Dynamite's Worldwide Boxing Videos
All recordings are in SP (2 hours for DVD and NTSC VHS, 3 hours for PAL VHS) mode. Maximum of six fights per tape/disc, within time limit. This usually equals about 25-30 rounds for 2 hours, 40-45 rounds for 3 hours.

When ordering, please specify whether you want VHS or DVD, NTSC or PAL. DVD recordings are made on DVD+R. Please refer to your DVD player's instruction manual to ensure that your player is compatible with this type of disc
All recordings are in 2 hour SP mode. Maximum of 120 minutes and six fights per DVD, please.

To order, choose which fights you want and list them in an email along with your shipping address. Our email address is on the title page. You will be contacted with a price quote as quickly as possible.

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L'Heureux, Patrice

Patrice L'Heureux KO3 Marcus Harden, D408, D2624, 16minVG

LaCoursiere, Larry

Larry LaCoursiere KOby5 Tony Lopez, D1051, 24minVG
Larry LaCoursiere L10 Julio Cesar Chavez, Sr., D1740, 50minVG
Larry LaCoursiere KOby2 Hector Camacho, Jr., D2735, 6minG
Larry LaCoursiere KOby1 Kostya Tszyu, D3654, 4minG

LaLonde, Donny

Donny LaLonde KOby9 Ray Leonard, D401, 39minG
Donny LaLonde L10 Virgil Hill, D2729, 48minG/VG
Donny LaLonde KO2 Eddie Davis, D2767, 5minF
Donny LaLonde L12 Bobby Czyz, D2767, 25minP (HL, bad sound)
Donny LaLonde KO5 Leslie Stewart, D4040, 21minVG

LaMontagne, Rich

Rich LaMontagne KO6 Willie Kemp (Rds 5-6), D2830, 8minG/VG

LaMotta, Jake

Jake LaMotta KOby13 Sugar Ray Robinson VI, D1129, D3180, 30mG (HL)
Jake LaMotta KOby13 Sugar Ray Robinson VI, D1129, D3179, 62mG
Jake LaMotta W10 Norman Hayes II (HL), D1385, 11minG/VG
Jake LaMotta KOby7 Bob Murphy I, D1485, 12minF/G (HL)
Jake LaMotta W10 Bob Murphy II, D281, 46minG
Jake LaMotta W10 Eugene Hairston II, D3220, 42minEX

LaPaglia, Lenny

Lenny LaPaglia L10 John Collins, D4078, 32minG/VG
Lenny LaPaglia KOby6 Art Jimmerson, D4078, 24minG/VG

LaPlante, Glenn

Glenn LaPlante KOby1 Andre Ward, D946, 11minVG

LaPorte, Juan

Juan LaPorte L12 Julio Cesar Chavez, D474, 55mG/VG, D1801, 41mG/VG
Juan LaPorte L15 Salvador Sanchez, D18, 50mF/G, D2979, 50mG
Juan LaPorte L10 Barry McGuigan, D1368, 44mVG, D2656, 51mG/VG
Juan LaPorte L12 Julio Cesar Chavez, 115, 56minVG
Juan LaPorte L15 Salvador Sanchez, D18, 50minF/G
Juan LaPorte L10 Barry McGuigan, 390, 51minVG
Juan LaPorte KO12 Nicky Perez, D184, 40minG/VG
Juan LaPorte L10 Billy Costello, D184, 61minVG
Juan LaPorte W10 Curtis Strong, D186, 44minG
Juan LaPorte L10 Lupe Suarez, D186, 37minVG
Juan LaPorte L12 John John Molina, D186, 44minG
Juan LaPorte L12 Azumah Nelson, D186, 46minF
Juan LaPorte KO5 William Ruiz, D187, 22minG/VG
Juan LaPorte KO1 Alejandro Garcia, D187, 6minG/VG
Juan LaPorte W10 Rafael Gandarilla, D187, 38minVG
Juan LaPorte KO2 Rocky Lockridge, D187, 9minF
Juan LaPorte KO10 Mario Miranda, D191, 42minF/G
Juan LaPorte W12 Ruben Castillo, D191, 43minG
Juan LaPorte L10 Gerald Haynes, D191, 33minF
Juan LaPorte L12 Charles Murray, D191, 48minG/VG
Juan LaPorte TL8 Felix Gonzalez, D191, 34minG/VG
Juan LaPorte KO2 Jocko King, D191, 12minG/VG
Juan LaPorte KO2 Marco Lizarraga, D191, 10minG/VG (no sound)
Juan LaPorte L12 Wilfredo Gomez, D299, 48minG/VG, D1197, 40minG/VG
Juan LaPorte W12 Johnny DeLaRosa, D285, 48minVG
Juan LaPorte L15 Eusebio Pedroza, D862, 51minVG/EX
Juan LaPorte L10 Kostya Tszyu, D2664, 52mG, D3654, 44mG
Juan LaPorte KOby10 Zack Padilla, D3690, 36mG/VG, D3699, 43mVG

LaRocca, Nino

Nino LaRocca KOby6 Donald Curry, D1610, 30minG/VG
Nino LaRocca W10 Pete Ranzany, D2466, 40minG
Nino LaRocca W12 Kirkland Laing, D3189, 49minG
Nino LaRocca KO8 Bobby Joe Young, D3450, 34minG/VG
Nino LaRocca KO3 Steve Gregory, D3659, 15minF/G
Nino LaRocca KOby6 Gilles Elbilia, D3662, 28minF/G
Nino LaRocca W10 Harold Volbrecht, D3662, 36minG (no dec)

LaStarza, Roland

Roland LaStarza KOby11 Rocky Marciano II, D1190, 40minG

Labarda, Ceferino

Ceferino Labarda KOby10 Steve Molitor, D1726, 51inVG

Labbe, Don

Don Labbe KOby3 Anthony Russell, D1019, 14minEX

Labua, Jackie

Jackie Labua L10 Gil Turner I, D1491, 40minG

Lacefield, Ricky

Ricky Lacefield L4 Joel Garcia, D2927, 18minG

Lacey, Mario

Mario Lacey KOby5 Roman Martinez, D626, 23minEX
Mario Lacey KOby3 Pasquel Rouse, D1011, 15minEX

Laciar, Santos

Santos Laciar W15 Hilario Zapata, D94, D2405, 57minG
Santos Laciar KO7 Peter Mathebula, D243, D2029, 32minF
Santos Laciar KO1 Hi-Sup Shin, D363, 5minVG/EX
Santos Laciar L12 Sugar Baby Rojas, D875, 43minVG
Santos Laciar KO2 Shuichi Hozumi, D891, 9mG, D1680, 8mG, D3586, 19mVG
Santos Laciar D12 Gilberto Roman I, D1064, 44minVG
Santos Laciar KO11 Gilberto Roman II, D1365, 36minF
Santos Laciar L12 Gilberto Roman III, D1033, 64minVG
Santos Laciar KO13 Juan Herrera I, D1065, 45mF/G , D2025, 47mG
Santos Laciar W15 Juan Herrera II, D1065, 51minF
Santos Laciar W15 Antoine Montero, D1690, 67minG
Santos Laciar L10 Charlie Magri, D2394, 16minG (HL)

Lacierva, Jorge

Jorge Lacierva KO9 Gerardo Espinoza, D69, 47minEX
Jorge Lacierva KO1 Harold Grey, D71, 17minEX
Jorge Lacierva D10 Armando Guerrero, D259, 37minEX
Jorge Lacierva KO3 Jose Miguel Munguia, D323, 23minEX
Jorge Lacierva KOby6 Cruz Carbajal, D476, 27minEX
Jorge Lacierva L12 Celestino Caballero, D1430, 66minEX
Jorge Lacierva W10 Joksan Hernandez, D2605, 25minEX (No rds 2-4)
Jorge Lacierva W12 Fernando Beltran, D2787, 60minG
Jorge Lacierva TL8 Mark Johnson, D3075, 43minG
Jorge Lacierva KOby9 Bryan Vasquez, D3267, 39minVG
Jorge Lacierva KOby8 Jorge Arce, D4023, 39minG/VG

Lacona, Johnathan

Johnathan Lacona L6 Enrique Bernache, D2415, 26minEX

Lacy, Jeff

Jeff Lacy KO8 Donnell Wiggins, D102, 44minEX
Jeff Lacy NC2 Vitaly Tsypko I, D148, 34minEX
Jeff Lacy W12 Vitaly Tsypko II, D1183, 55minEX
Jeff Lacy KO8 Syd Vanderpool, D216, 53mEX, D1403, 59mG/VG
Jeff Lacy W12 Omar Sheika, D282, 69minEX
Jeff Lacy KO8 Robin Reid, D523, 53minEX
Jeff Lacy KO2 Scott Pemberton, D549, 44minEX
Jeff Lacy L12 Joe Calzaghe, D737, 88minEX
Jeff Lacy KO1 Fike Wilson, D1253, 14mVG/EX
Jeff Lacy L12 Jermain Taylor, D1929, 66minEX
Jeff Lacy KOby10 Roy Jones, Jr., D2143, 45minG
Jeff Lacy KO2 Anwar Oshana, D2706, 22minVG
Jeff Lacy KO1 Jerald Lowe, D3474, 9minEX
Jeff Lacy W10 Epifanio Mendoza, D3652, 40minVG
Jeff Lacy KOby2 Umberto Savigne, D4053, 18minVG

Ladd, Fred

Fred Ladd KOby3 James Leija, D978, 27minEX

LadsawaiMarket, Kriengkrai

Kriengkrai LadsawaiMarket KOby3 Kongfah Nakornluang, D4074, 9minVG

Ladson, Earl

Earl Ladson L6 Devin Vargas, D1497, 19minEX

Laghetti, Mirko

Mirko Laghetti L12 Marco Huck, D4067, 55minG/VG

Lagos, Juan Javier

Juan Javier Lagos L10 Jorge Arce, D2971, 55minG/VG

Laguna, Ismael

Ismael Laguna KO9 Mando Ramos, D166, 32minG
Ismael Laguna KO13 Guts Ishimatsu, D441, 45minF
Ismael Laguna L15 Carlos Ortiz I, D441, 49minVG
Ismael Laguna L15 Carlos Ortiz II, D2182, 48minVG (No 3-4,9)
Ismael Laguna L10 Vicente Saldivar (No 3, 5-9), D810, 13minG
Ismael Laguna L15 Ken Buchanan II, D3395, 45mVG (No 2,7)

Laham, Baha

Baha Laham W10 Tyler Asselstine, D3460, 42minG/VG

Laila, LaAmir

LaAmir Laila KOby9 Satoshi Hosono, D3569, 43minEX

Lain, Ahmed

Ahmed Lain KOby1 Thanomsak Sithbaobay, D4022, 3minG

Laing, Kirkland

Kirkland Laing L12 Del Bryan, D3187, 19minVG
Kirkland Laing KOby9 Donovan Boucher, D3187, 26minG/VG
Kirkland Laing KO3 Bozon Haule, D3188, 13minG/VG
Kirkland Laing KO5 Rocky Kelly, D3189, 17minG
Kirkland Laing L12 Nino LaRocca, D3189, 49minG
Kirkland Laing KO5 George Collins, D3189, 24minG/VG
Kirkland Laing KOby7 Buck Smith, D3189, 31minG
Kirkland Laing W8 Newton Barnett, D3190, 36minG
Kirkland Laing KO2 Antoine Fernandez, D3780, 15minG
Kirkland Laing L12 Patrizio Oliva, D3781, 32minG

Laing, Tony

Tony Laing L12 Lester Ellis, D2453, 50minVG/EX

Lakatos, Alejandro

Alejandro Lakatos L12 Zsolt Erdai, D3413, 54minVG

Lakusta, Ken

Ken Lakusta KOby8 Larry Holmes, D3046, 49minVG/EX

Laleye, Akinyemi

Akinyemi Laleye KO1 Johnny Brooks, D807, 5minEX
Akinyemi Laleye W4 William Santiago, D733, 17minEX

Lally, Jeff

Jeff Lally KOby3 Albert Sosnowski, D1529, 15minG/VG

Lally, Jeff

Brett Lally KOby1 Terry Norris, D1874, 11minVG
Brett Lally KOby2 Donald Curry, D2772, 15minG

Lambert, Timothy 'Tucker'

Timothy 'Tucker' Lambert KOby3 Romero Johnson, D60, 17minEX

Lampkin, Jeff

Jeff Lampkin KO3 Glenn McCrory, D3362, 14minVG
Jeff Lampkin KO5 Alfonzo Ratliff, D3363, 31minG
Jeff Lampkin KO8 Siza Makathini, D3363, 35minVG

Lampkin, Ray

Ray Lampkin KOby14 Roberto Duran, D1425, 57mF, D1128, 64mG

Landaeta, Juan

Juan Landaeta L12 Koki Kameda I, D1040, 58minEX
Juan Landaeta L12 Koki Kameda II, D1392, 94minEX
Juan Landaeta D12 Chana Porpaoin II, D1734, 45minVG
Juan Landaeta L12 Yutaka Niida, D1926, 66minVG/EX

Landero, Michael

Michael Landero L12 Hekkie Budler, D3410, 40minG
Michael Landero L12 Saengmuengloei Kokietgym, D3909, 41minG (No 1st)
Michael Landero KOby3 Nawaphon PorChokchai, D3938, 12minG

Landeros, Adolfo

Adolfo Landeros W12 Eduardo Garcia, D432, D659, 53minEX
Adolfo Landeros L10 Jhonny Gonzales, D512, 51minEX
Adolfo Landeros L12 Ricardo Castillo, D834, 48minEX
Adolfo Landeros KOby1 Guillermo Rigondeaux, D3510, 7minVG

Lane, Ben

Ben Lane KO1 Tyrell Murphy, D437, 7minEX

Lane, Dallas

Dallas Lane KOby1 BJ Flores, D2709, 4minVG

Lane, Garing

Garing Lane L10 Kendrick Releford, D632, 27minEX (Rds 3-10)

Lane, Kenny

Kenny Lane L10 Paddy DeMarco, D1618, 48minVG
Kenny Lane W10 Frankie Ryff I, D1618, 3minF (HL)
Kenny Lane L15 Joe Brown, D1618, 4minF (HL)

Lane, Lanard

Lanard Lane L8 Joseph Elegele, D3178, 32minVG/EX

Lane, Robert

Robert Lane KOby3 Darien Ford (Rds. 2-3), D318, 8minEX

Lanford, Danielle

Danielle Lanford L4 Carly Batey, D934, 12minEX

Lang, Bill

Bill Lang LDQ6 Sam Langford, D3134, 10minG (HL)

Lange, Jimmy

Jimmy Lange D4 James Johnson I, D24, 20minEX
Jimmy Lange KO2 Ed Goins, D59, 9minEX
Jimmy Lange KO5 Vincent White, D93, 30minEX
Jimmy Lange KOby3 Joey Gilbert II, D812, 32mEX, D974, 19mEX

Langford, Sam

Sam Langford W20 Joe Jeannette X, D3112, 25minG (HL)
Sam Langford WDQ6 Bill Lang, D3134, 10minG (HL)

Langley, Leonard

Leonard Langley KOby2 Dwight Muhammad Qawi, D1507, D2113, 11mEX

Langley, Richard

Richard Langley KO4 Channing Demontiney, 25minEX

Langlois, Pierre

Pierre Langlois W10 Joe Miceli II, D1491, 39minF

Langois, Pierre

Pierre Langois D10 Carmen Basilio I, D1081, 40minG
Pierre Langois L10 Carmen Basilio II, D1081, 40minG

Lantz, Terry

Terry Lantz KOby1 Hector Rivera, D112, 12minEX
Terry Lantz KOby8 Mike Oliver, D910, 34minEX

Lanzas, Julio

Julio Lanzas L6 Donovan George, D773, 25minEX

Lapointe, Jean

Jean Lapointe KOby9 Johnny Verderosa, D3406, 19minG/VG

Laporte, Jr., Anthony

Anthony Laporte, Jr. KOby3 Hipolito Rivera, D2569, 20minVG/EX

Lapuz, Dondon

Dondon Lapuz KOby2 Napapol Kiatisakchokchai, D636, 10minVG

Lara, Erislandy

Erislandy Lara KO1 Denis Alekseevs, D1722, 8minVG
Erislandy Lara W4 Ivan Maslov, D1868, 22minG
Erislandy Lara KO1 Rodrigo Aguiar, D1975, 7minEX
Erislandy Lara W10 Danny Perez, D2436, 50minEX
Erislandy Lara L12 Paul Williams, D2867, 76minEX
Erislandy Lara KO1 Ronald Hearns, D3132, 17minVG/EX
Erislandy Lara W10 Freddy Hernandez, D3237, 50minVG
Erislandy Lara TD9 Vanes Martirosyan, D3323, 51minVG
Erislandy Lara KO10 Alfredo Angulo, D3583, 51minVG/EX
Erislandy Lara W12 Austin Trout, D3826, 60minVG
Erislandy Lara L12 Canelo Alvarez, D4088, 85minVG

Lara, Federico

Federico Lara KOby3 Marco Antonio Barrera II, D1958, 12minF/G

Lara, German

German Lara L8 Rafael Concepcion, D3631, 38minG

Lara, Jesse

Jesse Lara KOby3 Esteban DeJesus, D2994, 3minG (HL)

Lara, Jorge

Jorge Lara W10 Jairo Hernandez, D3865, 39minVG

Lara, Nelson

Nelson Lara KOby5 Juan Ruiz, D3515, 21minG/VG
Nelson Lara KOby8 Fidel Maldonado, D4022, 35minVG

Lara, Octavio

Octavio Lara W6 Rogelio Ramirez, D84, 29mEX, D1608, 38mVG

Lara, Orlando

Orlando Lara W8 Octavio Narvaez, D2336, 34minG
Orlando Lara KOby6 Keith Thurman, D3259, 34minVG

Lara, Ramiro

Ramiro Lara KOby3 Jorge Linares, D2734, 23minG/VG

Lara, Rogelio

Rogelio Lara L15 Romeo Anaya, 7, D3314, 63minEX

Lara, Ulises

Ulises Lara KOby8 Juan Carlos Reveco, D3589, 35minG

Laracuente, Belinda

Belinda Laracuente L10 Layla McCarter, D1186, D1268, 40minEX

Larbi, Salim

Salim Larbi KO7 Lukas Konecny, D3151, 48minVG
Salim Larbi L12 Jack Culcay, D3927, 56minG/VG

Lares, Victor

Victor Lares W6 Juan Carlos Ramos, D140, 27minEX
Victor Lares KOby2 Daniel Jacobs, D1935, 13minEX

Larios, Jesus

Jesus Larios KOby1 Fermin DeLosSantos, D588, 7minEX

Larios, Oscar

Oscar Larios KO10 Napapol Kiatisakchokchai, D84 (Esp), 45minEX
Oscar Larios KO10 Napapol Kiatisakchokchai, D1016 (Eng), 54minVG
Oscar Larios KO8 Manabu Fukushima, D151, 41minG
Oscar Larios W10 Jesus Perez, D168, 41minEX
Oscar Larios W12 Nedal Hussein, D289, D1649, 56minVG
Oscar Larios W12 Wayne McCullough, D339, 57minEX
Oscar Larios KO2 Kozo Ishii, D540, 23minVG
Oscar Larios W12 Shigeru Nakazato I, D884, 47mEX, D4187, 50mG
Oscar Larios W12 Shigeru Nakazato II, D535, 48minG/VG
Oscar Larios W10 John Lowey, D978, 53minVG
Oscar Larios L12 Manny Pacquiao, D994, 84minEX
Oscar Larios KO4 Roberto Bonilla, D1099, 19minEX
Oscar Larios L12 Willie Jorrin I, D1319, 51minEX
Oscar Larios KO1 Willie Jorrin II, D664, 14minVG
Oscar Larios W12 Takahiro Ao I, D1843, 51minEX
Oscar Larios L12 Takahiro Ao II, D2117, 60minEX
Oscar Larios KO7 Marlon Aguilar, D1995, 34minVG
Oscar Larios KOby10 Jorge Linares, D2511, 50minVG
Oscar Larios W10 Marcos Licona, D2732, 52minG
Oscar Larios W10 Ivan Alvarez, D3297, 42minVG
Oscar Larios KOby1 Israel Vazquez I, D3841, 11minG
Oscar Larios KO12 Israel Vazquez II, D764, D1244, 48minEX
Oscar Larios KOby3 Israel Vazquez III, D611, 35minVG

Lark, John

John Lark KOby10 Philip Holiday, D3417, 47minG/VG

Larrimore, Steve

Steve Larrimore KOby2 Kostya Tszyu, D3654, 11minG

Larrinaga, Andres Filleberto

Andres Filleberto Larrinaga L4 Giovanni Lorenzo, D200, 16minEX

Larsen, Leif

Leif Larsen KO1 Sylvester Petrovic, D554, 11minEX
Leif Larsen KO1 Ladislav Slezak, D776, 3minEX
Leif Larsen KOby7 Christian Hammer, D3656, 33minG/VG

Larsen, Mads

Mads Larsen W12 Danilo Haussler, D823, 57minG

Lartelier, Alex

Alex Lartelier W4 Hildo Silva, D1456, 19minEX

Laryea, Joseph

Joseph Layea W12 Paul Appleby, D2593, 58minEX
Joseph Laryea KOby7 Ricky Burns, D3447, 43minEX
Joseph Laryea KOby1 Jose Felix, Jr., D3712, 7minVG

LasPinas, Rey

Rey LasPinas L12 Pharanpetch TorBaumas, D3933, 37minG

Lasa, Luciano

Luciano Lasa W4 Franco Ibanez, D3120, 25minVG

Laspada, Brian

Brian LaSpada KOby11 Juan Carlos Gomez, D2374, 61minG
Brian LaSpada KOby9 Nate Miller, D3435, 37minVG/EX

Lastra, Cecilio

Cecilio Lastra KOby13 Eusebio Pedroza, D1337, 46minVG

Latimore, Deandre

Deandre Latimore L12 Cory Spinks, D2127, 68minEX
Deandre Latimore KO7 Sechew Powell I, D3475, 32minEX

Lau, Hicklet

Hicklet Lau KO2 Thomas Grissom, D15, 21minEX
Hicklet Lau KOby9 Kermit Cintron, D104, 35minEX
Hicklet Lau L10 Richard Gutierrez, D777, 49minEX
Hicklet Lau KOby2 Jesus Soto Karass, D1938, 18minEX
Hicklet Lau L12 Henry Bruseles, D2805, 61minG/VG

Laudat, Leo

Leo Laudat KOby1 John Duddy, D103, 9minEX

Laurente, Dennis

Dennis Laurente L12 Chikashi Inada, D531, 56minVG
Dennis Laurente W12 Sonchai Nakbalee, D1395, 56minEX
Dennis Laurente W10 Zaid Zavaleta, D2160, 46minEX

Laurente, Pedirito

Pedirito Laurente L10 Jorge Linares, D1037, 46minEX

Lauri, Guiseppe

Guiseppe Lauri KOby5 Ricky Hatton, D2052, 29minG/VG

Lausse, Eduardo

Eduardo Lausse KO7 Chico Varona, D857, 23minVG
Eduardo Lausse W10 Gene Fullmer, D857, 31minF/G
Eduardo Lausse KOby7 Marcel Pigou, D1078, 30minG/VG
Eduardo Lausse KO5 Johnny Sullivan, D1078, 4minVG (HL)
Eduardo Lausse L10 Bobby Boyd, D1081, 40minF/G
Eduardo Lausse W12 Antonio Lucero I, D4045, 2minVG (HL)

Lawas, Rommel

Rommel Lawas KOby3 Hi-Yong Choi, D2551, 15minVG

Lawhorne, Arthel

Arthel Lawhorne KOby2 Ray Mercer, D1533, 12minEX

Lawlor, Pat

Pat Lawlor KO6 Roberto Duran I, D1084, 28minG/VG
Pat Lawlor L12 Roberto Duran II, D1046, 73minG/VG
Pat Lawlor KOby2 Joe Calzaghe, D1555, 11minG/VG
Pat Lawlor KOby3 Terry Norris, D3146, 154minF/G
Pat Lawlor KOby9 John David Jackson, D3396, 35minG

Lawrence, Zuri

Zuri Lawrence KOby2 Dominick Guinn, D1314, 15minEX
Zuri Lawrence W10 Jameel McCline, D3220, 47minEX

Lawshe, Chad

Chad Lawshe KOby2 Edgar Santana, D412, 8minEX

Lawson, Frederick

Frederick Lawson W10 Ray Narh, D4127, 47minVG

Lawson, Tyler

Tyler Lawson L4 Andy Ruiz, D3196, 22minVG

Layne, Alfredo

Alfredo Layne KO9 Wilfredo Gomez, D298, 39minG/VG
Alfredo Layne L10 Pernell Whitaker, D2014, 31minVG
Alfredo Layne KOby10 Brian Mitchell, D2183, 40minG/VG

Layne, Rex

Rex Layne W10 Joe Walcott (HL), D1385, 11minF/G

Laza, Pedro

Pedro Laza KOby9 Cornelius Boza-Edwards, D1292, 30minG/VG

Lazarte, Luis

Luis Lazarte L12 Daniel Reyes, D1775, 67minF
Luis Lazarte KOby2 Pongsaklek Wongjonkam, D2039, 10minG
Luis Lazarte W12 Carlos Tamara, D2485, 64minVG/EX
Luis Lazarte D12 Ulises Solis I, D2614, 69minG
Luis Lazarte W12 Ulises Solis II, D2820, 69minG
Luis Lazarte W12 Nerys Espinoza, D2918, 68minG/VG

Lazcano, Eduardo

Eduardo Lazcano W4 Jose Luis Leon, D661, 19minEX
Eduardo Lazcano W8 German Meraz, D1731, 32minF/G
Eduardo Lazcano L10 Daniel PonceDeLeon, D3150, 41minVG

Lazcano, Juan

Juan Lazcano KO9 Courtney Burton, D574, 43minEX
Juan Lazcano W10 Ben Tackie, D695, 43minEX
Juan Lazcano W10 Manuel Garcia, D1045, 54minEX
Juan Lazcano L12 Vivian Harris, D1350, 61minEX
Juan Lazcano W10 Jesse James Leija, D1422, 58minVG
Juan Lazcano L12 Jose Luis Castillo, D1651, 56mG/VG, D2645, 58mVG
Juan Lazcano KO11 Stevie Johnston, D4186, 54minVG

Lazcano, Miguel

Miguel Lazcano KOby1 Orlando Menovil, D804, 9minEX

LeBlanc, Jimmy

Jimmy LeBlanc KOby8 Kevin Watts, D2803, 38minVG

LeBlanc, Shelton

Shelton LeBlanc L10 Howard Davis, D4045, 31minG

LeDoux, Scott

Scott LeDoux L8 Johnny Boudreaux, D133, 47minG/VG
Scott LeDoux D10 Ken Norton, D1980, 36minF
Scott LeDoux KOby7 Larry Holmes, D3044, 32minG/VG
Scott LeDoux KOby3 George Foreman, D3156, 24minG
Scott LeDoux L10 Ron Lyle, D3171, 46minVG

LeHoullier, Jason

Jason LeHoullier W8 Martinus Clay, D1373, 30minEX

Leal, Adan

Adan Leal KO3 Trinidad Marry, D1459, 15minEX

Leal, Francisco

Francisco Leal KOby8 Celestino Caballero, D2164, 28minG
Francisco Leal KOby8 Raul Hirales, D3722, 41minVG

Leal, Frankie

Frankie Leal KOby3 Manuel Sarabia, D696, 16minEX

Leal, Franky

Franky Leal W4 Jose Espinoza, D648, 18minEX
Franky Leal W4 Ricardo Valencia, D729, 20minEX

Leal, Julio

Julio Leal L4 Juan 'El Tigre' Hererra, D24, 16minEX
Julio Leal L4 Juan Herrera, D1663, 18minVG

Lealsi, Ampi

Ampi Lealsi KOby5 Chris John, D3448, 17minG

Leapai, Alex

Alex Leapai W10 Denis Boytsov, D3783, 58minVG
Alex Leapai KOby5 Wladimir Klitschko, D3956, 44minVG

Leather, Josh

Josh Leather W6 Tommy Carus, D4009, 26minVG

Leatherwood, Keandre

Keandre Leatherwood KOby6 John Jackson, D3081, 25minG

Lebedev, Denis

Denis Lebedev KO2 Alexander Alexeev, D2529, 19minVG/EX
Denis Lebedev L12 Marco Huck, D2609, 70mEX, D2688, 56mVG
Denis Lebedev KO10 Roy Jones, D2843, 44minF
Denis Lebedev W12 James Toney, D3025, 72minVG/EX
Denis Lebedev KO4 Santander Silgado, D3360, 16minG
Denis Lebedev KOby11 Guillermo Jones, D3566, 48minEX
Denis Lebedev KO2 Pawel Kolodziej, D4116, 20minVG

Lecrosnier, Gabriel

Gabriel Lecrosnier KOby4 Artur Beterbiev, D4126, 21minG/VG

Ledesma, Andres

Andres Ledesma KOby8 Raul Martinez, D661, 41minVG
Andres Ledesma L10 Jose Aguiniga, D746, 41minEX
Andres Ledesma KOby5 Ronny Rios, D2404, 24minEX
Andres Ledesma L8 Juan Carlos Burgos, D3366, 47minG

Ledesma, Diego

Diego Ledesma L4 Oscar Medina, D2672, 15minG/VG

Ledesma, Emmanuel

Emmanuel Ledesma W6 Fernando Vela, D929, 27minEX

Ledon, Ramon

Ramon Ledon KOby5 Roberto Garcia, D3430, 22minF/G

Ledwaba, Lehlohonolo

Lehlohonolo Ledwaba KOby6 Manny Pacquiao, D1428, 29mVG, D2760, 29minG
Lehlohonolo Ledwaba KO5 Edison Valencia Diaz, D1681, 22minG/VG
Lehlohonolo Ledwaba KO8 Eduardo Enrique Alvarez, D1683, 37minVG/EX
Lehlohonolo Ledwaba W10 Arnel Barotillo, D1683, 43minVG
Lehlohonolo Ledwaba W12 John Michael Johnson, D2492, 58minVG/EX
Lehlohonolo Ledwaba W12 Vuyani Bungu, D3219, 68minG
Lehlohonolo Ledwaba W12 Carlos Contreras, D3446, 61minVG/EX
Lehlohonolo Ledwaba KO8 Ernesto Grey, D4136, 47minVG
Lehlohonolo Ledwaba W12 Gian Maria Petriccioli, D4136, 54minG/VG

Lee, Andy

Andy Lee KO1 Jess Salway, D1060, 6minEX
Andy Lee KO6 Pedro Ortega, D1323, 16minEX (Rds 3-6)
Andy Lee KO3 Carl Daniels, D1417, 27minEX
Andy Lee KO10 Craig McEwan, D2757, 45minVG/EX
Andy Lee W10 Brian Vera II, D2991, 49minEX
Andy Lee KOby7 Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr., D3217, 57minEX
Andy Lee KO2 Ferenc Hafner, D3787, 14minVG
Andy Lee KO5 John Jackson, D3999, 26minVG
Andy Lee L4 Hassan N'Dam N'Jikam, D4132, 15minG/VG (AMA)

Lee, Barrie

Barrie Lee KOby7 Thomas McDonagh, D1844, 18minVG (No 2, 5)

Lee, Bill

Bill Lee KOby3 Iran Barkley, D1627, 19minG

Lee, Bum-Young

Bum-Young Lee L6 Hirofumi Mukai, D3654, 16minG/VG

Lee, Chang-Kil

Chang-Kil Lee KOby2 Ken Buchanan, D1335, 7minVG

Lee, Dae-Hwan

Dae-Hwan Lee L12 Kazuo Kobayashi II, D1688, 36minF/G

Lee, Don

Don Lee KO8 Tony Sibson, D1270, 27minG/VG
Don Lee KOby9 Michael Olajide, D3242, 42minG/VG
Don Lee KOby5 Michael Watson, D3516, 22minVG

Lee, Dong-Chun

Dong-Chun Lee KOby10 Ellyas Pical, D253, 41minG
Dong-Chun Lee KOby7 Khaosai Galaxy, D390, 23mG/VG, D2363, 37mF
Dong-Chun Lee W10 Kenichi Iha, D3378, 41minVG
Dong-Chun Lee KO10 Masaki Yamaoka, D3380, 40minG/VG

Lee, Eun-Chang

Eun-Chang Lee L6 Esquiva Falcao, D3997, 31minG/VG

Lee, Eun-Sik

Eun-Sik Lee KOby3 Yong-Soo Choi, D1564, 11minG

Lee, Hyung-Chul

Hyung-Chul Lee KO9 Katsuya Onizuka, D930, D1230, 33minVG/EX
Hyung-Chul Lee KO12 Tomonori Tamura, D1233, 43minVG
Hyung-Chul Lee KOby4 Alimi Goitia I, D1628, 18minG
Hyung-Chul Lee KOby12 Alimi Goitia II, D1220, 39minF/G

Lee, Jeung-Jae

Jeung-Jae Lee KOby3 Muangchai Kittikasem, D1827, 8minG

Lee, Ji-Hun

Ji-Hun Lee KOby4 Pongsaklek Wongjonkam, D3358, 11minF/G

Lee, Jin-Ho

Jin-Ho Lee KOby1 Samson Dutchboygym, D3221, 5minP/F

Lee, Jong-Hwa

Jong-Hwa Lee KO2 Zhou Haifeng, D1692, 36minVG/EX

Lee, Ki-Jun

Ki-Jun Lee KOby12 Paul Banke, D2424, 53minG/VG

Lee, Kyung-Yun

Kyung-Yun Lee KOby12 Hiroki Ioka, D900, 45minG
Kyung-Yun Lee L12 Ricardo Lopez, D1681, 51minEX
Kyung-Yun Lee KO2 Masaharu Kawakami, D1830, 9minVG
Kyung-Yun Lee KOby1 Pichit Sithbanprachan, D3973, 5minF

Lee, Mike

Mike Lee W6 Eliseo Durazo, D3193, 29minVG

Lee, Myung-Ho

Myung-Ho Lee L10 Edgar Sosa, D3361, 46minVG
Myung-Ho Lee L12 Rocky Fuentes, D3734, 56minG/VG

Lee, Ryol Li

Ryol-Li Lee W12 Poonsawat Kratingdaenggym, D2547, 57minVG
Ryol-Li Lee L12 Akifumi Shimoda, D2673, D3006, 49minVG
Ryol Li Lee KO5 Rikiya Fukuhara, D2890, 37minEX
Ryol-Li Lee W12 Shogo Ishikawa, D3622, 44minG (cam)
Ryol-Li Lee L10 Shoji Kimura, D3678, 59minVG
Ryol-Li Lee L12 Hisashi Amagasa, D3720, 37minG/VG (cam)

Lee, Sam-Joong

Sam-Joong Lee L12 Bong-Jun Kim, D3442, 51minVG

Lee, Sang-Chul

Sang-Chul Lee L12 Pichit Sithbanprachan, D2038, 48minF/G

Lee, Sang-Ho

Sang-Ho Lee KOby12 In-Chul Baek, D1564, 52minVG
Sang-Ho Lee W10 Juan Rondon, D3808, 43minG

Lee, Seung-Hoon

Seung-Hoon Lee KOby11 Lupe Pintor, D169, 44minF
Seung-Hoon Lee L15 Victor Callejas, , D1643, 53minG
Seung-Hoon Lee KO5 Leon Collins, D1680, 27minVG/EX
Seung-Hoon Lee D12 Daniel Zaragoza, D1850, 47minG/VG
Seung-Hoon Lee KO10 Jorge Urbina Diaz, D1913, 37minVG
Seung-Hoon Lee KO9 Prayuasak Muangsurin, D3205, 38minG/VG

Lee, Seung-Koo

Seung-Koo Lee KOby9 Gerry Penalosa, D898, 33minF/G
Seung-Koo Lee L12 Hiroshi Kawashima, D1225, 34minG
Seung-Koo Lee L12 Katsuya Onizuka, D2173, 52minVG

Lee, Seung-Soon

Seung-Soon Lee KOby1 Mark Breland, D1303, 13minEX

Lee, Sung-Chun

Sung-Chun Lee KOby12 Shinji Takehara I, D3389, 35minF/G

Lee, Sung-Yul

Sung-Yul Lee KOby2 Manny Pacquiao, D3545, 9minG

Lee, William 'Caveman'

Caveman Lee KO5 Johnny LoCicero, D331, 21mF/G, D3399, 31mVG
Caveman Lee KOby4 Frank Fletcher, D450, 16minF/G
Caveman Lee KOby1 Marvin Hagler, D680, 6mG, D3458, 13mF
Caveman Lee KO1 Marcos Geraldo, D3402, 3minG/VG
Caveman Lee KOby3 Iran Barkley, D1627, 19minG

Lee, Willie

Willie Lee KO1 Michael Robinson, D590, 11minEX
Willie Lee KOby3 Vanes Martirosyan, D2389, 19minVG
Willie Lee KOby3 Ishmail Arvin, D2719, 17minG

Lee, Wook-Ki

Wook-Ki Lee KOby1 Manny Pacquiao, D974, 5minVG

Lee, Yong-Hoon

Yong-Hoon Lee TL9 Victor Rabanales, D1906, 40minVG

Lee, Yul-Woo

Yul-Woo Lee KO9 German Torres, D95, 31minVG
Yul-Woo Lee W12 Jesus Rojas, D1221, 49minVG
Yul-Woo Lee L12 Humberto Gonzalez, D1639, 54minG/VG
Yul-Woo Lee KOby10 Leopard Tamakuma, D2696, 43minG

Lefele, Tshepo

Tshepo Lefele KOby6 Katsunari Takayama, D2566, 33minVG/EX

Legg, Matt

Matt Legg KOby1 Anthony Joshua, D4005, 11minG

Leggett, Chance

Chance Leggett KOby7 Jose Luis Zertuche, D133, 30minEX

Leggett, Chance

Chance Leggett L8 Jesus Gonzalez, D426, 36minEX

Legra, Jose

Jose Legra L15 Johnny Famechon, D525, 47mG/VG, D3764, 57mVG
Jose Legra KO5 Howard Winstone II, D1602, 19minG
Jose Legra L10 Vicente Saldivar, D1619, 14minF (HL)
Jose Legra W15 Evan Armstrong, D3659, 37minG (No 4,8,14)
Jose Legra L15 Eder Jofre, D3855, 92mG/VG, D3871, 63mVG

Leija, 'Jesse' James

'Jesse' James Leija TW9 Marteze Logan, D134, 38minEX
'Jesse' James Leija W10 Francisco Bojado, D203, 52min
'Jesse' James Leija KOby5 Arturo Gatti, D312, 46minEX
'Jesse' James Leija KOby2 Oscar DeLaHoya, D617, 17minG/VG
'Jesse' James Leija W12 Louie Espinoza, D976, 57minVG/EX
'Jesse' James Leija KO3 Fred Ladd, D978, 27minEX
'Jesse' James Leija W12 Azumah Nelson II, D1308, 47minVG
'Jesse' James Leija KOby6 Azumah Nelson III, D1310, 31minG/VG
'Jesse' James Leija W12 Azumah Nelson IV, D1307, 56minG/VG
'Jesse' James Leija L10 Juan Lazcano, D1422, 58minVG
'Jesse' James Leija L12 Gabriel Ruelas, D1725, 57minVG
'Jesse' James Leija KOby9 Shane Mosley, D2224, 44minVG
'Jesse' James Leija KO2 Fernando Mena, D2634, 12minG
'Jesse' James Leija KOby6 Kostya Tszyu, D2726, 55minG
'Jesse' James Leija TW5 Micky Ward, D2627, 51minG/VG
'Jesse' James Leija W10 Jeff Mayweather, D3974, 38minG/VG

Leija, Louie

Louie Leija KO1 Vicente Castillo, D2983, 7minG/VG

Leija, Luis

Luis Leija KOby2 Floyd Mayweather, Jr., D2135, 14minG

Leite, Edmund

Edmund Leite KOby4 Rodrigo Valdez, D3870, 13minVG (silent)

Lemechev, Vyacheslav

Vyacheslav Lemechev KO2 Marvin Johnson (AMA), D4047, 8minVG

Lemieux, David

David Lemieux KO1 Hector Camacho, Jr., D2576, 12minVG/EX
David Lemieux L12 Joachim Alcine, D3065, 45minVG
David Lemieux KO2 Albert Ayrapetyan, D3353, 15minEX
David Lemieux KO7 Jose Miguel Torres, D3834, 34minVG
David Lemieux KO3 Fernando Guerrero, D3992, 24minG/VG

Lemos, Kenny

Kenny Lemos KOby4 Chris Arreola, D585, 10minEX

Lempthong, Sak

Sak Lempthong KOby3 Wilfredo Gomez, D3404, 14minG/VG

Leon, Antonio

Antonio Leon KOby10 Salvador Sanchez, D1347, 37minF/G

Leon, Arturo

Arturo Leon L15 Alexis Arguello, D1516, 47minF/G

Leon, Genaro

Genaro Leon L12 Buddy McGirt, D3813, 39minVG
Genaro Leon W8 Saoul Mamby, D3961, 35minG

Leon, Jose Luis

Jose Luis Leon L4 Eduardo Lazcano, D661, 19minEX

Leon, Luis

Luis Leon L10 Ulises Solis, D2990, 45minG

Leon, Luis Carlos

Luis Carlos Leon KOby3 Julio Cesar Miranda, D2939, 19mVG, D3003, 16mVG
Luis Carlos Leon KOby6 Jesus Silvestre, D3594, 24minG/VG
Luis Carlos Leon KOby3 David Sanchez, D3877, 11minF/G

Leon, Omar

Omar Leon KOby1 Marcos Maidana II, D2593, 5minVG

Leon, Oscar

Oscar Leon L12 Chris John, D596, 44minF/G
Oscar Leon KOby3 Jairo Tagliafero, D639, 14minEX
Oscar Leon KOby9 Humberto Soto, D775, 48minEX
Oscar Leon KOby3 Danny Garcia, D2336, 17minG
Oscar Leon L12 Derrick Gainer, D2796, 67minG

Leon, Valentin

Valentin Leon KOby4 Hugo Cazares, D161, 21minEX
Valentin Leon KOby3 Giovani Segura, D746, 21minEX
Valentin Leon W6 Aaron Dominguez, D1097, 25minEX
Valentin Leon W6 Jose Alfredo Rodriguez, D3961, 24minG

Leonard, Ray

Ray Leonard W8 Rocky Ramon, D393, 27minF
Ray Leonard KO4 Tony Chiaverini, D399, D1770, 15minVG
Ray Leonard KO4 Dave Green, D399, 19minVG
Ray Leonard KO9 Donny LaLonde, D401, 39minG
Ray Leonard L15 Roberto Duran I, D972, 86mVG/EX, D3304, 56mG
Ray Leonard TW8 Roberto Duran II, D1778, 55mVG, D3294, 50mG
Ray Leonard KO10 Floyd Mayweather, Sr., D1125, 39minG/VG
Ray Leonard KO3 Andres Aldama (AMA), D1129, D3186, 16mG
Ray Leonard KO3 Andres Aldama (AMA), D1764, 15minG/VG
Ray Leonard W10 Dick Eklund, D1720, 43minF/G
Ray Leonard KO6 Augustin Estrada, D1721, 24mVG, D1769, 24mVG
Ray Leonard KO8 Johnny Gant, D1728, 48mG, D1768, 48mG/VG
Ray Leonard KO1 Javier Muniz, D1729, 10mF/G, D1769, 10mG
Ray Leonard W3 Valery Limasov (AMA), D1764, 13minG/VG
Ray Leonard W3 Ulrich Beyer (AMA), D1767, 12minG/VG
Ray Leonard W3 Kazimierz Szczerba (AMA), D1764, 10minG/VG
Ray Leonard KO8 Fernand Marcotte, D1767, 34minF/G
Ray Leonard KO1 Daniel Gonzalez, D1767, 10minG/VG
Ray Leonard W10 Adolfo Viruet, D1767, 32minVG
Ray Leonard W10 Marcos Geraldo, D1767, 37minG/VG
Ray Leonard W10 Bernardo Prada, D1768, 60minVG
Ray Leonard W6 Luis Vega, D1769, 20minG
Ray Leonard W6 Willie Rodriguez, D1769, 21minVG
Ray Leonard KO5 Frank Santore, D1769, D4185, 19mVG, D3303, 16mG/VG
Ray Leonard KO1 Andy Price, D1770, 10mG/VG, D3296, 12mG/VG
Ray Leonard KO4 Pete Ranzany, D1770, 37mG/VG, D3727, 16mVG
Ray Leonard KO15 Wilfred Benitez, D1770, 53mG/VG, D3293, 54mG
Ray Leonard KO10 Larry Bonds, D1778, 71mG, D3484, 51mVG
Ray Leonard KO9 Ayub Kalule, D1781, 44minVG
Ray Leonard KO14 Thomas Hearns I, D1781, 63minVG/EX
Ray Leonard D12 Thomas Hearns II, D232, 56mEX, D1803, 53mVG/EX
Ray Leonard L12 Terry Norris, D1809, 65minG/VG
Ray Leonard KOby5 Hector Camacho, D1809, 35minVG
Ray Leonard KO3 Bruce Finch, D2923, 15mG, D3302, 24mG
Ray Leonard W10 Rafael Rodriguez, D2926, 33minF
Ray Leonard KO9 Kevin Howard, D3295, 76minG
Ray Leonard W12 Marvin Hagler, D3297, 58minG/VG

Leonard, Sam

Sam Leonard KOby5 Buster Drayton, D3094, 28minG/VG

Leonard, Tim

Tim Leonard KOby2 John Mackey, D1286, 10minEX

Lepikhin, Vasily

Vasily Lepikhin KO5 Robert Berridge, D4085, 25minVG
Vasily Lepikhin W8 Roman Simakov, D4131, 43minG/VG
Vasily Lepikhin KO2 Romans Sevcenko, D4133, 6minVG
Vasily Lepikhin W10 Jackson Junior, D4188, 35minG/VG

Ler, Julio

Julio Ler KOby3 Felipe Orucuta, D2840, 13minG
Julio Ler L12 Jorge Arce, D1327, 65minEX

Lerio, Roberto

Roberto Lerio L6 Caem Rasmanudin, D3823, 28minVG

Lerma, Michael

Michael Lerma W12 Alfred Ankamah, D62, 46minEX
Michael Lerma L12 Daniel Santos, D3049, 53minG
Michael Lerma L12 Daniel Santos, D172, 48minEX (no 1st rd)
Michael Lerma KO3 Eduardo Guttierez, D190, 22minG
Michael Lerma L12 Rodney Jones, D207, 42minEX
Michael Lerma L10 Juan Carlos 'JC' Candelo II, D318, 45minEX

Lescano, Hector

Hector Lescano KOby3 Nigel Benn, D48, 13mF/G, D127, 13mF/G(color dropouts)

Letterlough, Julian

Julian Letterlough KOby2 Richard Hall, D731, 17mVG, D2758, 14mG
Julian Letterlough L12 Julio Cesar Gonzalez, D763, 48minEX
Julian Letterlough KO2 Ka Dy King, D1250, 18minVG/EX
Julian Letterlough D10 Sam Ahmad, D2705, 40minG/VG

Lewis, Alvin

Alvin 'Blue' Lewis KOby11 Muhammad Ali, D1192, 57minF/G

Lewis, Andrew 'Six Heads'

Andrew Lewis KOby2 Antonio Margarito, D1983, D2730, 19minG/VG
Andrew Lewis W12 Larry Marks, D4145, 64minF/G
Andrew Lewis KO7 James Page, D4146, 28minF
Andrew Lewis NC2 Ricardo Mayorga I, D4147, 10minG
Andrew Lewis KOby5 Ricardo Mayorga II, D4150, 41minG

Lewis, Hedgemon

Hedgemon Lewis L15 Jose 'Mantequilla' Napoles I, D9, 62minEX
Hedgemon Lewis KOby9 Jose 'Mantequilla' Napoles II, D12, 29minG/VG
Hedgemon Lewis KOby10 Ernie Lopez III, D150, D309, 30mG/VG
Hedgemon Lewis D10 Carlos Palomino, D757, 35minF/G
Hedgemon Lewis KOby10 John Stracey, D872, D2501, 37minVG
Hedgemon Lewis L10 Armando Muniz, D2021, 31minF

Lewis, John

John Lewis W6 Ivan Korotkov, D890, 20minEX

Lewis, Lennox

Lennox Lewis KOby5 Hasim Rahman I, D591, 45minVG
Lennox Lewis KO4 Hasim Rahman II, D1002, 25mEX, D1255, 41mVG/EX
Lennox Lewis KO6 Vitali Klitschko, D591, 76minEX
Lennox Lewis W12 David Tua, D700, 63minVG/EX
Lennox Lewis W10 Ray Mercer, D1001, 46minEX
Lennox Lewis KO2 Donovan 'Razor' Ruddock, D1001, 15minVG
Lennox Lewis KO6 Tommy Morrison, D1001, 31minEX
Lennox Lewis L3 Tyrell Biggs (AMA), D1129, D3184, 13mF
Lennox Lewis KO5 Shannon Briggs, D1148, 23minEX
Lennox Lewis KO2 Michael Grant, D1209, 52minVG
Lennox Lewis KO8 Mike Tyson, D1243, 45minVG/EX
Lennox Lewis W12 Zeljko Mavrovic, D1677, 47minEX
Lennox Lewis KO7 Frank Bruno, D1867, 41minEX
Lennox Lewis KOby2 Oliver McCall I, D1988, 10minVG
Lennox Lewis KO8 Phil Jackson, D3452, 39minEX
Lennox Lewis KO1 Andrew Golota, D3774, 30minVG
Lennox Lewis WDQ5 Henry Akinwande, D3959, 38minG

Lewis, Mark

Mark Lewis L12 Hector Lopez, D3779, 55minG

Lewis, Terrence

Terrence Lewis D10 Friday Ahunanya, D1448, 43minVG
Terrance Lewis KOby2 Michael Moorer, D1287, 14minEX

Lewis, Vernon

Vernon Lewis L10 Wilfred Benitez, D295, 42minG
Vernon Lewis KOby1 Donald Curry, D2429, 4minF

Lewis, Wade

Wade Lewis L6 Malcolm Tann II, D1411, 30minEX

Lewis, Willard

Willard Lewis KOby3 Kingsley Ikeke, D421, 19mVG, D2728, 16mG/VG

Lewsi, Earl

Earl Lewis KOby1 Riddick Bowe, D1525, 6minEX

Lewter, David

David Lewter W10 Dave Hadden, D106, 47minEX
David Lewter KOby9 Jose Luis Lopez, D1047, 30minVG

Lewus, John

John Lewus L12 Vuyani Bungu, D2558 , 45minVG/EX

Leyva, Antonio

Antonio Leyva KOby2 In-Chul Baek, D1912, 8minF/G

Leyva, Hector

Hector Leyva W4 Rodrigo Aranda, D538, 18minEX

Leyva, Roberto

Roberto Leyva L12 Ivan Calderon, D230, 59minG
Roberto Leyva KOby7 Julio Cesar Miranda, D888, 29minEX
Roberto Leyva TD3 Miguel Barrera I, D1084, 23minG
Roberto Leyva L12 Miguel Barrera II, D1084, 46minVG/EX
Roberto Leyva KOby3 Miguel Barrera III, D1084, 21minEX
Roberto Leyva KOby7 Z Gorres, D2050, D2141, 28mVG
Roberto Leyva KOby4 Luis Concepcion, D2235, 13minG
Roberto Leyva KOby2 Edgar Sosa II, D2485, 14minVG
Roberto Leyva KOby3 Simpiwe Vetyeka, D2742, 14minVG/EX

Liakhovich, Siarhei

Siarhei Liakhovich W10 Dominick Guinn, D571, 42minEX
Siarhei Liakhovich W12 Lamon Brewster, D740, 78minEX
Siarhei Liakhovich KOby12 Shannon Briggs, D1095, 87minEX
Siarhei Liakhovich W12 Friday Ahunanya, D1255, 57minVG/EX
Siarhei Liakhovich L12 Nikolay Valuev, D1671, 62minVG/EX
Siarhei Liakhovich KOby1 Deontay Wilder, D3637, 14minVG

Liberatore, Freddie

Freddie Liberatore KOby2 Gabriel Ruelas, D2838, 14minG

Licata, Tony

Tony Licata KOby10 Carlos Monzon, D1344, 40minVG
Tony Licata KOby6 Alan Minter, D3821, 13minG (HL)

Licina, Enad

Enad Licina L12 Steve Cunningham, D2713, 60minVG/EX

Licona, Marcos

Marcos Licona W10 Cesar Figueroa, D5, 46minEX
Marcos Licona TL6 Hector Velazquez, D340, 33minEX
Marcos Licona L6 Juan Carlos Salgado, D1147, 33minEX
Marcos Licona KOby9 Juan Manuel Marquez, D1281, 46minVG/EX
Marcos Licona W12 Israel Vazquez, D1845, 52minVG
Marcos Licona L10 Oscar Larios, D2732, 52minG

Liebenberg, Ryno

Ryno Liebenberg KO9 Donald Kampamba, D3349, 42minEX
Ryno Liebenberg KO1 Gabriel Ramirez, D3665, 11minG/VG
Ryno Liebenberg KO1 Joey Vegas, D3821, 12minG/VG
Ryno Liebenberg W12 Denis Grachev, D4086, 66minVG
Ryno Liebenberg KOby7 Eleider Alvarez, D4170, 34minG

Liendo, Sergio

Sergio Liendo KOby5 Jorge Barrios, D3878, 17minF/G

Lightburn, Ludwig

Ludwig Lightburn L10 LC Morgan II, D3384, 45minG

Liles, Frankie

Frankie Liles Exh.3 Michael Moorer, D454, 16minG
Frankie Liles W4 James Flowers, D1130, 20minEX
Frankie Liles W12 Michael Nunn, D2831, 66minG
Frankie Liles L12 Tim Littles I, D2973, 50minVG/EX
Frankie Liles KO3 Tim Littles II, D2024, 19mVG, D2973, 28mG/VG
Frankie Liles KO5 Segundo Mercado, D2982, 35minG/VG
Frankie Liles KOby11 Byron Mitchell, D3015, 64minVG
Frankie Liles W12 Andrey Shkalikov, D3428, 61minVG
Frankie Liles W12 Jaffa Ballogou, D3428, 58minVG
Frankie Liles KO6 Frederic Seillier, D3434, 48minEX

Lim, Chong-Tai

Chong-Tai Lim KOby2 Yoshiaki Numata, D1620, 7minF

Lim, Hong-Kyu

Hong-Kyu Lim KOby4 Deuk-Koo Kim, D895, 17minVG/EX

Lim, Jae-Keum

Jae-Keun Lim L15 Eddie Gazo, D3225, 54minF/G

Lim, Jae-Shin

Jae-Shin Lim L12 Katsuya Onizuka, D1684, 48minG

Lim, Jung-Keun

Humberto Gonzalez KOby5 Jung-Keun Lim, D1639, 18minF

Limasov, Valery

Valery Limasov L3 Ray Leonard (AMA), D1764, 13minG/VG

Limon, Rafael 'Bazooka'

Rafael Limon KOby11 Alexis Arguello, D192, 41mF/G, D3170, 42mG
Rafael Limon KOby4 Oscar Bejines, D229, 15minG/VG
Rafael Limon KO12 Rolando Navarette I, D242, 42minG
Rafael Limon KO3 Lionel Rose, D315, D685, D687, 13mG
Rafael Limon KO7 Chung-Il Choi, D352, 36minVG/EX
Rafael Limon KO1 Jose Isaac Marin, D689, 8minVG
Rafael Limon KO15 Idelfonso Bethelmy, D856, 44mF, D1627, 44mG
Rafael Limon TD7 Bobby Chacon II, D1412, 31minVG
Rafael Limon L10 Bobby Chacon III, D1077, 37mG (Rds 3-10)
Rafael Limon L15 Bobby Chacon IV, D680, 63minVG/EX
Rafael Limon L15 Cornelius Boza-Edwards, D1627, 51mF, D1855, 55mF
Rafael Limon KO2 Teruyoshi Nohi, D2777, 8minVG
Rafael Limon W10 Rosendo Ramon, D2822, 40minG (no dec)
Rafael Limon KO3 Lionel Rose, D2884, 16minG
Rafael Limon L8 Sharmba Mitchell, D3757, 34minG

Limond, Willie

Willie Limond KOby6 Erik Morales, D2546, 43minVG

Lin, Rocky

Rocky Lin KOby2 Ricardo Lopez, D396, 6mF, D3496, 11mF/G
Rocky Lin W10 Shinichi Tamaki, D3266, 38minG/VG
Rocky Lin KO3 Rafael Torres, D3387, 11minVG/EX
Rocky Lin L12 Wandee Singwancha, D3795, 53minG

Lina, Omar

Omar Lina KOby6 Jose Cabrera, D2859, 26minVG
Omar Lina KOby3 David Sanchez, D3878, 15minG

Linares, Jorge

Jorge Linares KO1 Melvin Ayudtud, D458, 10mEX, D1540, 9mG/VG
Jorge Linares KO4 Luis Perez Vicente, D468, 21mEX, D3148, 16mVG
Jorge Linares KO1 Jeffrey Onate, D1035, 11minEX
Jorge Linares W6 Ayon Naranjo, D1036, 27minEX
Jorge Linares W10 Saohin Srithai Condo, D1036, 50minEX
Jorge Linares W10 Pedro Navarrete, D1036, 45minEX
Jorge Linares KO3 Singdam Monsaichon, D1037, 16minEX
Jorge Linares KO2 Jung-Keun Woo, D1037, 14minEX
Jorge Linares W10 Pedirito Laurente, D1037, 46minEX
Jorge Linares W10 Renan Acosta, D1037, 47minEX
Jorge Linares W6 Chawal SorVorapin, D1038, 27minEX
Jorge Linares W8 Ariel Austria, D1038, 33minEX
Jorge Linares KO1 Sung-Hoon Park, D1038, 10minEX
Jorge Linares KO6 Humberto Martinez, D1390, 34minEX
Jorge Linares KO8 Gamaliel Diaz, D1468, 46minEX
Jorge Linares W10 Michael Domingo, D1539, 46minG/VG
Jorge Linares KO5 Whyber Garcia, D1920, 33minVG/EX
Jorge Linares KOby1 Juan Salgado, D2183, 41minEX
Jorge Linares KO8 Josafat Perez, D2421, 50minEX
Jorge Linares W10 Francisco Lorenzo, D2426, 44minEX
Jorge Linares KO10 Oscar Larios, D2511, 50minVG
Jorge Linares W10 Rocky Juarez, D2530, 50minVG/EX
Jorge Linares KO4 Jesus Chavez, D2566, 33minVG/EX
Jorge Linares KO3 Ramiro Lara, D2734, 23minG/VG
Jorge Linares KO7 Adrian Verdugo, D2847, 32minVG/EX
Jorge Linares KOby11 Antonio DeMarco, D3000, 52minVG
Jorge Linares KOby2 Sergio Thompson, D3115, 22mVG, D3124, 12mVG
Jorge Linares KO1 Denchai SorTiekbon, D3150, 7minG (silent)
Jorge Linares W10 Hector Velazquez, D3333, 45minEX
Jorge Linares KO8 David Rodela, D3468, 23minVG (No 5-6)
Jorge Linares KO1 Francisco Contreras, D3767, 12minEX
Jorge Linares W10 Nihito Arakawa, D3914, 47minVG
Jorge Linares KO2 Ira Terry, D4057, 13minVG/EX

Linasa, Danny

Danny Linasa KOby6 Panomroonglek Kaiyanghadaogym, D462, 30minVG
Danny Linasa KOby7 Pigmy Kokietgym, D656, 22minVG

Linberger, George

George Linberger KOby1 Eric Esch, D271, 10minVG
George Linberger KOby1 Joe Mesi, D1355, 17minEX

Lineberger, Barry

Barry Lineberger L4 Jerome Tabbs (4th rd. only), D103, 8minEX

Linton, Emmett

Emmett Linton W10 Dorian Beaupierre, D267, 44minEX
Emmett Linton L10 Allan Green, D1062, 42minEX
Emmett Linton KO7 Donald Curry, D2776, 31minF/G
Emmett Linton W10 Miguel Angel Dominguez, D1399, 34minG/VG

Lipovitan, Phaktai

Phaktai Lipovitan L10 Jiro Watanabe, D3194, 35minF

Lira, Johnny

Johnny Lira KOby9 Ernesto Espana, D3397, 36mF/G, D3501, 35mG/VG
Johnny Lira L10 Howard Davis, D3507, 36minG

Liston, Charles 'Sonny'

Sonny Liston W12 Eddie Machen, D154, 46minVG
Sonny Liston KO7 Henry Clark, D1126, 30minF
Sonny Liston KOby7 Muhammad Ali I, D1182, 43minVG
Sonny Liston KOby1 Muhammad Ali II, D1170, 24minVG

Little, Freddie

Freddie Little KO2 Hisao Minami, D1178, 11mEX, D1400, 8mF/G

Little, Steve

Steve Little KOby6 Terry Norris, D3230, 24minG/VG
Steve Little W12 Michael Nunn, D3418, 56minG

Little, Will

Will Little KOby2 Darnell Wilson, D93, 13minEX

Littles, Tim

Tim Littles KOby4 James Toney, D2620, 22minF/G
Tim Littles W12 Frankie Liles I, D2973, 50minVG/EX
Tim Littles KOby3 Frankie Liles II, D2024, 19mVG, D2973, 28mG/VG

Littlewood, Darren

Darren Littlewood KOby1 Joe Calzaghe, D1535, 5minG

Litzau, Allen

Allen Litzau KO3 Corey Goodwin, D373, 13minEX

Litzau, Jason

Jason Litzau KO3 Rodney Jones, D31, 13minEX
Jason Litzau KO5 Idelfonso Martinez, D600, 23minEX
Jason Litzau KO1 Nicky Bentz, D934, 17minEX
Jason Litzau KOby8 Jose Andres Hernandez, D1227, 46minEX
Jason Litzau KOby8 Robert Guerrero, D1548, 48minEX
Jason Litzau W10 Celestino Caballero, D2576, 47minEX
Jason Litzau KOby1 Adrien Broner, D2856, 19minVG/EX

Lizarraga, Hector

Hector Lizarraga KO10 Welcome Ncita, D3433, 51minF/G
Hector Lizarraga L12 Manuel Medina, D3794, 50minF/G

Lizarraga, Leo

Leo Lizarraga KOby1 John Revish, D122, 7minEX

Lizarraga, Luis

Luis Lizarraga KO4 Jermaine Fields, D59, 22minEX
Luis Lizarraga L10 Lamont Pearson, D70, 45minEX
Luis Lizarraga L8 Martin O'Malley, D111, 33minEX
Luis Lizarraga KOby1 Jose Miguel Cotto, D135, 13minEX
Luis Lizarraga L12 David Santos, D137, 53minEX

Lizarraga, Marco

Marco Lizarraga KOby2 Juan LaPorte, D191, 10minG/VG (no sound)

Llanes, Jaime

Jaime Llanes KOby1 Eric Regan, D50, 19minEX
Jaime Llanes KOby2 Marco Reyes, D2463, 9minP/F

Llano, jun

Jun Llano KOby3 Khaosai Galaxy, D3382, 10minF/G

Llerna, Victor

Victor Llerna KOby7 Vuyani Bungu II, D3202, 15minEX (Rds 1, 6-7)

Llewellyn, Wayne

Wayne Llewellyn KOby1 Jameel McCline, D118, 18minEX

Lloyd, Jim

Jim Lloyd L3 Nino Benvenuti (AMA), D4179, 16minG

Lloyd, Paul

Paul Lloyd KOby1 Marco Antonio Barrera, D385, 15minG/VG
Paul Lloyd KOby2 Tim Austin, D2875, 11minG

LoCicero, John

John LoCicero KOby5 Caveman Lee, D331, 21mF/G, D3399, 31mVG
John LoCicero L10 Ray Seales, D1112, 41minG
John LoCicero KOby10 Marcos Geraldo, D3032, 29minF/G

LoPorto, Frank

Frank LoPorto KOby6 Austin Trout, D3032, 38minVG

Lobo, Rogerio

Rogerio Lobo KOby1 Kelvin Davis, D45, 14minEX
Rogerio Lobo KOby2 Jean-Francois Bergeron, D489, 7minG/VG
Rogerio Lobo KOby1 Michael Moorer, D2098, 15minG/VG
Rogerio Lobo KOby3 Jorge Castro, D2816, 12minF

Locche, Nicolino

Nicolino Locche KO10 Takeshi Fuji, D237, 30minVG/EX
Nicolino Locche W15 Domingo Barrera Corpas, D1617, 3minF (HL)
Nicolino Locche W10 Benny Huertas, D1617, 3minF (HL)
Nicolino Locche W10 Ray Mercado, D1617, 3minF (HL)
Nicolino Locche W10 Gerardo Ferrat, D1617, 3minF (HL)
Nicolino Locche W15 Carlos Hernandez, D2408, 40minVG (HL)
Nicolino Locche W15 Joao Enrique, D2510, 13minVG (HL)
Nicolino Locche W15 Adolph Pruitt, D2512, 12minVG (HL)
Nicolino Locche W15 Antonio Cervantes I (HL), D4039, 4minG
Nicolino Locche KOby10 Antonio Cervantes II, D499, D748, 42minG
Nicolino Locche L15 Alfonso Frazer (HL), D4191, 30minF

Lock, Cornelius

Cornelius Lock KO4 Miguel Angel Munguia, D105, 18minEX
Cornelius Lock KOby5 Mario Santiago, D516, 27minEX
Cornelius Lock KO5 Orlando Cruz, D2193, 27minVG
Cornelius Lock L10 Daniel PonceDeLeon, D2469, 47minVG/EX
Cornelius Lock KOby11 Mikey Garcia, D2546, 40minVG

Lockett, Gary

Gary Lockett W12 Ryan Rhodes, D1609, 49minVG
Gary Lockett KOby3 Kelly Pavlik, D1648, 37minEX

Lockridge, Rocky

Rocky Lockridge L15 Eusebio Pedroza I, D1110, 64mF/G, D3178, 87mF/G
Rocky Lockridge L15 Eusebio Pedroza II, D4155, 51minG
Rocky Lockridge KOby2 Juan LaPorte, D187, 9minF
Rocky Lockridge L15 Wilfredo Gomez, D303, 62minVG, D299, 66minVG
Rocky Lockridge KO11 Tae-Jin Moon, D831, 37minF
Rocky Lockridge KO10 Johnny DeLaRosa, D1050, 38minG
Rocky Lockridge W15 Harold Knight, D1050, 56minG/VG
Rocky Lockridge KO8 Mike Zena, D1050, 32minG/VG
Rocky Lockridge L12 Julio Cesar Chavez, D1053, 45minG/VG
Rocky Lockridge KO1 Roger Mayweather, D1053, 23mG/VG, D1106, 2mF/G
Rocky Lockridge W10 Cornelius Boza-Edwards, D1054, 35mF, D1076, 32mF
Rocky Lockridge W10 Cornelius Boza-Edwards, D3241, 32minG
Rocky Lockridge L10 Rafael Ruelas, D1054, 50minVG/EX
Rocky Lockridge KO8 Barry Michael, D1054, 37minG/VG
Rocky Lockridge L12 Tony Lopez I, D1055, 47minG/VG
Rocky Lockridge L12 Tony Lopez II, D1055, 47minG/VG
Rocky Lockridge W10 Refugio Rojas, D1055, 36minG/VG
Rocky Lockridge KO6 Kamel Bou-Ali, D2790, 32minVG
Rocky Lockridge KO4 Fernando Segura, D3868, 14minG
Rocky Lockridge KO3 Miguel Angel Hernandez, D3869, 7minG

Lodi, Tamas

Tamas Lodi KOby3 Ilunga Makabu, D3489, 14minEX

Loewe, Michael

Michael Loewe W12 Santiago Samaniego, D2853, 62minG

Logan, Anthony

Anthony Logan KOby2 Nigel Benn, D48, 6minP/F, D123, 10minG/VG

Logan, Donnell

Donnell Logan KOby2 Victor Ortiz, D573, 13minEX
Donnell Logan KOby1 Vernon Paris, D1374, 13minEX

Logan, Eddie

Eddie Logan KO7 Alfonso Zamora, D4051, 38minG

Logan, Marteze

Marteze Logan TL9 James Leija, D134, 38minEX
Marteze Logan L8 Koba Gogoladze, D236, 34minEX
Marteze Logan W4 Michael Moss, D257, 19minEX
Marteze Logan L8 Wilfredo Negron, D371, 35minEX
Marteze Logan W8 Americo Santos, D553, 44minEX
Marteze Logan L8 Paul Williams, D588, 8minEX (Rds 1, 8)
Marteze Logan L10 Cesar Bazan, D681, 40minEX
Marteze Logan L8 Emmanuel Augustus, D793, 32minEX
Marteze Logan KOby7 Shamone Alvarez, D1010, 28minEX
Marteze Logan L12 Ramazan Paliani, D2718, 52minG

Loi, Duilio

Duilio Loi W10 Ray Famechon, D1620, 3minF (HL)
Duilio Loi W15 Giancarlo Garbelli (HL), D4178, 3minF
Duilio Loi W10 Orlando Zulueta (HL), D4178, 2minF
Duilio Loi KO5 Joe Lucy (HL), D4178, 2minF

Lomachenko, Vasyl

Vasyl Lomachenko KO4 Jose Ramirez, D3720, 30minEX
Vasyl Lomachenko L12 Orlando Salido, D3905, 70minG
Vasyl Lomachenko W12 Gary Russell, D4022, 66minVG

Lombok, Safwan

Safwan Lombok KOby4 Kwanthai Sithmorseng, D3887, 14minF/G

Lomeli, Edgar

Edgar Lomeli KOby1 Takahiro Ao, D3766, 12minEX

Lomeli, Hugo

Hugo Lomeli L10 Jose Luis Lopez, D411, 40minEX

Lomeli, Louie

Louie Lomeli KOby3 Pernell Whitaker, D602, 15minG/VG

Lomeli, Ricardo

Ricardo Lomeli KOby2 Rene Arredondo, D209, 10minG

Londas, Daniel

Daniel Londas L15 Brian Mitchell, D1057, 54mVG, D2184, 67mVG
Daniel Londas KOby9 Genaro Hernandez, D1693, 39minG
Daniel Londas W12 Kamel Bou-Ali, D3423, 53minG
Daniel Londas L12 Jimmi Bredahl, D3685, 64minVG
Daniel Londas KOby9 Roberto Castanon, D4189, 38minG


Brian London KOby3 Muhammad Ali, D1193, 13minP/F

Long, Alphonso

Alphonso Long KOby7 Simon Brown, D1460, 26minF/G

Long, Donnie

Donnie Long KOby1 Mike Tyson, D186, 9mG, D2019, 7mF/G

Long, Julius

Julius Long KOby1 Samuel Peter, D786, 14minEX

Long, Keith

Keith Long L12 Denis Bakhtov, D1532, 48minVG

Long, Shi-Shi

Shi-Shi Long KOby11 Kaewfah TorBaumas, D4004, 37minVG

Longakit, Felipe

Felipe Longakit KOby1 Yoddamrong Sithyodthong, D598, 4minF/G

Lontchi, Oliver

Oliver Lontchi KOby5 Mikey Garcia, D2591, 29minG

Lookbanyai, Saenghiran

Saenghiran Lookbanyai KO4 Rodel Orais, D656, 33minVG
Saenghiran Lookbanyai KO5 Roberto Dalisay, D822, 22minVG

Lookbanyi (Kratingdaenggym), Saenghiran

Saenghiran Lookbanyi (Kratingdaenggym) W12 Rolly Lunas, D169, 46minEX

Lookmanahak, Devid

Devid Lookmanahak KO3 Sherwin Manatad, D169, D188, 13minVG
Devid Lookmanahak W12 Anthony Mathias, D255, 32minVG (rds 1-9)
Devid Lookmanahak KO5 Raymond Richard Malya, D287, 47minVG
Devid Lookmanahak KO4 Saman Sorjaturong, D460, 47minVG
Devid Lookmanahak KO6 Rolly Mandahinog, D637, 34minVG
Devid Lookmanahak W8 Janrey Verano, D638, 31minVG
Devid Lookmanahak KO3 Satoshi Usui, D825, 17minVG
Devid Lookmanahak KO6 Akiyoshi Kobayashi, D940, D1289, 29minVG
Devid Lookmanahak KOby7 Evans Mbamba, D2197, 45minVG

Looknongyangtoy, Sod

See: Kokietgym, Sod

Lopajevs, Olegs

Olegs Lopajevs KOby1 David Graf, D2783, 4minVG

Lopez Bueno, Jose Antonio

Jose Antonio Lopez Bueno KO7 Igor Gerasimov, D3453, 45minG/VG

Lopez Mariscal, Juan Antonio

Juan Antonio Lopez Mariscal L8 Javier Castillejo, D3191, 17minG (HL)

Lopez, Aaron

Aaron Lopez L12 Daniel Zaragoza, D3284, 41minG
Aaron Lopez L12 Mike Ayala, D2957, 42minG

Lopez, Abner

Abner Lopez KO6 Ricardo Dominguez, D3929, 28minG/VG

Lopez, Abraham

Abraham Lopez KO1 Olvin Mejia, D2913, 5minG/VG

Lopez, Adrian

Adrian Lopez L8 George Walton, D791, 32minEX

Lopez, Alejandro

Alejandro Lopez KOby4 Adrian Rosas, D347, 18minEX
Alejandro Lopez W4 Rafael Valenzuela, D767, 19minEX
Alejandro Lopez D4 Gerald Tucker, D806, 21minEX
Alejandro Lopez W12 Teon Kennedy, D2894, 53minVG
Alejandro Lopez L12 Jhonathan Romero, D3411, 52minG/VG
Alejandro Lopez L4 Artyom Simonyan, D4143, 17minG

Lopez, Alfonso

Alfonso Lopez KOby7 Yoko Gushiken, D537, 53minVG/EX
Alfonso Lopez KOby13 Guty Espadas, Sr. I, D1853, 54minVG
Alfonso Lopez KOby13 Guty Espadas, Sr. II, D2022, 51mP/F, D3661, 39mG
Alfonso Lopez KOby3 Jung-Koo Chang, D1856, 13minG
Alfonso Lopez W15 Shoji Oguma, D2027, 56mF, D3659, 54mG
Alfonso Lopez KOby5 Antonio Avelar, D2088, 22minF/G
Alfonso Lopez L12 Sugar Baby Rojas II, D2928, 44minG
Alfonso Lopez KOby6 German Torres, D3741, 21minG/VG

Lopez, Alfonso 'Tigre'

Alfonso 'Tigre' Lopez L10 Kelly Pavlik, D2833, 52minG/VG

Lopez, Alonso

Alonso Lopez W4 Rodrigo Ocampo, D2216, 16minVG
Alonso Lopez W4 Misael Juarez, D2424, 19minVG
Alonso Lopez W6 Jorge Guerrero, D2787, 36minG

Lopez, Alvaro 'Yaqui'

Yaqui Lopez KOby11 Matthew Saad Muhammad I, D142, 43minVG
Yaqui Lopez KOby14 Matthew Saad Muhammad II, D779, 58mVG
Yaqui Lopez KO6 Mike Rossman, D1091, 27minG
Yaqui Lopez KOby7 Michael Spinks, D1160, 26minG
Yaqui Lopez L10 James Scott, D1296, 37mG, D2983, 38mG/VG
Yaqui Lopez L15 Victor Galindez I, D2463, 48minG
Yaqui Lopez L15 Victor Galindez II, D1107, 49mG, D1105, 59mVG
Yaqui Lopez L15 John Conteh, D2550, 45minF (Starts in 1st)
Yaqui Lopez KOby4 Carlos DeLeon, D2912, 19minF/G

Lopez, Arturo

Arturo Lopez L4 Maximino Morales, D391, 20minEX

Lopez, Baltazar

Baltazar Lopez KO1 Mane Garcia, D431, 7minEX
Baltazar Lopez KO1 Manuel Pavon, D628, 8minEX

Lopez, Ben

Ben Lopez D6 Frank Pena, D1672, 24minEX

Lopez, Braulio

Braulio Lopez L6 Jose Manuel Ortega, D1334, 27minEX

Lopez, Carlos

Carlos Lopez KOby4 Poonsawat Kratingdaenggym, D3348, 13minVG

Lopez, Cesar

Cesar Lopez L12 Glenn Donaire, D802, 61minEX
Cesar Lopez W8 Alejandro Moreno, D808, 31minEX

Lopez, Christian

Christian Lopez L6 Erickson Martell, D2212, 28minVG/EX

Lopez, Cristian

Cristian Lopez KOby3 Alex DeJesus, D574, 22minEX

Lopez, Cristobal

Cristobal Lopez KOby3 Juan Esquier, D919, 17minEX

Lopez, Danny 'Little Red'

Danny Lopez KO6 Raul Cruz, D14, 18minG/VG
Danny Lopez KOby9 Shig Fukuyama, D94, 31minF
Danny Lopez WDQ4 Fel Clemente, D95, 19minG
Danny Lopez KO2 Juan Malvarez, D221, 10mG, D3159, 17mVG
Danny Lopez KO2 Roberto Castanon, D221, 15mF/G, D1111, 12mF
Danny Lopez KO7 Ruben Olivares, D221, 27minG
Danny Lopez W10 Genzo Kurosawa, D241, 33minG
Danny Lopez KO3 Jose Caba, D308, D1111, 12mF/G, D3167, 25mG
Danny Lopez KO7 Art Hafey, D309, D881, 20minF/G
Danny Lopez KO3 Octavio 'Famoso' Gomez II, D311, 15minG
Danny Lopez KO6 Jose DePaula, D313, 20minF/G
Danny Lopez KOby13 Salvador Sanchez I, D337, 53minG
Danny Lopez KOby14 Salvador Sanchez II, D337, 55minG
Danny Lopez KO15 Mike Ayala, D331, D331, 61mVG, D3159, 70mG/VG
Danny Lopez KO7 Jose Torres, D350, 30minF/G
Danny Lopez KOby3 Jorge Rodriguez, D350, 10minVG
Danny Lopez KOby9 Bobby Chacon, D707, 36mF/G, D869, D1624, 35mG
Danny Lopez KO2 Kenji Endo, D1615, D1624, 3minG (HL)
Danny Lopez W15 David Kotey I, D3194, 23minG (HL)
Danny Lopez KO6 David Kotey II, D1496, 28mG, D3336, 26mVG

Lopez, David Alonso

David Lopez KO7 Lonnie Bradley, D57, 28minEX
David Lopez KO9 Jerson Ravelo, D122, 38minEX
David Lopez KOby12 Fulgencio Zuniga, D315, 63minEX
David Lopez W12 Danny Perez, D475, 61minEX
David Lopez KO7 Epifanio Mendoza, D841, 32minEX
David Lopez W12 Quirino Garcia, D1159, 49minVG
David Lopez W12 Samuel Miller, D1824, 50minEX
David Lopez L12 Austin Trout, D2854, 53minG/VG

Lopez, Eddie

Eddie Lopez D10 Leon Spinks, D2908, 37minF

Lopez, Elias

Elias Lopez KO4 Jesus Guzman, D841, 16minEX

Lopez, Emanuel

Emanuel Lopez W8 Adalberto Borquez, D3724, 32minVG
Emanuel Lopez L8 Sergio Puente, D3922, 34minG

Lopez, Eric

Eric Lopez L10 Gerardo Martinez, D695, 22minEX (HL)

Lopez, Erik

Erik Lopez KOby6 Masamori Tokuyama, D2035, 29minEX

Lopez, Ernie 'Indian Red'

Ernie Lopez KOby15 Mantequilla Napoles I, D14, 49mG
Ernie Lopez KOby7 Mantequilla Napoles II, D17, 22minVG
Ernie Lopez KOby7 Armando Muniz, D150, 27minG
Ernie Lopez KO10 Hedgemon Lewis III, D150, D309, 30mG/VG

Lopez, Eugenio

Eugenio Lopez KOby1 Omar Chavez, D2355, 9minEX
Eugenio Lopez KOby2 Juan Manuel Lopez, D3521, 17minVG

Lopez, Ganigan

Ganigan Lopez W4 Gabriel Ramirez, D79, 21minEX
Ganigan Lopez KO6 Angel Rezago, D695, 20minEX
Ganigan Lopez W12 Mateo Handig, D3658, 41minG/VG
Ganigan Lopez KOby2 Denver Cuello, D3862, 12minF/G
Ganigan Lopez KO3 Josue Vega II, D3862, 14minG
Ganigan Lopez L10 Adrian Hernandez, D3863, 47minG
Ganigan Lopez W12 Mario Rodriguez, D3864, 46minVG

Lopez, Hector

Hector Lopez L12 Miguel Angel Gonzalez, D878, 46minG/VG
Hector Lopez L10 Kostya Tszyu, D3657, 49minG/VG
Hector Lopez L12 Sammy Fuentes, D3687, 42minG
Hector Lopez KOby9 Randall Bailey, D3774, 45minG
Hector Lopez W12 Mark Lewis, D3779, 55minG

Lopez, Hilario

Hilario Lopez KO3 Jose Bermejo, D729, 19minEX
Hilario Lopez KO3 Steve Marquez, D951, 21minEX

Lopez, Jesus

Jesus Lopez W6 Leonard Martinez, D1184, 23minVG

Lopez, Jorge Luis

Jorge Luis Lopez KOby9 Oscar Tinajero, D578, 41minEX

Lopez, Jose 'Carita'

Jose Lopez KO3 Javier Cintron, D166, 23minEX
Jose Lopez KO2 Omar Soto, D922, 17minEX
Jose Lopez W10 Gerardo Zayas, D1070, 49minEX
Jose Lopez KO7 Anthony Martinez, D1247, 29minEX
Jose Lopez L12 Alberto Jimenez, D2166, 48minEX
Jose Lopez W12 Pramuansak Posuwan, D2187, 50minG/VG
Jose Lopez L12 Fernando Montiel, D3004, 46minG (starts in 1st)
Jose Lopez KO5 Armando Codova, D1457, 23minEX
Jose Lopez KO4 Juan Mercedes, D3114, 26minVG
Jose Lopez L12 Isidro Garcia, D3429, 54minEX
Jose Lopez KO3 Bela Sandor, D3452, 20minG/VG

Lopez, Jose 'Habanero'

Jose Lopez KOby1 Felipe Salguera, D2409, 7minVG

Lopez, Jose 'Wonder Boy'

Jose Lopez W8 Raul Hidalgo, D4041, 37minVG
Jose Lopez W8 Roberto Castaneda, D4091, 36minG/VG

Lopez, Jose Antonio

Jose Antonio Lopez L12 Arturo Morua, D174, 64minG/VG

Lopez, Jose Arelis

Jose Arelis Lopez KO12 Ulises Jimenez, D630, 51minEX
Jose Arelis Lopez KO3 Fernando Espinoza, D632, 18minEX

Lopez, Jose Carlos

Jose Carlos Lopez KOby3 Alejandro Gonzalez, Jr., D2903, 12minG/VG

Lopez, Jose Luis

Jose Luis Lopez L12 James Page, D231, 59mG, D1047, 65mVG/EX
Jose Luis Lopez W10 Hugo Lomeli, D411, 40minEX
Jose Luis Lopez W10 Vinroy Barrett, D540, 38minEX
Jose Luis Lopez KO6 Jorge Vaca, D1047, 25minVG
Jose Luis Lopez KO9 David Lewter, D0147, 30minVG
Jose Luis Lopez L12 Rene Herrera I, D1048, 48minG
Jose Luis Lopez KO5 Luis Ramon 'Yori Boy' Campas, D1048, 23minG/VG
Jose Luis Lopez W10 Aaron Davis, D1048, 48minVG/EX
Jose Luis Lopez D12 Ike Quartey, D1049, 69mVG, D1736, 48mVG/EX
Jose Luis Lopez L10 Juan Carlos Rodriguez, D1049, 50minVG
Jose Luis Lopez KO1 Eammon Loughran, D1050, 3minF/G

Lopez, Jose Manuel 'Josesito'

Josesito Lopez NC1 Sammy Ventura, D1200, 18minEX
Josesito Lopez KO7 Adrian Navarrete, D1408, 38minEX
Josesito Lopez L10 Jessie Vargas, D2941, 48minVG/EX
Josesito Lopez KO9 Victor Ortiz, D3225, 64minVG
Josesito Lopez KOby5 Canelo Alvarez, D3371, 65minVG
Josesito Lopez KOby6 Marcos Maidana, D3585, 40minVG/EX
Josesito Lopez KO5 Aaron Martinez, D3953, 31minVG
Josesito Lopez W8 Rafael Cobos, D4098, 37minVG

Lopez, Jose Puch

Jose Puch Lopez W4 Freddy Briceno, D1333, 16minEX

Lopez, Juan Antonio

Juan Antonio Lopez L8 Francisco Rincon, D214, 36minEX
Juan Antonio Lopez KOby7 Wilfredo Gomez I, D301, 26minG
Juan Antonio Lopez KOby10 Wilfredo Gomez II, D301, 40minG/VG
Juan Antonio Lopez KO9 Shuzou Yoshida, D3244, 37minF

Lopez, Juan Dolores

Juan Dolores Lopez W4 Leobardo Apango, D74, 23minEX

Lopez, Juan Facundo

Juan Facundo Lopez KOby1 Marco Antonio Barrera, D1957, 5minF/G

Lopez, Juan Manuel 'Juanma'

Juan Manuel Lopez KO2 Luis Bolano, D574, 17minEX
Juan Manuel Lopez KO1 Roberto Chacon, D660, 8minEX
Juan Manuel Lopez KO6 Alberto Chuc, D708, 29minEX
Juan Manuel Lopez KO3 Jose Luis Caro, D721, 20minVG
Juan Manuel Lopez KO7 Edel Ruiz, D941, 37minEX
Juan Manuel Lopez W6 Sergio Mendez, D1014, 29minEX
Juan Manuel Lopez KO7 Cuauhtemoc Vargas, D1286, 35minEX
Juan Manuel Lopez KO1 Daniel PonceDeLeon I, D1644, 17minEX
Juan Manuel Lopez KO2 Daniel PonceDeLeon II, D3914, 31minG/VG
Juan Manuel Lopez KO1 Cesar Figueroa, D1787, 21minVG
Juan Manuel Lopez KO1 Sergio Medina, D1936, 10minEX
Juan Manuel Lopez KO10 Gerry Penalosa, D2128, 57minEX
Juan Manuel Lopez W12 Rogers Mtagwa, D2191, 69minVG
Juan Manuel Lopez KO7 Steven Luevano, D2346, 45minVG
Juan Manuel Lopez KO2 Bernabe Concepcion, D2525, 31minVG/EX
Juan Manuel Lopez KO8 Rafael Marquez, D2577, 56minVG (bad sound)
Juan Manuel Lopez KO2 Mike Oliver, D2966, 25minEX
Juan Manuel Lopez KOby8 Orlando Salido I, D2798, 57minVG
Juan Manuel Lopez KOby10 Orlando Salido II, D3266, 68minVG/EX
Juan Manuel Lopez KO2 Eugenio Lopez, D3521, 17minVG
Juan Manuel Lopez KOby4 Mikey Garcia, D3591, 34minVG/EX
Juan Manuel Lopez KOby3 Francisco Vargas, D4049, 27minEX
Juan Manuel Lopez KOby2 James Cuellar, D4099, 16minG/VG

Lopez, Kareli

Kareli Lopez W6 Zenny Sotomayor II, D4089, 22minEX

Lopez, Lucio

Lucio Lopez L12 Raul Perez, D1749, 40minG/VG

Lopez, Luis

Luis Lopez KOby3 Jesse Feliciano, D936, 15minEX

Lopez, Marcelo

Marcelo Lopez W4 Jesus Diaz, D407, 21minEX
Marcelo Lopez KO3 Antonio Galicia, D435, 14minEX

Lopez, Mario

Mario Lopez KOby3 Enrique Ornelas, D29, 16minEX
Mario Lopez L10 Takahiro Ao, D3964, 48minEX

Lopez, Martin

Martin Lopez L4 Carlos Orozco, D2904, 20minG/VG

Lopez, Natael

Natael Lopez KOby3 Jesus Flores, D162, 13minEX

Lopez, Noe

Noe Lopez L6 Dat Nguyen, D2177, 30minEX

Lopez, Oscar Natalio

Oscar Natalio Lopez KOby4 Orzubek Nazarov, D1052, 20minG/VG

Lopez, Patrick

Patrick Lopez W4 Armando Cordova, D840, 16minEX
Patrick Lopez KO6 Agustin Velez, D1373, 29minEX
Patrick Lopez W10 Joaquin Gallardo, D1645, 40minEX

Lopez, Rene

Rene Lopez KOby4 Gerardo Arcos, D735, 17minEX

Lopez, Reynaldo

Reynaldo Lopez KOby4 Jhonny Gonzalez, D1940, 41minEX
Reynaldo Lopez L12 Cristian Mijares, D2511, 42minF

Lopez, Ricardo

Ricardo Lopez KO5 Hideyuki Ohashi, D269, 16minG/VG, D398, 22minF
Ricardo Lopez KO2 Rocky Lin, D396, 6mF, D3496, 11mF/G
Ricardo Lopez KO3 Ratanapol SorVorapin, D699, D2487, 21mG/VG
Ricardo Lopez KO11 Toto Pongsawang, D935, 39minEX
Ricardo Lopez W12 Domingo Lucas, D1003, 45minVG/EX
Ricardo Lopez KO7 Jose Luis Zepeda, D1003, 23minG
Ricardo Lopez KO11 Manny Melchor, D1003, 38minVG
Ricardo Lopez KO8 Zolani Petelo, D1251, 40minG/VG
Ricardo Lopez KO5 Alex Sanchez, D1254, 38minVG
Ricardo Lopez KO8 Javier Varguez, D1254, 24minG/VG
Ricardo Lopez KO3 Kitichai Preecha, D1254, 14minVG
Ricardo Lopez W12 Kermin Guardia, D1678, 48minG/VG
Ricardo Lopez KO12 Andy Tabanas, D1678, 53min
Ricardo Lopez KO8 Ala Villamor, D1681, 26mVG/EX, D2487, 37mG
Ricardo Lopez W12 Kyung-Yun Lee, D1681, 51minEX
Ricardo Lopez KO5 Singprasert Kittikasem, D1681, 21minF/G
Ricardo Lopez KO1 Surachai Saengmorakot, D1681, 3minF
Ricardo Lopez KO1 Yamil Caraballo, D1681, 3mF, D3982, 3mVG
Ricardo Lopez KO1 Myung-Sup Park, D1681, 6minF/G
Ricardo Lopez TD8 Rosendo Alvarez I, D2486, 54minG/VG
Ricardo Lopez W12 Rosendo Alvarez II, D2486, 66minG/VG
Ricardo Lopez W12 Mongkol Charoen, D2487, 64minVG/EX
Ricardo Lopez KO8 Kimio Hirano, D2633, 33minF
Ricardo Lopez KO9 Kwang-Soo Oh, D2633, 33minF
Ricardo Lopez KO2 Saman Sorjaturong, D2690, 11minG
Ricardo Lopez W12 Will Grigsby, D3951, 60minG

Lopez, Ricky

Ricky Lopez W4 John Wampash, D2155, 21minEX

Lopez, Rigoberto

Rigoberto Lopez KOby2 Donald Curry, D3858, 8minF/G

Lopez, Roberto

Roberto Lopez KOby3 Fernando Montiel, D181, 20minVG
Roberto Lopez L10 Mauricio Pastrana, D1206, 42minVG

Lopez, Rodolfo

Rodolfo Lopez KO7 Takashi Koshimoto, D1021, 35minEX
Rodolfo Lopez L12 In-Jin Chi, D1557, 54minVG
Rodolfo Lopez NC8 Naoki Matsuda II, D2050, D2139, 49minVG
Rodolfo Lopez KOby4 Jorge Romero, D3260, 18minVG

Lopez, Sal

Sal Lopez KO3 Luis Piceno, 1, D2808, 13minVG

Lopez, Sal 'Sizzlin'

Sal Lopez KOby5 Jose Antonio Rivera, D1758, 22minVG

Lopez, Samuel

Samuel Lopez KOby3 Fernando Montiel, D128, 28minEX
Samuel Lopez KOby7 Alex Valdez, D1287, 28minEX

Lopez, Saul

Saul Lopez KOby2 Roberto Tamayo, D1073, 9minEX

Lopez, Sergio

Sergio Lopez KOby1 Israel Vazquez, D974, 6minF
Sergio Lopez KOby2 Alejandro Sanabria, D2609, 12minG
Sergio Lopez L8 Cesar Vazquez, D2913, 30minVG

Lopez, Silvester

Sivester Lopez KOby7 Rey Vargas, D4039, 29minF

Lopez, Stalinn

Stalinn Lopez W4 Jean Petit Homme, D2117, 17minG/VG

Lopez, Sylvester

Sylvester Lopez KO2 Wandee Singwancha, D2710, 11minG
Sylvester Lopez L12 Yota Sato, D3245, 46minEX

Lopez, Tony

Tony Lopez W12 John John Molina I, D438, D2008, 45minG
Tony Lopez KOby10 John John Molina II, D1499, 38minVG
Tony Lopez W12 John John III, D1504, 53minVG
Tony Lopez KOby10 Julio Cesar Chavez, Sr., D454, 85minG/VG
Tony Lopez W12 Dingaan Thobela I, D607, 43minF
Tony Lopez L12 Dingaan Thobela II, D607, 43minF
Tony Lopez D12 Brian Mitchell I, D608, 50minVG
Tony Lopez L12 Brian Mitchell II, D608, 70minVG
Tony Lopez KO5 Larry LaCoursiere, D1051, 24minVG
Tony Lopez W12 Rocky Lockridge I, D1055, 47minG/VG
Tony Lopez W12 Rocky Lockridge II, D1055, 47minG/VG
Tony Lopez KO6 Lupe Gutierrez, D1056, 47minVG
Tony Lopez KOby10 Julio Cesar Chavez, D454, 85mG/VG, D3984, 79mVG
Tony Lopez KO3 Roman Almaguer, D1057, 11minG
Tony Lopez KO10 Greg Haugen, D2201, 55minVG
Tony Lopez W12 Jorge Paez, D2924, 55minVG
Tony Lopez KO3 Roberto Cantu II, D2940, 14minG/VG
Tony Lopez KOby8 Freddie Pendleton, D3265, 30minG
Tony Lopez KO3 Cesar Zepeda, D3545, 14minG
Tony Lopez KO3 Jaime Ocegueda, D3762, 26minG
Tony Lopez KO3 Dave DeLaRosa, D3853, 13minG/VG

Lopez, Valentin

Valentin Lopez KOby4 Raul Perez, D1748, 24minG

Lopopolo, Sandro

Sandro Lopopolo KOby2 Takeshi Fuji, D716, 7mG/VG, D2040, 28mVG/EX

Lora, Miguel 'Happy'

Miguel Lora KOby2 Gaby Canizales, D51, D1450, 19mVG
Miguel Lora L12 Raul 'Jibaro' Perez, D219, 48minG
Miguel Lora W12 Daniel Zaragoza, D388, 40minG/VG
Miguel Lora W12 Wilfredo Vazquez, D388, 46minG
Miguel Lora W12 Alberto Davila I, D666, 52minVG
Miguel Lora W12 Alberto Davila II, D422, 63minEX
Miguel Lora L12 Rafael DelValle, D1749, 47minG
Miguel Lora KO6 Enrique Sanchez, D1751, 28minVG
Miguel Lora KO4 Antonio Avelar, D1751, 15minVG
Miguel Lora KO3 Ricky Romero, D1751, 11minF
Miguel Lora W12 Ray Minus, D3427, 52minG

Lora, Orlando

Orlando Lora L10 Paul Malignaggi, D3000, 47minVG

Lora, Rafael

Rafael Lora KOby3 Francisco Vargas, D4070, 15minG/VG

Lorcy, Julien

Julien Lorcy L12 Juan Diaz, D259, 62minEX
Julien Lorcy W12 Takanori Hatakeyama, D1692, 45mF/G, D3542, 74mG/VG
Julien Lorcy L12 Anatoly Alexandrov, D2087, 55minG/VG
Julien Lorcy L12 Raul Balbi, D2358, 45minG
Julien Lorcy L12 Stefano Zoff, D2552, 54minVG
Julien Lorcy W12 Oscar Cano, D3535, 61minG
Julien Lorcy KO6 Jean-Baptiste Mendy, D3536, 46minG
Julien Lorcy D12 Arnulfo Castillo I, D3538, 63minG
Julien Lorcy D12 Arnulfo Castillo II, D3539, 66minG
Julian Lorcy KO7 Boris Sinitsin, D3861, 37minF/G

Lorenzano, Daniel

Daniel Lorenzano L4 Wilfredo Vazquez, Jr., D1361, 17minEX

Lorenzo, Agustin

Agustin Lorenzo KOby8 Israel Vazquez, D3066, 38minG

Lorenzo, Francisco

Francisco Lorenzo W10 Ubaldo Hernandez, D33, 42minEX
Francisco Lorenzo L12 Courtney Burton, D87, 50minEX
Francisco Lorenzo W10 Ivan Valle, D395, 52minEX
Francisco Lorenzo L12 Roman Martinez, D1330, 51minEX
Francisco Lorenzo W12 Cristobal Cruz, D1447, 51minEX
Francisco Lorenzo WDQ4 Humberto Soto I, D1669, 37minEX
Francisco Lorenzo L12 Humberto Soto II, D1950, 53minG
Francisco Lorenzo L10 Jorge Linares, D2426, 44minEX
Francisco Lorenzo L12 Erik Morales, D2608, 66minG
Francisco Lorenzo L10 Juan Diaz, D2779, 55minG/VG
Francisco Lorenzo KOby7 Israel Perez, D4147, 38minG/VG

Lorenzo, Giovanni

Giovanni Lorenzo W4 Andres Fillberto Larrinaga, D200, 16minEX
Giovanni Lorenzo KO3 Robert Kamya, D1417, 21minEX
Giovanni Lorenzo KO2 Dionisio Miranda, D2043, 19minEX
Giovanni Lorenzo L12 Hassan N'Dam N'Jikam, D2783, 78minVG
Giovanni Lorenzo L12 Raul Marquez, D1660, 65minEX
Giovanni Lorenzo L12 Sam Soliman, D3853, 71minVG/EX

Loreto, Ray

Ray Loreto TW10 Pornsawan Porpramook, D3661, 30minG

Loreto, Rey

Rey Loreto KO3 Nkosinathi Joyi, D3895, 16minVG

Lorona, Jr., Baby

Baby Lorona, Jr. L10 Chris John, D156, 47mVG, D195, 39mVG
Baby Lorona, Jr. KOby2 Juan Manuel Marquez, D1580, 12minVG

Losoya, Colbert

Colbert Losoya KOby3 Fernando Yguado, D2, 15minEX

Loughran, Eammon

Eammon Loughran KOby1 Jose Luis Lopez, D1050, 3minF/G

Louis, Joe

Joe Louis KO1 Charley Retzlaff, D632, 8minEX
Joe Louis KOby8 Rocky Marciano (No rd 6), D1190, 31minEX
Joe Louis KO6 Abe Simon II, D3220, 17minEX

Louk, Erle

Erle Louk KOby2 Adam Vella, D569, 13minVG/EX

Lovato, Carlos

Carlos Lovato KO2 DeMarcus Clark, D911, 12minEX

Lovato, Monica

Monica Lovato KO1 Tiffany Wilson, D770, 7minEX

Lovato, Ray

Ray Lovato KOby6 Felix Trinidad, D484, 31minG/VG
Ray Lovato KO2 Roger Mayweather, D3445, 17minG/VG

Love, David

David Love KOby9 Curtis Parker, D958, 28minEX
David Love KO4 Bobby Watts, D1612, 15minF
David Love W10 Bennie Briscoe, D1612, 50minF
David Love KO4 Willie Monroe, D2675, 16minG

Love, J'Leon

J'Leon Love W10 Gabriel Rosado, D3557, 53minVG
J'Leon Love KO6 LaJuan Simon, D3831, 34minVG
J'Leon Love W10 Vladine Biosse, D3903, 49minEX
J'Leon Love W10 Marco Antonio Periban, D3961, 49minVG
J'Leon Love KOby3 Rogelio Medina, D4083, 23minEX

Lovell, Pedro

Pedro Lovell KOby5 Ken Norton, D1977, 17minF

Lovell, Richie

Richie Lovell W4 Troy Burbank, D1951, 18minG/VG

Lowe, Jerald

Jerald Lowe KOby1 Jeff Lacy, D3474, 9minEX
Jerald Lowe KOby1 Jaidon Codrington, D3583, 14minG/VG

Lowey, John

John Lowey L10 Oscar Larios, D978, 53minVG
John Lowey KOby7 Erik Morales, D2126, 40minEX

Lowry, Troy

Troy Lowry TL5 Christopher Holt, D437, 32minEX
Troy Lowry L10 Yuri Foreman, D652, 39minEX

Loy, Larry

Larry Loy KOby6 Jorge Ramirez, D1596, 26minVG

Lozada, Michael

Michael Lozada W6 Jorge Valenzuela II, D83, 28minEX
Michael Lozada KOby4 Jose Armando Santa Cruz, D654, 22minEX
Michael Lozada KO1 Javier Rivera, D696, 10minEX
Michael Lozada KOby1 Edwin Valero, D1390, 19mEX, D1434, 3mEX
Michael Lozada KOby3 Michael Katsidis, D2900, 25minVG

Lozano, Daniel

Daniel Lozano KO8 Antonio Garcia, D4065, 29minG
Daniel Lozano KO4 Jonathan Vidal, D4134, 18minEX

Lozano, Mario Alberto

Mario Alberto Lozano KO1 Juan Antonio Medrano, D347, 8minEX

Lozano, Ramiro

Ramiro Lozano KOby3 Edwin Rosario, D1083, 13minVG

Lubin, Erickson

Erickson Lubin W8 Noe Bolanos, D4053, 36minVG

Lubo, Alex

Alex Lubo L4 Mikkel Kessler, D1923, 23mF/G, D2004, 20mVG

Lubwama, James

James Lubwama L10 Willie Stewart, D6, 30minEX
James Lubwama D12 Darnell Wilson, D146, 63minEX

Lucas, Domingo

Domingo Lucas L12 Ricardo Lopez, D1003, 45minVG/EX
Domingo Lucas L12 Jake Matlala, D1952, 46minG/VG

Lucas, Eric

Eric Lucas KOby6 Danny Green, D408, 41mG/VG, D2631, 62mVG
Eric Lucas KOby10 Mikkel Kessler, D967, 58minVG/EX
Eric Lucas KOby12 Glenn Catley I, D1698, 56minG
Eric Lucas KO7 Glenn Catley II, D1240, 44minVG/EX
Eric Lucas KOby8 Librado Andrade, D2480, 42minEX
Eric Lucas L12 Fabrice Tiozzo, D2691, 48minVG
Eric Lucas L12 Markus Beyer, D2878, 50minG/VG

Lucas, Javier

Javier Lucas L15 Hilario Zapata, D49, 49minVG
Javier Lucas KO1 Joey Olivo, D1302, 4minG

Lucero, Antonio 'Kid Catchetada'

Antonio Lucero L12 Eduardo Lausse I, D4045, 2minVG (HL)

Lucero, Emmanuel

Emmanuel Lucero KOby3 Manny Pacquiao, D393, 19minEX
Emmanuel Lucero KOby3 Daniel PonceDeLeon, D235, 23minEX
Emmanuel Lucero W12 Frankie Archuleta, D1241, 58minVG/EX
Emmanuel Lucero KOby5 Ricardo 'Rocky' Juarez, D1329, 25minEX
Emmanuel Lucero L10 Valdemir Pereira, D1399, 44minG/VG

Lucero, Mauro

Mauro Lucero KOby1 Francisco 'Panchito' Bojado, D8, 22minEX
Mauro Lucero W10 Saul Duran, D237, 42minEX
Mauro Lucero KO1 Eduardo Gomez, D330, 8minEX
Mauro Lucero KOby3 Marco Reyes, D3052, 15minEX

Luck, Marcus

Marcus Luck L4 Eddie Bishop, D42, 17minVG

Lucy, Joe

Joe Lucy KOby5 Duilio Loi (HL), D4178, 2minF

Ludick, Willie

Willie Ludick KOby5 Curtis Cokes I, D496, 11minVG

Lueshing, Kevin

Kevin Lueshing KOby3 Felix Trinidad, D484, 20minVG
Kevin Lueshing KOby3 Harry Simon, D3030, 26minG/VG

Luevano, Steven

Steven Luevano KO2 Jose Luis Tula, D92, 19minEX
Steven Luevano KO1 Rodrigo Cerda, D140, 10minEX
Steven Luevano KO9 Fred Neal, D168, 40minEX
Steven Luevano W8 Armando Cordoba, D179, 35minG
Steven Luevano W10 Christian Favela, D218, 43minEX
Steven Luevano W10 Aldo Valtierra, D261, 42minEX
Steven Luevano L10 Martin Honorio, D566, 45minEX
Steven Luevano W10 Jorge Martinez, D708, 43minEX
Steven Luevano W12 Cristobal Cruz, D941, 50minEX
Steven Luevano W12 Baudel Cardenas, D1098, 49minEX
Steven Luevano W12 Terdsak Kokietgym, D1578, 60minEX
Steven Luevano D12 Mario Santiago, D1671, 57minEX
Steven Luevano W12 Billy Dib, D1852, 54minVG
Steven Luevano WDQ7 Bernabe Concepcion, D2147, 44minEX
Steven Luevano KOby7 Juan Manuel Lopez, D2346, 45minVG
Steven Luevano W6 Miguel Escamilla, D2393, 21minVG/EX
Steven Luevano KO11 Nicky Cook, D2632, 48minVG

Lugo, Eduardo

Eduardo Lugo KOby4 Gene Hatcher, D3182, 18minG

Lugo, Jose

Jose Lugo KOby1 Ike Quartey, D3497, 7minG

Lugo, Luis

Luis Lugo KO3 Roberto Morales, D2535, 12minVG/EX
Luis Lugo KOby5 David Sanchez, D3878, 27minF/G

Lugo, Luis Alfredo

Luis Alfredo Lugo W6 Pedro Espinoza, D888, 26minEX

Luis, Baby

Please see: Duvergel, Emiro

Luis, Tony

Tony Luis L10 Ivan Redkach, D3874, 51minEX

Lujan, Jorge

Jorge Lujan KO10 Alfonso Zamora, D9, D2766, 42minVG
Jorge Lujan L10 Lupe Pintor, D231, 37minF/G
Jorge Lujan L15 Jeff Chandler, D258, 54minF/G
Jorge Lujan W15 Alberto Davila, D349, 51minG/VG
Jorge Lujan L15 Sergio Victor Palma, D497, 59minF
Jorge Lujan KO15 Cleo Garcia, D505, 52minVG
Jorge Lujan KO9 Shuichi Isogami, D1691, 31minF
Jorge Lujan KO15 Roberto Rubaldino II, D1692, 36minF/G
Jorge Lujan L15 Eusebio Pedroza, D1733, 50mG
Jorge Lujan KO10 Ricardo Cardona, D3431, 35minG/VG

Lujan, Manuel

Manuel Lujan W6 Carlos Mendiola, 11, D2808, 23minG

Lujan, Sebastian

Sebastian Lujan KOby10 Antonio Margarito, D373, 48mEX, D1982, 46mG/VG
Sebastian Lujan KOby2 Marco Antonio Avendano, D1321, 7minF/G
Sebastian Lujan L12 Serhiy Dzinziruk, D2950, 58minVG
Sebastian Lujan L12 Mike Jones, D3053, 55minVG

Luke, Lincoln

Lincoln Luke KOby2 Sultan Ibragimov, D1281, 9minVG/EX

Luksaikongdin, Manfa

Manfa Luksaikongdin KOby2 Jung-Bum Kim, D1832, 14minVG/EX

Lumacad, Fernando

Fernando Lumacad L10 Hernan Marquez, D3252, 49minVG
Fernando Lumacad L12 Petchbarngborn Kokietgym, D4075, 39minG

Lumumba, Patrick

Patrick Lumumba L12 Glenn McCrory, D2607, 44minG

Luna Flores, Adrian

Adrian Luna Flores L10 Ryota Murata, D4127, 46minVG

Luna, Alejandro

Alejandro Luna W4 Mario Hermosillo, D3495, 16minVG

Luna, Augustin

Augustin Luna KOby3 Jorge Arce, D1249, 24minVG/EX

Luna, Mike

Mike Luna KOby1 Manny Pacquiao, D974, 7minVG

Lunas, Rolly 'Matsushida'

Rolly Lunas L12 Saenghiran Lookbanyi (Kratingdaenggym), D169, 46minEX
Rolly Lunas KO11 Kohei Oba, D3088, 42minG
Rolly Lunas L12 Anselmo Moreno, D3800, 64minVG

Lundy, Henry

Henry Lundy KO6 David Diaz, D2902, 25minEX
Henry Lundy L10 Raymundo Beltran, D3261, 42minVG/EX
Henry Lundy L12 Viktor Postol, D3479, 54minEX
Henry Lundy W10 Ajose Olusegun, D3610, 44minvG

Lunka, Zoltan

Zoltan Lunka KOby7 Fernando Montiel, D152, 30minVG

Lunkins, Kenny

Kenny Lunkins KOby6 Forrest Neal, D265, D600, 28minEX

Luque, Fabian

Fabian Luque KOby2 Francisco Rincon, D433, 15minEX

Luquez, Geronimo

Geronimo Luquez KO9 Orlando Romero, D1116, 45minEX

Lyell, Billy

Billy Lyell W4 Fausto Alvarque, D46, 19minEX
Billy Lyell W8 Clarence Taylor, D754, 31minEX
Billy Lyell KOby8 James Kirkland, D1332, 38minEX
Billy Lyell L10 Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr., D2664, 58minVG

Lyimo, Fabian

Fabian Lyimo L6 Sahlan Coral, D3513, 26minEX

Lyle, Ron

Ron Lyle KO6 Earnie Shavers, D478, 17minG (silent, starts in 1st)
Ron Lyle KO2 Bill Drover, D1104, 8minVG
Ron Lyle W12 Joe Bugner, D1126, 47minF
Ron Lyle KOby11 Muhammad Ali, D1193, 64minEX
Ron Lyle KOby5 George Foreman, D2735, 22mG, D3330, 21mVG
Ron Lyle KOby1 Gerry Cooney, D1853, 4minVG
Ron Lyle W10 Stan Ward, D2153, 31minVG
Ron Lyle KO2 Edmund Stewart, D2767, 4minG (no sound)
Ron Lyle L15 Jimmy Young II, D2778, 38minP/F (No rd 12)
Ron Lyle W10 Scott LeDoux, D3171, 46minVG
Ron Lyle L12 Jerry Quarry, D3477, 50mG/VG, D3728, 57mVG/EX
Ron Lyle KO2 Tim Pollard, D3871, 8minG (cam)

Lynch, Joe

Joe Lynch W4 Trinidad Garcia I, D261, 20minEX
Joe Lynch W6 Trinidad Garcia II, D433, 28minEX

Lynes, Colin

Colin Lynes W12 Joaquin Gallardo, D640, 68minEX
Colin Lynes W12 Junior Witter, D1322, 58minVG/EX

Lyubarski, Mikhail

Mikhail Lyubarski KOby1 Fedor Chudinov, D2176, 6minEX