejandro Moreno Exh2 Julio Cesar Chavez, Sr., D1747, 7minF

Moreno, Anselmo

Anselmo Moreno W12 Volodymyr Sydorenko I, D1672, 52minF/G
Anselmo Moreno W12 Volodymyr Sydorenko II, D3800, 54minVG
Anselmo Moreno TW7 Cecilio Santos, D1771, 30mG/VG, D1900, 32mG/VG
Anselmo Moreno W12 Mahyar Monshipour, D2134, 54minVG
Anselmo Moreno KO11 Frederic Patrac, D2345, 61minEX
Anselmo Moreno W12 Nehomar Cermeno I, D2406, 66minVG/EX
Anselmo Moreno W12 Nehomar Cermeno II, D2543, 57minEX
Anselmo Moreno KO8 Lorenzo Parra, D2860, 27minVG
Anselmo Moreno W12 Vic Darchinyan, D3056, 64minVG/EX
Anselmo Moreno KO9 David DeLaMora, D3132, 49minEX
Anselmo Moreno W12 Abner Mares, D3307, 77minVG
Anselmo Moreno W12 William Urina, D3642, 52minEX
Anselmo Moreno W12 Rolly Lunas, D3800, 64minVG
Anselmo Moreno W12 Javier Nicolas Chacon, D3919, 62minVG
Anselmo Moreno TL6 Juan Carlos Payano, D4169, 32minG (cam)

Moreno, Antoine

Antoine Moreno KOby11 Gabriel Bernal, D1198, 38minF/G

Moreno, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Moreno L6 Maureen Shea, D1371, 26minEX

Moreno, Jose Leo

Jose Leo Moreno KOby1 Mike Arnaoutis, D657, 8minEX
Jose Leo Moreno L10 Lamont Peterson, D739, 39minEX

Moreno, Jose Luis

Jose Luis Moreno W4 Oscar Conde, D2472, 15minVG

Moreno, Kevin

Kevin Moreno L4 Alejandro Solis, D3578, 18minG/VG

Moreno, Lizardo

Lizardo Moreno L10 Jorge Moreno, D1009, 39minEX

Moreno, Ricardo

Ricardo Moreno KOby3 Hogan Bassey, D1617, 15minF
Ricardo Moreno KOby1 Davey Moore, D1617, 3minF

Moreno, Roberto

Roberto Moreno TL11 Samson Dutchboygym I, D3215, 37minF

Moreno, Rodolofo

Rodolfo Moreno KOby10 Art Hafey, D1613, 36minF/G

Moreno, Roque

Roque Moreno KOby5 Jeff Chandler, D1519, 21minF

Moreno, Tony

Tony Moreno KOby3 Alberto Sandoval, D3871, 12minF/G

Morgan, Dan

Dan Morgan KOby2 Christophe Tiozzo, D829, 12mVG, D1810, 28mVG

Morgan, Darrell

Darrell Morgan KOby1 Eric Kirkland, D709, 6minEX
Darrell Morgan KOby1 Clifford Etienne, D1662, 7minEX

Morgan, Don

Don Morgan KOby1 John Mugabi, D1754, 5minG

Morgan, Eugenio

Eugenio Morgan KOby2 Lupe Pintor, D1302, 10minVG

Morgan, Jeff

Jeff Morgan L10 Randy Shields, D3634, 44minF/G

Morgan, Jimmy

Jimmy Morgan KOby3 Ronald Weaver, D1854, 15minVG

Morgan, Langston 'LC'

LC Morgan W10 Ludwig Lightburn II, D3384, 45minG

Morgan, Lenzie

Lenzie Morgan L10 Nigel Benn, D127, 41minP/F (B&W, glitching)

Mori, Eiji

Eiji Mori W4 Hiroaki Yokozuka, D2604, 20minVG

Mori, Hideki

Hideki Mori KOby3 Hiroyuki Sakamoto, D3378, 14minG

Morimoto, Kazuharu

Kazuharu Morimoto KOby1 Shinsuke Yamanaka, D3883, 3minG/VG

Mormeck, Jean-Marc

Jean-Marc Mormeck W12 Wayne Braithwaite, D413, 98minEX
Jean-Marc Mormeck KOby10 O'Neil Bell I, D673, 68minEX
Jean-Marc Mormeck W12 O'Neil Bell II, D1377, 54minEX
Jean-Marc Mormeck KO9 Virgil Hill I, D1320, 36minF
Jean-Marc Mormeck W12 Virgil Hill II, D4003, 55minG
Jean-Marc Mormeck KO8 Alexander Gurov, D1438, 35minEX
Jean-Marc Mormeck KOby7 David Haye, D1466, 29minEX
Jean-Marc Mormeck W10 Fres Oquendo, D2432, 46minEX
Jean-Marc Mormeck W12 Timur Ibragimov, D2591, 61minEX
Jean-Marc Mormeck KO2 Antonio Pedro Quiganga, D3533, 10minG/VG
Jean-Marc Mormeck KO3 Antonio Fernando Caldas, D3533, 16minG
Jean-Marc Mormeck KO4 Rob Bleakley, D3534, 20minG/VG
Jean-Marc Mormeck KO2 Joe Stevenson, D3536, 12minG/VG
Jean-Marc Mormeck W8 Turan Bagci, D3540, 35minVG

Morote, Ivan

Ivan Morote KOby4 Kid Galahad, D3345, 12minEX (Rds 3-4)

Morquecho, Pedro

Pedro Morquecho KOby3 Martin Castillo, D1319, 13minVG

Morris, Leon

Leon Morris KOby1 Nigel Benn, D123, 1minVG

Morrison, Tommy

Tommy Morrison L3 Ray Mercer (AMA), D18, 10minG
Tommy Morrison KOby6 Lennox Lewis, D1001, 31minEX
Tommy Morrison KO6 Donovan Ruddock, D1075, 51minVG
Tommy Morrison KO2 John Castle, D1353, 8minEX (HL)
Tommy Morrison KO1 Dave Jaco, D1511, 6minEX
Tommy Morrison KO2 Art Tucker, D1537, D1644, 10minEX
Tommy Morrison D10 Ross Puritty, D1537, D1648, 38minEX
Tommy Morrison KO1 Ric Enis, D1789, 7minEX
Tommy Morrison W3 John Bray (AMA), D4181, 13minG

Morrow, James

James Morrow KOby1 Anthony Dirrell, D891, 13minEX

Morton, Kemper

Kemper Morton KOby2 Thomas Hearns, D1113, 15minEX

Morua, Arturo

Arturo Morua L10 Ernesto Zavala, D21, 44minG
Arturo Morua KOby9 Jose Armando Santa Cruz, D78, 28minEX
Arturo Morua W12 Jose Antonio Lopez, D174, 64minG/VG
Arturo Morua W10 Omar Weis, D213, 42minEX
Arturo Morua W10 James Crayton, D311, 42minEX
Arturo Morua W10 Jung-Bum Kim, D415, 52minEX
Arturo Morua W10 Lenin Arroyo, D919, 40minEX
Arturo Morua KOby6 Jessie Vargas, D2448, 28minVG
Arturo Morua KOby3 Marcos Maidana, D2595, 24minG/VG
Arturo Morua L10 Joaquin Gallardo, D3325, 47minG/VG

Moscatiello, Antonio

Antonio Moscatiello KOby5 Leonard Bundu, D3843, 20minF/G

Moses, Adam

Adam Moses KO1 John Mitchell, D42, 6minVG

Moses, Paulus

Paulus Moses W12 Yusuki Kobori, D1959, 55mEX, D2338, 53mF/G
Paulus Moses KO2 Yauheni Kruhlik, D2338, 11minG
Paulus Moses KO9 Andriy Kurdryavtsev, D3086, 44mF/G, D3249, 40mG
Paulus Moses KOby6 Miguel Acosta, D3086, D3120, 32minG
Paulus Moses W12 Takefumi Shimada, D3124, 60minVG
Paulus Moses L12 Ricky Burns, D3128, 81minG/VG

Mosley, Jr., Shane

Shane Mosley, Jr. KO1 Jerome Jones, D4048, 7minVG

Mosley, Larry

Larry Mosley KO4 Alexis Divison, D521, 25minEX
Larry Mosley D10 Miguel Figueroa, D687, 44minEX
Larry Mosley W4 Edgar Pedraza, D1184, 14minVG
Larry Mosley L10 Canelo Alvarez, D1873, 45minEX

Mosley, Robert

Robert Mosley L4 Ehinomen Ehikhamenor, D155, 20minEX

Mosley, Russell

Russell Mosley KOby3 Julio Cesar Chavez, Sr., D1711, 16minG/VG

Mosley, Shane

Shane Mosley W10 Jose Luis Cruz, D521, 45minEX
Shane Mosley W12 Oscar DeLaHoya I, D621, 57mG/VG , D2727, 88mG, D4022, 51mEX
Shane Mosley W12 Oscar DeLaHoya II, D22, 110mVG, D27, 71mVG
Shane Mosley W12 Oscar DeLaHoya II, D624, 98mVG
Shane Mosley KO10 Fernando Vargas I, D726, 52minEX
Shane Mosley KO6 Fernando Vargas II, D938, 42minEX, D951, 72minEX
Shane Mosley W10 David Estrada, D796, 60minVG
Shane Mosley L12 Winky Wright I, D1406, 78minVG
Shane Mosley L12 Winky Wright II, D270, 76minEX
Shane Mosley Vs Genaro Hernandez (Exh), D1696, 16minF/G
Shane Mosley KO12 Ricardo Mayorga, D1773, 69minEX
Shane Mosley KO9 Antonio Margarito, D2003, 81minEX
Shane Mosley KO9 Manuel Gomez, D2129, 47mVG, D3680, 44mVG
Shane Mosley KO8 John John Molina, D2213, 44minVG
Shane Mosley W12 Philip Holiday, D2214, 60mG/VG, D3679, 52minG/VG
Shane Mosley KO5 Eduardo Morales, D2214, 29minG/VG
Shane Mosley KO8 Demetrio Ceballos, D2215, 40mG/VG, D3680, 38mG/VG
Shane Mosley KO5 Wilfredo Ruiz, D2215, 25minF/G
Shane Mosley KO9 James Leija, D2224, 44minVG
Shane Mosley KO7 Golden Johnson, D2224, 30minG/VG
Shane Mosley L12 Floyd Mayweather, Jr., D2435, 85minEX
Shane Mosley NC3 Raul Marquez, D2730, 21minG/VG
Shane Mosley KO6 Antonio Diaz, D2738, 47minVG
Shane Mosley KO8 John Brown, D2823, 52minG/VG
Shane Mosley KO6 Shannan Taylor, D2824, 57minG/VG
Shane Mosley KO4 Michael Smith, D2824, 19mG/VG, D3679, 16mF/G
Shane Mosley W3 Sandro Casamonica (AMA), D2824, 13minF/G
Shane Mosley KO3 Darko Marovic (AMA), D2824, 11minF/G
Shane Mosley KO1 Anibal Acevedo II (AMA), D2824, 7minG
Shane Mosley KO1 Ramon Felix, D2824, 4mG/VG, D3677, 3mG/VG
Shane Mosley KO10 Wilfredo Rivera, D2825, 66minG/VG
Shane Mosley KO8 John Bryant, D2825, D3678, 32mG (cam)
Shane Mosley KO5 Roberto Urias, D2825, D3678, 20mF/G (cam)
Shane Mosley KO2 Francisco Rodriguez, D2825, D3678, 8mF/G (cam)
Shane Mosley L12 Vernon Forrest I, D2827, 88minG/VG
Shane Mosley L12 Vernon Forrest II, D2829, 81minG
Shane Mosley KO3 Willy Wise, D2827, 33minVG
Shane Mosley D12 Sergio Mora, D2828, 93minVG/EX
Shane Mosley KO3 Joseph Murray, D2828, 13minF/G
Shane Mosley W3 Steve Johnston III (AMA), D2828, 14minF
Shane Mosley KO3 Adrian Stone, D2829, 36minG
Shane Mosely L12 Manny Pacquiao, D2834, 90minG/VG
Shane Mosley W12 Luis Collazo, D1331, 72minEX
Shane Mosley L12 Miguel Angel Cotto, D1474, 86minEX
Shane Mosley L12 Canelo Alvarez, D3152, 52minVG
Shane Mosley W12 Pablo Cesar Cano, D3565, 58minVG/EX
Shane Mosley KO1 Pey Castillo, D3675, 5minF (cam)
Shane Mosley KO5 Greg Puente, D3677, 20minG (cam)
Shane Mosley KO1 Miguel Pena, D3677, 4minG
Shane Mosley KO5 Narciso Valenzuela, D3679, 20minF/G
Shane Mosley KO10 Louis Ramirez, D3679, 32minF
Shane Mosley KOby6 Anthony Mundine, D3789, 52minVG

Mosley, Sheldon

Sheldon Mosley KOby5 Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr., D330, 22minEX

Mosquera, Alberto

Alberto Mosquera D12 Brunet Zamora, D3019, 50minP/F

Mosquera, Alfonso

Alfonso Mosquera KOby12 Joachim Alcine, D2078, 48minVG

Mosquera, Jose David

Jose David Mosquera KOby9 Azael Cosio, D3462, 38minVG

Mosquera, Sayda

Sayda Mosquera D10 Dayana Cordero, D3721, 35minG/VG

Mosquera, Vicente

Vicente Mosquera W12 Yodsanan SorSorNanthachai, D938, 41minVG/EX
Vicente Mosquera KOby10 Edwin Valero, D1035, 48minEX
Vicente Mosquera W12 Juan Pablo Estrella, D3434, 47minG
Vicente Mosquera KO7 Cosme Rivera, D3595, 32minVG
Vicente Mosquera L12 Javier Prieto, D3827, 38minP
Vicente Mosquera W10 Walter Castillo, D3966, 42minG

Moss, Michael

Michael Moss L4 Marteze Logan, D257, 19minEX

Mota, Cristino

Cristino Mota KOby4 Jose Luis Castillo, D1534, 17minF/G

Moungo, Rodrigues

Rodrigues Moungo KOby4 Mikkel Kessler, D2059, 16minG

Mouton, Dan

Dan Mouton L8 Maxim Vlasov, D1872, 33minEX

Moyer, Denny

Denny Moyer KOby5 Carlos Monzon, D1344, 17minP
Denny Moyer TD6 Eugene Hart, D1489, 19minF
Denny Moyer L10 Emile Griffith III, D1617, 41minG
Denny Moyer L10 Joey Archer, D1622, 38minF

Msutu, Sidney Mxoli

Sidney Mxoli Msutu L6 Mikkel Kessler, D2058, 27minG

Mtagwa, Rogers

Rogers Mtagwa W10 Fernando Trejo, D424, 44minEX
Rogers Mtagwa KO10 Joe Morales, D504, 48minEX
Rogers Mtagwa KOby6 Orlando Salado, D770, 19minEX
Rogers Mtagwa KO4 Alvin Brown, D1017, 24minEX
Rogers Mtagwa L12 Martin Honorio, D1093, 52minEX
Rogers Mtagwa KO4 Kareem Braithwaite, D1461, 15minVG
Rogers Mtagwa KO10 Tomas Villa, D1885, 43minEX
Rogers Mtagwa L12 Juan Manuel Lopez, D2191, 69minVG
Rogers Mtagwa KOby2 Yuriorkis Gamboa, D2346, 27minVG
Rogers Mtagwa KOby2 Jhonny Gonzalez, D2926, 32minG
Rogers Mtagwa D10 Edwin Santana, D4140, 41minG/VG

Mthalane, Moruti

Moruti Mthalane W12 Hussein Hussein, D1873, 63minG/VG
Moruti Mthalane KOby6 Nonito Donaire, D1882, 35minVG
Moruti Mthalane W12 Julio Cesar Miranda, D2342, 79minVG
Moruti Mthalane KO5 Zolani Tete, D2572, 37minVG/EX
Moruti Mthalane KO5 John Riel Casimero, D2811, 27minG
Moruti Mthalane KO7 Andrea Sarritzu, D3031, 51minVG
Moruti Mthalane KO8 Ricardo Nunez, D3308, 29minG (cam)

Muangchaiyaphum, Pigmy

See: Kokietgym, Pigmy

Muangsurin, Prayuasak

Payuasak Muangsurin KOby9 Seung-Hoon Lee, D3205, 38minG/VG

Muangsurin, Saensak

Saensak Muangsurin KO1 Rudy Barro, D1115, 4mG, D1952, 4mVG
Saensak Muangsurin W15 Lion Furuyama II, D1198, D3177, 55mF/G (silent)
Saensak Muangsurin KO6 Guts Ishimatsu, D2002, 14mF/G, D3176, 20mF/G
Saensak Muangsurin KOby3 Thomas Hearns, D3008, 16minF
Saensak Muangsurin KOby13 Sang-Hyun Kim, D3176, 45mF, D3888, 20mG/VG (HL)
Saensak Muangsurin W15 Perico Fernandez II, D3526, 66minG/VG
Saensak Muangsurin LDQ5 Miguel Velasquez I, D3870, 16minVG
Saensak Muangsurin KO2 Miguel Velasquez II, D3871, 4minVG (HL)

Mueller, Peter

Peter Mueller L10 Carmen Basilio, D1486, 27minF (HL)

Mugabi, John

John Mugabi KOby11 Marvin Hagler, D381, 51minVG
John Mugabi KO4 Frank Fletcher, D449, 25mVG, D973, 20mF/G
John Mugabi KOby1 Gerald McClellan, D533, 3mF, D3097, 5mG
John Mugabi KO3 Gary Guiden, D973, 10mF/G, D1757, 10mG
John Mugabi KO1 Curtis Parker, D973, 5mF, D1756, 4minF/G
John Mugabi KO4 Kenny Snow, D973, D1949, 18mF/G
John Mugabi KO3 Knox Brown, D973, 13minG/VG
John Mugabi KO2 Wilburt Johnson, D973, D1107, 6minF
John Mugabi KO1 Rene Jacquot, D973, 12mF, D2065, 7mF/G
John Mugabi KO10 James Green, D973, 21minF/G
John Mugabi KO1 Nino Gonzalez, D973, 4minG
John Mugabi KO1 Curtis Ramsey, D973, 5minP/F
John Mugabi KO1 Ricky Stackhouse, D973, 7minG/VG
John Mugabi KO2 Jeff Nelson, D1732, 8minF/G
John Mugabi KO1 Don Morgan, D1754, 5minG
John Mugabi KOby1 Terry Norris, D1858, 8minVG/EX
John Mugabi KO4 Bill Bradley, D2909, 19minG
John Mugabi KO1 Kenneth Styles, D3409, 2minVG
John Mugabi KO4 Eddie Gazo, D3852, 19minG
John Mugabi KO1 Earl Hargrove, D4027, 10minVG

Muguruma, Takuya

Takuya Muguruma KOby11 Juan Jose Estrada, D496, 40minG
Takuya Muguruma KOby11 Chan-Young Park, D2034, 38minP/F
Takuya Muguruma KO5 Azael Moran, D2964, 42mG/VG

Muhammad, Ali Kareem

Ali Kareem Muhammad L10 Cornelius Boza-Edwards, D3714, 36minG
Ali Kareem Muhammad KOby6 Rodney Moore, D4181, 29minG

Muhammad, Rodrigues

Rodrigues Muhammad KOby3 Raymond Joval, D332, 20minEX

Muhammad, Yamin

Yamin Muhammad D4 Rasheem Jefferson, D257, 22minEX
Yamin Muhammad L8 Abner Mares, D589, 39minEX
Yamin Muhammad KO3 Terrence Thomas, D753, 14minEX

Muhunzi, David

David Muhunzi KOby2 Pramuansak Posuwan, D1469, 10minEX

Mukai, Hirofumi

Hirofumi Mukai L12 Rocky Fuentes, D2946, 56minEX
Hirofumi Mukai TD1 Pongsaklek Wongjonkam, D3081, 6minF/G
Hirofumi Mukai W6 Bum-Young Lee, D3654, 16minG/VG
Hirofumi Mukai KOby9 Srisaket SorRungvisai, D3768, 28minVG

Mukhlis, Roy

Roy Mukhlis KOby5 Takashi Uchiyama, D2698, 31minVG/EX

Muller, Johnny

Johnny Muller KO11 Tshepang Mohale, D3667, 53minG/VG
Johnny Muller W12 Willbeforce Shihepo, D3919, 58minG/VG

Muller, Teddy

Teddy Muller L8 Elvir Muriqi, D1157, 36minEX

Mullings, Keith

Keith Mullings L12 Winky Wright, D1933, 61minVG
Keith Mullings L12 Javier Castillejo, D2841, 54minG
Keith Mullings L12 Raul Marquez, D3798, 54minG
Keith Mullings TW5 Davide Ciarlante, D3954, 50minG
Keith Mullings KO9 Terry Norris, D3954, 42minG

Mullis, Bryan

Bryan Mullis KOby3 Raymond Biggs, D1594, 12minVG

Mundine, Anthony

Anthony Mundine KO5 Yoshinori Nishizawa, D594, D1658, 33mVG
Anthony Mundine KO10 Sean Sullivan II, D1127, 60minEX
Anthony Mundine KO3 Kevin Pompey, D1248, 9minVG/EX
Anthony Mundine W12 Antwun Echols, D1733, 52minG/VG
Anthony Mundine L12 Mikkel Kessler, D1814, 60minVG
Anthony Mundine L12 Manny Siaca, D1859, 59minVG
Anthony Mundine W12 Shannan Taylor, D2023, 75minVG/EX
Anthony Mundine KOby5 Garth Wood I, D2591, 30minEX
Anthony Mundine W10 Garth Wood II, D3227, 60minVG/EX
Anthony Mundine W12 Rigoberto Alvarez, D3013, 65minEX
Anthony Mundine KO7 Bronco McKart, D3255, 41minVG
Anthony Mundine KO6 Shane Mosley, D3789, 52minVG
Anthony Mundine L12 Daniel Geale II, D3796, 73minVG
Anthony Mundine W12 Carlos Jerez, D3801, 59minVG
Anthony Mundine W10 Crazy Kim, D3801, 58minVG
Anthony Mundine W12 Sam Soliman III, D3802, 67minVG
Anthony Mundine W12 Nader Hamdan, D3807, 61minVG
Anthony Mundine W12 Pablo Nievas, D3806, 61minVG
Anthony Mundine L12 Joshua Clottey, D3930, 80minVG

Mundine, Tony

Tony Mundine KOby9 Kahu Mahanga, D509, D1363, 18minEX (HL)
Tony Mundine KOby7 Carlos Monzon, D1344, 25mF/G, D2385, 44mG/VG
Tony Mundine KOby5 Bennie Briscoe, D2202, 16minVG
Tony Mundine L12 Jesse Burnett II, D2675, 60minG/VG
Tony Mundine KO5 Pete McIntyre, D3693, 37minG
Tony Mundine KO12 Steve Aczel I, D3860, 14minF/G (HL)

Munduga, John

John Munduga KOby6 Mark Breland, D3130, 25minG

Mungin, Mike

Mike Mungin W10 Micky Ward, D2628, 39minG/VG

Munguia, Gonzalo

Gonzalo Munguia KOby4 Roman Martinez, D2480, 29minEX

Munguia, Jose Miguel

Jose Miguel Munguia KOby3 Jorge Lacierva, D323, 23minEX

Munguia, Miguel Angel

Miguel Angel Munguia KOby4 Cornelius Lock, D105, 18minEX

Munica, Geoffrey

Geoffrey Munica KOby6 Terdsak Kokietgym, D189, D209, 24minVG

Muniz, Armando

Armando Muniz KOby15 Carlos Palomino I, D11, D3149, 60mVG
Armando Muniz L15 Carlos Palomino II, D3859, 54minG/VG
Armando Muniz KO7 Ernie Lopez, D150, 27minG
Armando Muniz L10 Emile Griffith, D222, D1716, 32minG
Armando Muniz L10 Zovek Barajas I, D223, D404, 43minG
Armando Muniz KO4 Zovek Barajas II, D3001, 12minG
Armando Muniz D10 Oscar Albarado, D242, 38minF/G
Armando Muniz KO2 Thurman Durden, D242, 7minG
Armando Muniz TL12 Jose Napoles I, D562, D709, 49minEX
Armando Muniz L15 Jose Napoles II, D3008, 45minF/G
Armando Muniz KO9 Clyde Gray, D1716, 34minF/G
Armando Muniz W10 Hedgemon Lewis, D2021, 31minF
Armando Muniz L10 Jose Palacios, D2022, 49minF
Armando Muniz L10 Raul Soriano, D2025, 43minG/VG
Armando Muniz L10 Angel Espada, D2027, 6minG (HL)
Armando Muniz W3 Bobby Watts (AMA), D3255, 11minG/VG

Muniz, Javier

Javier Muniz KO2 Rudy Acuna, 8, D562, D712, 8minEX
Javier Muniz KOby1 Ray Leonard, D1729, 10mF/G, D1769, 10mG

Muniz, Jose

Jose Muniz D4 Angel Marrero, D3175, 10minVG

Muniz, Oscar

Oscar Muniz W10 Jeff Chandler I, D665, 33minF
Oscar Muniz KOby7 Jeff Chandler II, D665, 23minF/G
Oscar Muniz W12 Johnny Carter, D2939, 46minG

Muniz, Raul

Raul Muniz KOby1 Enrique Ornelas, D1067, 8minEX

Munoz, Alexander

Alexander Munoz W12 Hidenobu Honda, D89, D2343, 45minVG
Alexander Munoz L12 Martin Castillo I, D305, 57minEX
Alexander Munoz L12 Martin Castillo II, D720, 59minVG
Alexander Munoz W12 Nobuo Nashiro, D1507, 39minG
Alexander Munoz W12 Katsushige Kawashima, D1508, 50minEX
Alexander Munoz L12 Cristian Mijares, D1668, 89minVG
Alexander Munoz KO2 Eiji Kojima I, D1826, 11minG
Alexander Munoz KO10 Eiji Kojima II, D691, 30minG
Alexander Munoz W12 Kuniyuki Aizawa, D1826, 51minVG
Alexander Munoz KO8 Celes Kobayashi, D1826, 33minG
Alexander Munoz L12 Koki Kameda, D2622, 62minEX
Alexander Munoz KOby5 Leo Santa Cruz, D3552, 28minVG/EX
Alexander Munoz KOby12 Genesis Servania, D3907, 60minG/VG

Munoz, Diego

Diego Munoz KOby2 Hernan Galviz, D0167, 12minEX

Munoz, Fidel

Fidel Munoz L12 Humberto Soto, D2545, 57minVG

Munoz, Hector

Hector Munoz W4 Lose Luis Noyola, D476, 16minEX
Hector Munoz KOby4 Jermell Charlo, D3955, 22minG/VG

Munoz, Ivonne

Ivonne Munoz KO1 Silvio Zuniga, D164, 5minEX

Munoz, Jorge

Jorge Munoz L10 Jorge Monzon, D335, 44minEX

Munoz, Jr., Ruben

Ruben Munoz, Jr. KO5 Art Frias, D243, 14minF

Munoz, Luis

Luis Munoz W4 Ernesto Garcia, D391, 20minEX

Munoz, Mauricio

Mauricio Munoz W6 Miguel Cacares, D2597, 34minVG
Mauricio Munoz L10 Jose Saez, D3899, 30minG/VG

Munoz, Mauricio Javier

Mauricio Javier Munoz KOby9 Toshiaki Nishioka, D2780, 39minEX
Mauricio Javier Munoz KO3 Roman Contreras, D3505, 15minG/VG
Mauricio Javier Munoz W12 Luis Franco, D3505, 51minVG
Mauricio Javier Munoz L12 Evgeny Gradovich, D3615, 53minVG

Munoz, Raul

Raul Munoz KOby3 Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr., D1371, 23minEX
Raul Munoz KOby1 Alfonso Gomez, D2940, 38minVG/EX
Raul Munoz KOby1 Joel Casamayor, D3778, 6minF/G

Munoz, Reyes

Reyes Munoz KOby1 Arturo Gatti, D1274, 16minG/VG

Munoz, Zulia

Zulia Munoz KO6 Renata Domsodi, D4033, 24minG/VG

Munroe, Rendall

Rendall Munroe L12 Toshiaki Nishioka, D2572, 82minVG/EX
Rendall Monroe TD3 Scott Quigg I, D3218, 35minEX
Rendall Monroe KOby6 Scott Quigg II, D3331, 33minVG
Rendall Munroe KOby6 Lee Selby, D3894, 45minVG
Rendall Munroe KOby7 Josh Warrington, D3946, 43minVG

Munsen, Luke

Luke Munsen L10 Chad Van Sickle, D267, 41minEX
Luke Munsen KO5 William Guthrie, D951, 33minEX

Munyai, Phumudzo

Phumudzo Munyai KOby3 Ricardo Hiraman, D3918, 9minG/VG (No 1st)

Munyai, Tshifiwa

Tshifiwa Munyai KOby2 Scott Quigg, D3949, 37minVG

Murai, Yuki

Yuki Murai TL9 Noboru Fukuyama, D1265, 40minG/VG
Yuki Murai L10 Rey Vargas, D4016, 34minG

Murakami, Junja

Junja Murakami KO2 Takuya Suzuki, D854, 13minEX

Muralimov, Ahror

Ahror Muralimov W8 Andrae Carthon, D3267, 39minVG/EX

Murat, Karo

Karo Murat D12 Gabriel Campillo I, D3099, 64minEX
Karo Murat L12 Bernard Hopkins, D3727, 70minVG/EX

Murata, Eijiro

Eijiro Murata D15 Jeff Chandler I, D501, D3529, 57mG/VG
Eijiro Murata KOby13 Jeff Chandler II, D1389, 74mG, D1802, 42mVG
Eijiro Murata KOby10 Jeff Chandler III, D509, 43mF/G, D1389, 42mF/G
Eijiro Murata D15 Lupe Pintor, D2759, 55minVG/EX
Eijiro Murata W12 William Develos, D4178, 41minG
Eijiro Murata KO3 Shuichi Isogami, D4179, 12minF
Eijiro Murata KO2 Myung-An Moon, D4179, 6minF/G
Eijiro Murata KO5 Sakdisamai Chorsiriwat, D4180, 22minG
Eijiro Murata KO4 Yong-Wan Oh, D4180, 14minF/G

Murata, Ryota

Ryota Murata KO2 Akio Shibata, D3653, 13minVG
Ryota Murata KO8 Dave Peterson, D3835, 46minEX
Ryota Murata KO4 Carlos Nascimento, D3904, 20minVG
Ryota Murata KO6 Jesus Nerio, D4028, 36minEX
Ryota Murata W10 Adrian Luna Flores, D4127, 46minVG

Murdoch, Paul

Paul Murdoch KOby10 Zsolt Erdai, D3441, 37minVG/EX

Murillo, Benedicto

Benedicto Murillo KOby15 Myung-Woo Yuh, D926, 54minG/VG

Murillo, Carlos

Carlos Murillo KO10 Jose Garcia Bernal, D903, 34minVG
Carlos Murillo W12 Hi-Yong Choi, D1234, 31minVG
Carlos Murillo KOby9 Mauricio Pastrana, D1525, 45minVG
Carlos Murillo L12 Keiji Yamaguchi I, D2556, 56minG/VG
Carlos Murillo L12 Keiji Yamaguchi II, D3063, 49minG/VG
Carlos Murillo KO9 Eric Griffin, D3017, 41minVG
Carlos Murillo L12 Chana Porpaoin I, D3197, 37minF/G
Carlos Murillo L12 Chana Porpaoin II, D3198, 31minVG/EX

Murillo, Damon

Damon Murillo KOby2 Sergio Gomez, D1414, 11minVG

Murillo, David

David Murillo KOby1 Ricardo 'Rocky' Juarez, D71, 14minEX

Murillo, Edwin

Edwin Murillo KOby2 Mikkel Kessler, D1923, 14mG, D2004, 10mG/VG

Murillo, Javier

Javier Murillo L10 Katsunari Takayama, D1761, 52minEX

Murillo, Oscar

Oscar Murillo KOby1 Roman Gonzalez, D3754, 5minF/G

Muriqi, Elvir

Elvir Muriqi W8 Teddy Muller, D1157, 36minEX
Elvir Muriqi L12 Antonio Tarver, D1992, 47minEX (No 6,8)
Elvir Muriqi KO3 Sam Ahmad, D2765, 16minG
Elvir Muriqi L10 Sean Monaghan, D4015, 45minVG

Murphy, Bob

Bob Murphy KO7 Jake LaMotta I, D1485, 12minF/G (HL)
Bob Murphy L10 Jake LaMotta II, D281, 46minG

Murphy, Ken

Ken Murphy KOby7 Fabrice Tiozzo, D1771, 42minVG
Ken Murphy KOby5 Juan Carlos Gomez, D2373, 24minVG

Murphy, Lamar

Lamar Murphy L10 Koba Gogoladze, D199, 43minEX
Lamar Murphy L12 Damian Fuller, D250, 53minEX
Lamar Murphy L10 Angel Manfredy, D1662, 40minEX
Lamar Murphy L12 Miguel Angel Gonzalez, D1892, 70minG/VG
Lamar Murphy L12 Jean-Baptiste Mendy, D3815, 36minG/VG (No 3,7,10)

Murphy, Lawrence

Lawrence Murphy KO1 Wayne Elcock, D97, 21minEX

Murphy, Lee Roy

Lee Roy Murphy KOby10 Ricky Parkey, D847, 34minG/VG
Lee Roy Murphy KO12 Chisanda Mutti, D2072, 50minG
Lee Roy Murphy KOby6 Dwight Muhammad Qawi, D2618, 27minG
Lee Roy Murphy KO12 Eddie Taylor, D3175, 52minG/VG
Lee Roy Murphy KO14 Marvin Camel, D3437, 44minG/VG
Lee Roy Murphy KO9 Dorcey Gaymon, D3437, 39minG/VG
Lee Roy Murphy L12 Mike Evans, D3598, 53minG

Murphy, Tyrell

Tyrell Murphy KOby1 Ben Lane, D437, 7minEX

Murray, Andrew

Andrew Murray KOby4 Ike Quartey, D1114, 21mEX, D1717, 18mG

Murray, Charles

Charles Murray W12 Juan LaPorte, D191, 48minG/VG
Charles Murray L10 Larry Marks, D709, 36minEX
Charles Murray W12 Micky Ward, D2625, 47minF/G
Charles Murray L12 Jake Rodriguez I, D3686, 40minG/VG
Charles Murray KO7 Jake Rodriguez II, D3808, 36minG/VG
Charles Murray W12 Rodney Moore, D3811, 43minVG
Charles Murray KO5 Courtney Hooper, D3813, 31minVG

Murray, Gary

Gary Murray W8 Ojay Abrahams, D1763, 35minVG/EX

Murray, John

John Murray KOby11 Brandon Rios, D3058, 50minVG
John Murray KO2 John Simpson, D3905, 13minG/VG
John Murray KOby10 Anthony Crolla, D3945, 64minVG

Murray, Joseph

Joseph Murray KOby3 Shane Mosley, D2828, 13minF/G

Murray, Martin

Martin Murray D12 Felix Sturm, D3052, 83minVG
Martin Murray KO6 Jorge Navarro, D3332, 33minVG
Martin Murray L12 Sergio Martinez, D3550, 87minEX
Martin Murray W8 Sergey Khomitsky II, D3837, 36minG
Martin Murray KO6 Ishmael Tetteh, D3953, 35minVG
Martin Murray W12 Max Bursak, D4018, 60minVG
Martin Murray KO7 Domenico Spada, D4173, 41minG

Murray, Steve

Steve Murray W10 Martin Watson, D118, 50minEX

Mussachio, Chuck

Chuck Mussachio W4 Derek Sierra, D723, 23minVG/EX

Mustafa Muhammad, Eddie

Eddie Mustafa Muhammad L12 James Scott, D175, 70minF/G
Eddie Mustafa Muhammad L10 Bennie Briscoe, D180, D2202, 31mF/G
Eddie Mustafa Muhammad KO10 Jesse Burnett, D180, 36minG
Eddie Mustafa Muhammad L15 Victor Galindez, D180, 54minG/VG
Eddie Mustafa Muhammad KO4 Lotte Mwale, D863, 22minG/VG
Eddie Mustafa Muhammad KO8 Mario Rosa, D863, 33minEX
Eddie Mustafa Muhammad W10 Matthew Saad Muhammad (HL), D863, 13minF
Eddie Mustafa Muhammad KO10 Jerry Martin, D865, 40minG
Eddie Mustafa Muhammad KO3 Rudy Koopmans, D983, 49minVG
Eddie Mustafa Muhammad KO11 Marvin Johnson, D1028, 35minF/G
Eddie Mustafa Muhammad L15 Slobodan Kacar, D3090, 51minP/F
Eddie Mustafa Muhammad KO8 Mario Rosa, D3213, 33minVG

Mustapha, Daniel

Daniel Mustapha KOby4 Azumah Nelson, D494, 13minG/VG

Mutti, Chisanda

Chisanda Mutti KOby12 Lee Roy Murphy, D2072, 50minG
Chisanda Mutti KOby3 Evander Holyfield, D2746, 10minF/G
Chisanda Mutti KOby12 Ricky Parkey, D4191, 51minG/VG

Muyco, Elmer

Elmer Muyco L10 Donnie Nietes, D3532, 36minVG

Mwakyusa, Adam

Adam Mwakyusa KOby3 Napapol Kiatisakchokchai, D254, 12minVG

Mwale, Lotte

Lotte Mwale KOby4 Matthew Saad Muhammad, D863, 17mG, D3236, 15mG/VG
Lotte Mwale KOby4 Eddie Mustafa Muhammad, D863, 22minG/VG

Mwekessa, Zack

Zack Mwekessa KO7 Bernard Adie, D4093, 24minEX

Mwema, Steve

Steve Mwema KOby3 Armando Castro, D3700, 22minG

Myekeni, Monelisi

Monelisi Myekeni L12 Pongsaklek Wonjongkam, D2026, 51minVG

Myoga, Yoshinori

Yoshinori Myoga D4 Keigo Ogawa, D2685, 19minVG